Ma Lala back with a new Guitar and more story-telling Music

Ma Lala ends the silence with new single “Timakonda Magitala” hitting you this winter Tuesday afternoon. For all you acoustic music fans out here Ma Lala is not a new name on the music scene. The ex secondary school teacher turned musician has been selling his music online on for some time and now is back working on a new album .. This is the single “Timakonda Magitala”

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Flood Church Malawi in ‘Let Girls, Be Girls’ charity dance competition

Flood Church will this Sunday, May 24, turn Crossroads Hotel (Bamboo Room) into a fortress for girl-child rights at a dance-studded charity concert.

The church has organized a dance competition in its efforts to raise money to assist and support young girls not to become mothers at a tender age and also to help some that are already in early marriages or those that have been forced into such.

Flood Church

The event which is going by the title ‘Let Girls Be Girls DANCE OFF,’ will see a dance-off of 6 groups in round one, to have 3 groups qualifying to compete in round 2, and the winner chosen by a panel of judges that has been selected to oversee the competitions.

Winners on position one will receive a cash prize of MK50, 000, while position two will receive MK30, 000 and MK20, 000 for third position.

100% of ticket sales will be going directly to the Ntchisi Police Victim Support Unit, which handles many cases of child marriage, forced marriage and gender based violence.

Last year, the Flood Church and other organizations advocated for girl child rights through a petition to the Malawi Parliament, to have the marriage bill reviewed and the marriage age be raised to 18, a bill which was reviewed, debated and then passed earlier this year.

Living in the city amid its business might get us to not really know the situation on the ground and be concerned with it.  According to government statistics, half of the girls in Malawi get married by their 18th birthday, with some as young as age 9 or 10 being forced to marry. 9 years old, that’s a baby, 15 years, that’s a kid, under 18 it’s a nation in tragedy, evil prevails when good people like us stay silent to participate.  That kid can be our little sister nieces and even our own children.

Attend the event, and support the ‘Let Girls, Be Girls’ campaign for a brighter and better Malawi. The more people we get there, the more we can help girls in need!

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Q Malewezi, George Kalukusha, Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa to perform at Rotaract Club of Lilongwe fundraiser

The Rotaract Club of Lilongwe is hosting a fundraiser called Denim and Diamonds Poetry and Acoustic night for their Senti peri-urban project at Crossroads Hotel Auditorium on Saturday, May 30th.

The event will be see performances by some of Malawi’s finest artists, which include Q Malewezi, Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa, George Kalukusha, Yolanda Kauma, Isabel Kumwembe, Robert Chiwamba and many more. There will also be an open mic for patrons to showcase their various talents.

Tickets to the event which starts at 7PM, are going at MK3, 000 only and are available for sale at Crossroads Hotel Business Centre and The Living Room Café.

Senti is located just outside Area 18, Lilongwe; the community has a population of an estimated 13,530 people, living in over 500 households, with an average six members and at least 4 to 5 households. Most of the community members find informal employment in the city and walk long distances to get to work. Senti has no public schools or health center; the nearest public primary school “Chatuwa” is located in area 18 and the nearest public secondary school is “Bwaila” which is located five kilometers from the settlement.

The project will see 40 young people equipped with vocational skills using well-known local artisan(s) from within the community who will provide the training to them. The young people will also be given equipment and start up tools which they are going to use to assist their community. Following the training, the plan is to put the skills to use immediately by getting the trained young people to volunteer in building a community multipurpose center.

The project’s time frame is 2 years with a budget of at least MK 4 million. Several initiatives have been carried out to raise these funds including a car wash that was carried out in April. The Club is also extending their intent to various organizations who may want to support the initiative. Their latest event, Denim and Diamonds Poetry and Acoustic night, will not only provide families a chance to engage themselves in a fun night of beautiful soothing music and poetry, the event will also allow the club to raise a portion on the much needed funds. Everything raised will go towards the after school tuition, reading classes and mentorship program of the youth from the Senti Community, as package that is incorporated in the construction efforts of the  community and vocational skills center.

The club members at an earlier fundraiser at City Mall, Lilongwe
The club members at an earlier fundraiser at City Mall, Lilongwe

The Rotaract Club of Lilongwe is youth arm of Rotary International for young people aged 18-30. The club focuses on community and international service as well as professional development. Rotaract Club of Lilongwe is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lilongwe.


