King Chambiecco

KING CHAMBIECCO chants down Escom, Water Board, blasts Cashgate

Dancehall Artist, King Chambiecco has joined several voices blasting Blantyre Water Board and Escom for their incompetence in his latest singles, Blackout again. As if that is not enough, Chambiecco, as poor people activist, chants down Cash gate in Gate man.

In Blackout Again, Chambiecco blasts Blantyre Water Bard for water outage and takes a swipe at state-owned power producing company, Escom for the blackouts.
In Gate man, he sings about a man who has left his home village and goes to Lilongwe looking for a job at
Capital Hill to work as a Security Guard (Gate man) after hearing that there is a lot of ‘cash’ at the Capital
Hill so he wants to work at the gate.
One common feature in these two singles is Chambiecco’s unique skill in singing with ease, poetic lines and energetic delivery

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Timoteo Malawi drops single, featuring Martse

Project April Urban Music against abuse activist and musician Timoteo Malawi, real name Timothy Kailedzi, dropped a fresh track over the weekend which features Lilongwe-based rapper Martse.

The song titled ‘Makwacha Ndi Ma Dollars’ is an inspiration from the country’s most controversial case involving the misappropriation of government funds, commonly known as Cashgate. The song further addresses issues involving people who like getting debts, but never pay back.

He is also set to release a music video for his upcoming single ‘Black Chick’ which features Janta. The video will be coming out soon, on a date to be announced.

Timoteo Malawi is an activist who believes that through music and arts, much can be done to help overcome child abuse and all other forms of abuses. He further urges other urban artists to follow suit by doing arts for a change and stop being profit-oriented in their endeavors.

Stream and download Makwacha Ndi Ma Dollars here

Stop child abuse, promote arts!

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JoyFresh doing her set

Lilongwe-based models, urban artists unite to supports arts, laments lack of support

Lilongwe-based models and urban artists came together on Saturday, November 22 at Waka Waka Hotel at a show aimed at putting both upcoming and well-known artists on the spotlight and support each other to promote various talents and arts.

The event got a good turnout of fans who were keen to grace performances by some of their favorite artists.

Among the numerous performances that took place, Essim and the Sungununu Crew were among the events main artists who totally killed their sets with amazing performances. Blantyre’s own queen JoyFresh also took the fans by surprise when she dropped an excellent performance followed by other artists like Macelba, Janta, K2B Block and Young LT.

Mwanache, who also among the main acts, stormed in with the eminent ‘Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani V’ which was the most loved track on his performance. He was then followed by Krazie-G who was backed by the ‘Hook Killa’ Tidacase, and hip-hop whizz Martse of the ‘Go Deeper’ and ‘Mwapindulanji’ fame. They performed a couple of songs including the 3rd most downloaded song on, ‘Zimuvuta’.

During all the sets, event-goers’ also graced a fashion show by various models in different seasonal attire.

Capital Gal with the vocal hand from JoyFresh, was among the closing performances followed my Manton and Sirene.

The event was organized by model Sarah Chiundiza and DJ Young, under Young Talents Entertainment, and was hosted by Awukho. Training of the models and outfits for the event was done Esther Ravat, Sarah Chiundiza with the help from International model, Thembi Deliwe Magawa. DJ Starnaz and DJ Young were on the deck, spinning and mixing.

Part from the artists who performed at event, many other well-known names showed up to show their support to their fellow artists. These notable faces included, Casablanca, Spotless, Brian and the Verbal Slaughter team, upcoming artist Charisma, and photography prodigy VJ Ice who was in the company of his model girlfriend. Graphic designer and photographer Slim J, was also in attendance and provided photo coverage for the event.

Speaking in an exclusive interview at the event, one of the organizers, model Sarah Chiundiza, bemoaned lack of sponsorship in arts and art-related activities in the country.

‘Both the government and the private sector needs to help in the promotion of arts and thereby supporting the youths, it was therefore our decision as model in collaboration with urban artists to raise awareness on the issue at hand and support each other, as change needs to begin with ourselves. We also have more events coming through in various districts’ she continued.

