Classick to perform at Daliso Chaponda’s comedy show ‘LaughGate’

Rapper Classick is gearing up to perform at Daliso Chaponda’s concert set for this month in the capital Lilongwe. Billed “Laughgate,” the show is sure to be a star-studded affair as the show will also grace performances by comedians Dee Satha and Neil Nayer.


The comedy show will take place in Lilongwe at the Bingu International Conference Centre on Saturday (April 25). In addition to the Blantyre-based rapper, Viceroy will also be performing at the show. Fans of Home Grown Africa which consists of (Classick and Hayze Engola) are also in for a treat as the duo is considering performing special renditions of some of their No. 1 hits “Die Hard,” and “Radio”

Home Grown Africa

The duo is currently on tour with Southern Bottlers on the Coca-Cola Kuphaka Life drive which started at College of Medicine in Blantyre followed by Mzuzu University, they will also be performing at Natural Resources College on Saturday afternoon of the April 25th.

Classick live

Tickets for the “Laughgate” show are available at MK5, 000 for standard and MK10, 000 for VIP at Papaya, Crossroads Hotel Business Centre, Ulendo Travel group, Living Room Café and Flavour’s Cafe. All tickets will be sold in advance as there will be no tickets for sale at the door.

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Macelba releases ‘Wina Ndi Wina’ music video

Today one of most creative and artist to watch, Macelba, has released a music video for his single “Wina Ndi Wina” off his Chosadziwa mixtape. Released on’s Youtube channel, this single is a strong impression of how the artist executes his high-spirited style, representing a more youthful and creative generation in the music industry.

The song talks about the problem of having double personalities and how people strive to create impressions that are not their own true personalities, it also addresses issues of being judgmental when you don’t know the reasons behind someone’s actions.

“Wina Ndi Wina” was shot and directed by VJ Ice and Slim Jay who are among Malawi’s top directors in the music video production industry. The two have also done work for Janta, Nyasa Queens, and more. The pair previously directed Janta’s video for “Divorce”, but this video marks their first time working with Macelba.

“I think that they are both such funny and awesome people individually to work with,” Macelba tells, “that when you get them together, the chemistry and authenticity of their working friendship really translates on screen.”

Check out the video below; Macelba’s songs are available for download here

You can also download the video directly here

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Who is VJ Ice? Get to know the man behind the name

Malawi’s music production industry has grown profoundly over the past years, with a lot of new players and a stiff competition in both production quality, and clientele outreach.

We’ve had the chance to interview Anthony Malisawa, also known as VJ Ice, the famous Malawian music video producer and director. He answered our questions, on how musicians and video producers can adapt to the visual digital world, and make a difference, and the secret to his success in the industry.

20 QUESTIONS with Anthony Malisawa aka VJ Ice

1. What is your job description?
To be honest, I am a lot of things, I am a video producer who directors and shoots music videos, a radio personality currently working at Beyond FM and a DJ too. As a producer I’ve worked with actors, animators, celebrities, composers, directors, musicians, non-profits, singers, and writers. I’ve shot projects on location, in a studio in many places countrywide.

I’ve produced projects for musicians, weddings, NGOs as TV well stations. I’ve done fundraising, marketing, promotion, budgeting, script development and graphic design. Am a graphic designer and a programmer too.

2. How did you choose to be a producer as your career?
It’s like the job choose me. Networking is the key to success in the video production industry. Strong communication and people skills. Tenacity and perseverance pay off especially when combined with passion and vision. Flexibility, creativity, hard work. An attention to detail while keeping the big picture in mind.

You have to have thick skin and not take rejection personally – because it’s a tough business. They don’t call it “show business” for nothing. As a producer, you have to like the “business” as much as the “show.”

3. What does it take to be successful in this field?
It takes a lot of dedication. Not everybody will be supportive of your work. You need to have a sharp mind to think what’s next for your production and how to support yourself to make it out.

4. Is it hard to get into producing and directing videos?
No it’s not hard to start-up. Get yourself a little school from Youtube and you be on your way to directing hottest music videos and movies. But what really makes you, and gets you started is your passion for the work, if you have it, then just follow your heart and you are set.