Come on out to listen to some talented people jam, enjoy a few drinks, and help support the project.

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Check Out Blaze’s New Video Featuring Gwamba And Mwanache “Nzakufunsila Chibale”

New Bensam Entertainment artist, Blaze, releases his first Video Under The Label called “Nzakufunsila Chibale” featuring Gwamba and Mwanache. The was video shot and edited by Ben Sam Snr & VJ Ice. Directed by Ben Sam Snr.

The Song apparently has two versions. One where he features Gwamba and Young Kay and the other where he features Gwamba and Mwanache. The previously released version was the the one that has Young Kay on it and is currently Number 1 on the Malawi-Music Chart.

Now Blaze drops the video to this jam, but of the other version of the song. Feel free to check it out below:

You can also download the video here:

Follow on Twitter: @iam_spyral | @musicfrommalawi

Facebook: Music From Malawi

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ABC Christian Academy ballet club to hold concert May 29

ABC Christian Academy ballet club, will hold a ballet concert on May 29. This year’s production is titled “100 Days,” and is a culmination of the efforts of the club’s choreographers, performers and producers.

The theme was chosen by Emilie Getts, who is one of the producers of this year’s show because of the storyline and the vast range of interpretation that it offers.


Through poignant dance and music, the ABCCA ballet team will be unfolding a graceful and heartwarming story of Alice and Emmanuel. The chaotic battle field, the killing of a precious daughter, the repentance of a young soldier, and the forgiveness of the mother under the supervision of Emilie Getts and Carrie Bordeau.

Jessica Martinson, portrays Emmanuel’s desperate struggle in the prison vividly through breathtaking facial expressions and spectacular motions. Deeply moved by God’s forgiveness and redemption, Emmanuel repents and lives a new life.


Emmanuel’s heart has also changed as he experiences Christ’s mercy and redemption through Alice’s forgiveness. Alice and Emmanuel’s story portrayed by the ABCCA ballet team lucidly tells us of God’s great mercy and redemption, and how His interference in our lives can completely change the course of our lives.


Each piece represents the choreographers’ interpretation of the story, whether it be coming from their actual experiences or a literal interpretation of the feelings and sympathy, and each dance tells an intricate story of the “100 Days.” The show begins at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 29, at the Bingu International Conference Center Auditorium.  Tickets are being sold at ABC Christian Academy, Bauer’s, Papaya, and Lark Café, and they are going: VIP: MK 10,000, Adult: MK 5,000, Child: MK 3,000, ABC College Students: MK 1,000.


Last year, it was a sold out event at the Bingu International Conference Center. We are looking forward to another great performance this year! Be there and witness an exquisite Malawian ballet performance.

*Additional reporting by Gi-Weon Yang (ABCCA student) *

Follow us: @TeeMo_Ntilo and @MusicFromMalawi on Twitter | Music From Malawi on Facebook

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Check Out Onesimus’ Recently Released Song “Heavily Defended”

The elevating voice of Onesimus (real name Armstrong Kalua) creates another spirit-lifting song in his latest single, “Heavily Defended”. The fifth single off his highly-anticipated album “Thank You Lord”, is available for radio play and digital downloads via

Well known for charismatic music, “Heavily Defended” is a song that will bring the South Africa-based Malawian artist closer to his followers and the listeners everywhere. Working with Southline Media in South Africa, Onesimus has put together an Afro dance beat that will keep the listeners on their feet as they share the message that restores hope in their lives. He comes clear with the message that no weapon or spell against the child of God shall prosper. “They want to bewitch me, but I know they won’t succeed, am heavily defended/heavily protected…” he sings on the chorus.


Commenting on the composition, Onesimus says: “People go through different types of issues in life and one of them is envy. I have faced battles in life as well but by the grace of God am still standing. People out there are living in fear of witchcraft, so I sang this song to boost their confidence that God is alive and that He will defend them, we’re heavily defended as children of God”.

“Thank You Lord” will mark Onesimus’ debut Gospel record release, after he quit secular music in 2013. The 12-track album is slated for release tentatively at the end of this month of May.