She has since asked the government and the corporate world to help in the promotion of arts and various talents.

Pictures from the event: By Slim-J

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Desert Eagle - She Dey Be

Desert Eagle Releases “She Dey Be”

Desert Eagle has today released a hot new single titled “She Dey Be” in time for the upcoming festive season that is sure to rock clubs everywhere.

“She Dey Be” translates to she is nice (, on point, beautiful, perfect)

Desert eagle has come up with his own sound which is sort of a mix of afro pop with a reggae/dancehall twist to it. The result is a bit more than pleasant making this song one of the hottest songs going into the festive season!

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Onesimus - Thank you Lord

Onesimus Ends Silence With “Thank You Lord” Single

What seemed like an endless silence by South Africa based Malawian gospel artist Onesimus (real name Armstrong Kalua) has reached its end point with the artist’s revelation to release his first single “Thank You Lord” from his debut gospel album “The Worship Core” this Friday, 21 November 2014, at 6pm.

Onesimus is also known for his “Happy Birthday Papa” track which mesmerized sons and daughters of Papa (Prophet Bushiri) on his birthday early this year at ECG Pretoria in South Africa.

Lets support our brother Onesimus as he takes this huge step of his career.

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The Very best - Hear Me (Ndimveni)

The Very Best Release Video for “Hear Me” Featuring Chris Baio (Vampire Weekend)

Directed, shot and edited by Johan Hugo, “Hear Me (Ndimveni)” is set to feature on the upcoming TVB album. Recorded in M’dala Chikowa Village, Malawi, the as-of-yet untitled album follows 2012′s MTMTMK (More To Malawi Than Madonna’s Kids) .

According to a press release from the duo, “We wrote this song in May 2014, only days before the Malawi general elections. It was also the 50th anniversary for Malawi independence from colonial rule. One day we where sitting outside the house listening to the radio and Joyce Banda (the president that day) was talking about something to do with the election and progress, or lack of progress for Malawi as a nation. we put an iPhone next to the radio and recorded some her voice. thats the voice you can hear in the beginning of the song. Esau really wanted to write a song about the corruption, poverty, struggle of Malawi, and how frustrated he was about the fact that very little has changed since independence. We recorded the whole song that day, and the ext day we asked the local church choir to come in and record some choir vocals for it. As with most vocals and instrumentation on this record, we recorded them outdoors, on the beach, singing the bridge and last chorus with Esau. Back in London a month later Chris Baio from Vampire Weekend came in and played bass on the song.”


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Mr Rebel

Mr Rebel Drops New Massive Reggae Tune, “Killing It Straight Up”

Mr Rebel is back again with a brand new tune titled, “Killing It Straight Up“. The song finds Rebel confessing his undying love for Reggae music as he sings about how it makes him forget all his pain.

Hailing from Chigumula aka Chigz, Mr Rebel is a young and talented reggae and dance hall artist who promises to raise the bar of the dancehall music scene in Malawi.

Rebel’s style is a mix of Jamaican Reggae/dancehall fused with Malawian elements laced with crisp Chichewa and English vocals.

“Reggae music is always number one, it win election without campaign. Reggae music coincide with the ghetto life section!” – Mr Rebel

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Saint - Tikudikilanji

Saint Releases New Song “Tikudikilanji”

Tikudikilanji” is following up from Saint’s hit single “One Last Kiss” which was released to much critical acclaim earning him a prominent spot in the mainstream arena, Saint is currently finalizing his album for release early next year. “Tikudikilanji” was recorded at New Dawn Records.

Saint is primarily a reggae and dancehall singer who started recording music in 2007. He who has worked with Abstract Records as well as Step Up Records & Kutchira Entertainment.

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Desert Eagle - Road To Zion

Desert Eagle Releases New Song, “Dreams” featuring Riise

In 2006 Desert Eagle made his mainstream breakthrough by producing the hit single Mtofhu alongside renowned DJ Kenny Klips which topped the music charts and set the trend of a new style of Afro-Pop which many producers and artists have emulated in their music today. He has produced hits for many acts like Young Kay, Marco Sadik, Basement, Incyt, Mr.C, Don Dice, Kenny Klips, and Maskal.
Earlier this year he voiced on the massive Don Foxxy Riddim for the street anthem “No Fear” in the process setting a higher standard for other Reggae/Dancehall artists to follow.