5. What was the first musical experience that really touched you to venture in the video production business?
Nature sounds have always been way more intense for me than music, especially when I was a little kid. I can remember as a kid, I used to sneak and deejay when I was in like Standard 4, till and that has grown in me till today. So I can say music itself is the whole experience to me doing all I do.
6. How has the process of making music videos changed for you over the years?
A lot has changed ever since we ventured into this music video business. A lot of high tech gadgets coming out every year making our videos more real.

7. How did you switch from using hardware to using software for making music video effects – and maybe back again? Has that changed the way you write video scripts, direct and produce the videos?
I love the feel of realness in a music video. Visual effects are good but I it’s the best experience when you find a way of doing it real so the video itself should look real. Like smoke machines, strobe lights and body paint (make-up artist).

8. Are you ambitious? If so, towards what ends?
I’m trying to do the best thing imaginable – that’s my ambition. And I try this by making good music videos. When you make a video and you watch it, it changes you and then it gives you an idea of something new to do. It’s a constantly evolving process. Every time you make a video, if you’re on form, you should be imaging what you want to see, which is basically how you want it to be. I would also love my production to reach as far out of Malawi as possible, make the name represent my homeland proudly. My dream is to make a high budget film one day.

9. As you’re getting into a phase of your career where you’re finding yourself among often much younger video-makers and producers: Do you sometimes feel it is important to pass some of your ideas and techniques to those who are curious about them?
Yes, they say knowledge is passed on to us by birth, so the same applies to my skills, they will have to be passed on. But the business of production has changed a lot since I started out. In many ways, it is more democratic and less hierarchical than when I entered the business. Digital technology has changed the media world dramatically in that both shooting and editing capabilities are accessible to non-professionals.

The newest revolution is in the expanding web and social networking opportunities for media distribution that both individuals and experienced professionals are exploring in terms of how to generate profit. Stay on top of all of the technology changes. On the creative end — figure out what story you want to tell or what issues you are passionate about.

10. What other producers, directors/videographers do you see as your primary inspirations?
The producers that have inspired me the most are Chipiliro Khonje, Ron CZ and Essim M’bwana of Animal Lab, just to mention a few

11. What is distinctive about a Flashlight production?
Our trademark stands on classic, quality and contemporary video production. Simple and hard-hitting. We aim to be different from everyone else’s production in the country and abroad while learning new things in the process.

12. Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?
Obviously we feel strongly about Canny One aka Africa since that was one of our first big productions. It´s also an honour to get to work with great artists like The Daredevils, Janta, Dan Lu and Lawi

13. Is there an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with?
Ever since the first Tay Grin record hit the streets, we´ve been dreaming about working with him. Other artists I think we could create magic with are Phyzix and Zyuga, just to name a few.
14. What can we expect from Flashlight in 2015?
We have many new exciting projects lined up for us in 2015. We are blessed to work with the best people in the industry, and we´ll definitely do our best to have much of our work present on the charts. All we can do is just continue having fun and create the music videos that we love. At the end of the day it´s the public that will decide. So expect more mind-blowing music videos, a movie and lots of photo-shoots and of course not forgetting involvement in charity work to give back to the community course.

15. What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music videos and video production in general?
I love deejaying and taking pictures. But when I am not in the studio my main focus is my family. They are part of the team and give they give me great joy. Once in a while it´s also fun just to hang with friends or go clubbing.

16. Does it suck to be you?
No, I’m really happy with who I am. Only that my shoes wouldn’t fit a lot of people.

17. Have you ever had a ghost, a spirit or an accident speak directly to you through making music or while making music?
No, but I always felt a presence or something, I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s just a human condition, but it always feels like the gods are looking down on me and are like: ‘Ah, let’s make him do this’, because a lot is involved when coming up with concepts of music video or a film. So I can say I have ghosts within myself….lol

18. If you were curating a party or festival, what would be your dream line up of local and urban music artists?
I don’t know! But I have this musical fantasy, where I would like to rewind and follow bands and producers back in time when they made a special recording. To watch how ‘Kaphiri Ka Kwathu by Ned Mapira’ got made or how Fumbi Jazz Band put together some of their music. What they did in their lives leading up to recording this. But my modern day concert would include Gwamba, Kanye West, Uhuru, AKA, Minor Insticnts, Chronixx and Pratoranking

19. And what is your idea figure of a well budgeted music video?
– The budget for a good video should start from atleast 800 US Dollars (approx. MK 350, 400.00) going upwards.