Download Onesimus – “Heavily Defended” here >> Mobile Site | Desktop Site

To connect with Onesimus, visit:
Twitter: @OnesimusMuzik
Instagram: @onesimusmuzik

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YesaYa Releases First Song in Two Years Called “Ngati Ngelo”

YesaYa, after a long time away from the music scene, releases a new song called “Ngati Ngelo”. It is the first single off YesaYa’s debut album “Chiphadzuwa”.

It features R&B sensation Theo Thomson, showcasing a mature edge to YesaYa’s sound. After being on a 2 year hiatus, YesaYa is back with a vengeance.

The song is currently playing on Capital FM and will be spread across all known radio stations. It will soon be available for download. Tune in to your favorite stations to catch this tune and be on the lookout for the online release.


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George Kalukusha launches EP at Koko Bean Café

Stepping in from Lilongwe’s cool breeze on Saturday afternoon, down into Koko Bean Café, you would have been able to witness the launch of George Kalukusha‘s new EP, “Growing Pains“. Rosha and Edson – that’s the George Kalukusha Trio – and to a crowded open space of pleased music patrons, they put on a great show, rolling out their slide-based bluesy collection from their new E.P. assisted in the key tracks by Rosha on the long bass.

The show was enlivened by a spectacular performance from Menes, who was followed by Adrian also appears on the 6th track titled ‘’The Night Is Young’ on this remarkable CD. The EP also features 2014 MUMA award-winner for best male R’n’B artist, Danny Kalima.

Adrian plays guitar and when combined with George’s rhythms, what a groovy sound this makes. He was joined on stage by the forthcoming presence of Gwamba, Lulu and Third Eye who did a special guest set with his howling-reed style of punch lines.

Patrons at the event enjoyed and sang along to the most favored track from the EP, “Good Blood’. With its driving force, rhythm and the strong message, it sent people home with delightful memories of the well-organized event.

‘George and the band put on a really good show indeed – might have been nice if more of Malawians appreciated the great talent on stage and help each other put the talents to good use’, said Sally Nyondo, prominent owner of “Koko Bean Café” who is also a well known musician.

Most of the songs in the EP were produced by George’s brother, Shadreck Kalukusha, and some by Samuel Genda. The track-list is as follows;

  1. One Two Steps
  2. Slow down (Call Me)
  3. Good Blood
  4. Caravan
  5. Fond Of Me (feat Danny Kalima)
  6. The Night is Young (feat Adrian & Danny Kalima)

Good Blood, the 3rd song in the EP is available for free download on Download it here

You can get hold of your own copy of George Kalukusha’s Growing Pains EP at the Koko Bean Café and The Living Room Café.

Pictures from the event:

IMG_8377 IMG_8379 IMG_8371 IMG_8364 IMG_8361

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Slessor Releases Video/Audio For New Single “Pa Chiwaya”

Slessor releases the audio & visuals for his  new song “Pa Chiwaya”. He states, in an online interview, that he is basically just continuing to reflect on the life of an average Malawian going through a normal day.

“It starts off with me narrating a story of how I meet up with a girl who I talk to on social media but haven’t met in person. So I basically tell her to find me at the Chiwaya spot. The production is a bit more local this time. Stich Fray is on the beat and mixing, and the video produced by Media Quake” says Slessor.

Download the song here >> Slessor Pa Chiwaya

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Exclusive Photos From The Making Of Theo Thomson’s Video “Magic” Featuring Blakjak

In case you are not aware of what RnB/Pop artist, Theo Thomson, has been up to lately, we are glad to let you know that he has been busy on set shooting the video of his hit song “magic”. He features dance hall star Blakjak in this dope tune, who gives the song a local twist we all enjoy.

The Malawi-Music team joined Theo Thomson on one of the scenes to give you a sneak peek of how the video is going to be like. Below are exclusive pictures from this scene of the video shoot:

mfm 1
Theo’s personal performance on the set


mfm 3
Theo Thomson engages with the model/vixen in the video.


mfm 5
One of the storyline acts in the scene


mfm 2
The team putting things in place for one of the shots in storyline part the scene.


mfm 4
Up-close shot of the vixen.

With the audio already out, if you haven’t heard it yet go ahead and download it, while you wait for the video to be dropped.

Download it here >> Mobile Download | Desktop Download


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