20. What is your say on Malawi music promotion and what can you advice can you give to all artists and players in the music and art production industry?
– Music promotion is there and only thing lacking is the promotion of the art itself. We have come far to have our music recognized. We can do more to make it international. Our local music producers are doing well done professional records and we have a wide range of music video producers around now, so all I can say is that lets all hold hands and support one another and press things so we make it out together.

You can watch some of VJ Ice’s productions here:





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BFB premieres new music video online

On Thursday last week, BFB (real name Jeremy Matewere) released music video for new single ‘Mungovutika’ featuring rapper E-Drizzy. Here is the recap: BFB has released audio for “Abwana ndi Shasha feat Fredokiss” and “Grind Hard (Ukunama, Ukunama)”, the latest single from his 2015 album, “Vicious man” and he has also revealed that he will be releasing more tracks and video soon.

Directed and Edited by video mogul VJ Ice, the video was shot by Bensam and features Lilongwe-based rapper E-Drizzy. “I love working with VJ Ice, he is a professional and humble, and more importantly, he is talented and dedicated to his work, and that is exactly what the industry needs” says the rapper-cum-producer. “I was so excited when he wanted to work with me on this. I don’t need to explain the video – just watch it. It’s fabulous.”

BFB will release ‘Vicious Man’ album in September, 2015 as his fifth studio collection, and his first since moving to Lilongwe back in November, 2012.

The track-list for Vicious Man is as follows:

1. ‘Men’

2. ‘Monument’

3. ‘Girls’

4. ‘Area 51′

5. ‘Vicious Man’

6. ‘Godd Life’

7. ‘Coming Home’

8. ‘Grown Ups’

9. ‘Conspiracy ft. Cyclone’

10. ‘Myself My Partner’


11. ‘Grind Hard’

12. ‘Perfect Sinner’

Watch Mungovitika video here:

Also, listen and download songs by BFB here

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Zani Challe Set To Release A New Single “Ndiphunzitse”

Lookout for new music coming from Zani Challe dropping next week. The songstress revealed that following the success of her hit single Gwada‬ which features South African rappers, Okmalumkoolkat & Ras, her next single recorded at Pro Pee studios will be titled Ndiphunzitse‬.

The song is sure to be a big hit at weddings and engagement parties with its love theme and pumping afro-beat rhythms.
Zani Challe is a former TV presenter turned actress and R&B Soul vocalist performs songs that fit into the Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Pop and Dance genres. With well rehearsed maneuvers on stage, hard crunk beats, intelligent lyrical content and a bedazzling look, Zani Challe is a perfect act to spice up any event, concert or playlist.

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“Malawi Tour was amazing and special” – Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest who has just finalized his Malawi Tour last Sunday in Lilongwe, has hailed and rated his experience in Malawi as extraordinary and special.

The South African recording artist and record producer, real name Refiloe Maele Phoolo had sold out concerts in both Blantyre and Lilongwe on Saturday, March 21st and Sunday, March 22nd respectively.

Before the performances, Cassper Nyovest gave a motivation and inspirational talk at Zingwangwa Secondary School in Blantyre, where the organizer of the concerts Mango Entertainment made a donation for a year-long supply of The Nation Newspapers, to keep the student up-to-date on current affairs as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

During his visit to the secondary school, Nyovest, who traces his roots back to Malawi, spoke about chasing dreams and hard work.

“My grandfather grew up in the village but left Malawi looking for a better life, he had a dream. Everyone has a dream, we have aspirations which determine how far we [are] going to get. You can be whatever you want to be.

“I started my music in my bedroom and wanted to become a big rapper. My friends laughed at me when I said I wanted to become a millionaire and now they look at me as their inspiration,” he shared his story.

Commenting on his trip to Malawi, the rapper expressed his excitement to be in the country and said “it was a special trip”. The 24-year-old indicated it felt amazing to be in Malawi and speak to his people for the first time.

The artist who flew back to South Africa Monday morning said he would be back in Malawi soon.

Organizers of the event, Mango Entertainment have expressed gratitude to all the sponsors of the tour and fans who attended the concerts and made it success. They have also emphasizes that Malawians should be on the lookout for 3 more big concerts within this year.

Here are some of the pictures from the tour (from arrival at Chileka Airport, visit to Zingwangwa Secondary School, Blantyre and Lilongwe Concerts), captured by TOYA photography:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 Steve Kamanga T-Lee

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Battafly releases long-awaited music video ‘Unali Kuti’

Battafly has finally released the long awaited video to arguably the biggest song off his album, “You Never Know“.

Nothing short of an arch-classic well-directed video, the flick which also features some of Malawi’s top models, Cathy Chisanga and Angella Msiska, is a classy pictorial with a brief love-staged storyline about it.

Battafly in one of the scenes
Battafly in one of the scenes

Shot in Blantyre on different beautiful and crisp scenes, the Ron CZ produced, and Yung Degree directed video is nothing but top notch. The audio was produced by Dj Sley.

Battafly real name Thom Sean Mkomadzinja, is a Blantyre-based multi-talented ​d​
ance-hall artist.

Among others, he is a both a graphic, beat-maker and producer, just to mention a few.

Inspired into music by his uncle’s, Battafly has worked and shared stages with artists like Bucci, Gwamba, Nesnes, Blak Jak, King Chambiecco​, among others.​

You can watch Unali Kuti here below:

You can also download the audio here:

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Myuziki Pusha Entertainment Against Sub Standard Music

Myuziki Pusha Entertainment CEO, Biggie Lu, says the Malawi urban music industry is awash with sub standard music which makes the country’s music profession look bad while heavily destroying the Malawian music business at the same time. Because of being looked down upon on many local artists lack the confidence and belief that is needed for success in the game.

According to Biggie Lu, Myuziki Pusha Entertyainment is there to bring out the confidence and commitment in young artists who want to do music for a living. It also intends to get rid of that old notion and instill a new belief in Malawians about music.

Signed under to his own music label,Biggie Lu has released songs like, “Miss me/One Love” from the Food and shelter Riddim produced by BfB, “Big In 3D” which featured BfB, “Usamakwiye“, “Dzulo” with Puzzle, and his new single “MATUKUTUKU” which features GD on the hook(produced by GD)

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San B – Mbali (Music Video)

Mbali is San B‘s latest single after a long hiatus from the Pelemende hitmaker. The video features a cameo from Reggae artist, Sweetman. San B is politically outspoken and influenced by Jamaican dancehall musician Buju Banton. It was Buju Banton’s rough gravelly vocals that San B emulated and ultimately made him own.
Having metamorphosed from a brash teenage phenomenon into a self assured singer, San B’s fusion of traditional Malawian music, contemporary R&B and dancehall DJ’ing have earned him a prophet like status.

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Piksy drops ‘Tifatse’ featuring Gwamba ahead of Mthunzi album release

Piksy fans, get ready to lose your minds!

The lovable afro-pop star not only announced the release of his second album called “Mthunzi” last week Sunday, but they also premiered a new song, “Tifatse” which features rapper Gwamba.

Tifatse is a fusion of pasada and afro-pop with a rhythm and a touch of R’n’B. The song addresses issues of love and purity. It also asks people in relationships to persevere when problems arise in their endeavors hence the title ‘Tifatse.’

After almost a year of work putting together his long-awaited Mthunzi album, Blantyre-based afro-pop star Piksy (real name Evans Zangazanga) is finally setting a release date to be announced soon.

Piksy’s new album, which forecasts will be his best in a decade, will include additional production credits and guest appearances from major tastemakers from today’s music scene.

Download Tifatse here

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