This time he’s back again with a new tune “Dreams” which features fellow Reggae artist Riise.

Check it out on your mobile here >>

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Young Kay - Wekha ft Maskal

Young Kay Releases New Song, “Wekha”, Featuring Maskal

On Monday Young Kay released his latest single, Wekha, which features singer Maskal.  The new song marks a comeback for Young Kay from his year long hiatus and features production from Yesaya.

The song also marks the second time Maskal and Young Kay have come together on a song since “Photobook“.

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Martse releases unannounced new song, “Zikumupweteka” featuring Dancehall artist Mafo

Lilongwe-based hip-hop icon Martse, has yet dropped another surprise. This time he features dancehall artist Mafo in his newly released single ‘Zikumpweteka’.

The song talks about how jealous has taken toll, and people are no longer appreciating each other on various achievement and talents.

“I see and dream music,” Martse said in an interview shortly after the song hit “It’s more than just what I hear. When I’m connected to something, I immediately see a visual or a series of images that are tied to a feeling, a memory from my childhood, thoughts about life, my dreams they’re all connected to the music.”

“I just want to give my music to the people I love and respect and hope that they feel the same thing I felt when I made the music,” the rapper said.

And commenting on his recent awesome performances at Gwamba and Nesnes’ album launch, both in Lilongwe and Blantyre, the rapper said “It was such a beautiful moment,” Martse told the media. “Again, it sent chills down my spine just to be there with him in his element doing what he was made to do. And as my friend, it felt good to see him feeling so good about that.”

A person can criticize Martse for a lot of things, but complacency is not one of them. As a hip-hop act that has been successful multiple times over the years, Martse could always stand firm. This is the spirit that drives artistic achievement. So, regardless of your opinion on Martse, there is a reason to respect him for making great music.

Listen and download the new song by following this link on

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Reggae Is In My Veins - Trumel

Dancehall and Reggae Maestro Trumel Set To Share Stage With Soul Raiders Band

Trumel is set to share the stage with Sensational reggae outfit Soul Raiders Band this Saturday, 1st November at Chameleon’s bar, Lilongwe.

Truemale Bonnface (born 03 April 1983), better known by the name Trumel, is signed to Nde’feyo Music. Growing up with his mother, as his father spent much of his time in Zimbabwe, life was not easy for the young Trumel, but upon realizing the gift and potential he had, his mother and late aunt encouraged him nurture his talent in church where he used to sing every Saturday, being a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and his passion for music grew stronger. He has recently released the music video to his latest chart topping reggae tune “Reggae Is In My Veins” from his upcoming album.

Soul Raiders originally started at Chancellor College in 2001 and performing in and around Zomba until 2004 when most members graduated. The band prides itself in high quality sound and boasts of its own music engineer who is a University music graduate. The band plays strictly reggae music. Be sure to check out songs from their recent album, “Reggae Revolution“.


Venue: Chameleon Bar

CHARGES: MK1,500 TIME: 8pm

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Tay showing off his Beffta

Tay grin brings home a Beffta Award

Malawi’s hip-hop artist Tay Grin Saturday night won Best International African Act at the 2014 Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (Beffta) Awards.

BEFFTA Awards is a distinctly special awards ceremony honouring the best showbiz and entertainment personalities in the black and ethnic communities in the UK, USA, Africa, Caribbean, Canada and globally.

BEFFTA Awards is the first of its kind rewarding under one roof outstanding achievements and contributions from Africans, Caribbeans and Asians in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts. This international prestigious ceremony celebrates an all round accomplishments of a hard working community within entertainment and showbiz especially the unknown talent that need exposure.

The awards ceremony founded by Pauline Long also aims to inspire black and ethnic personalities worldwide to achieve at the highest levels. It provides a networking platform for industry personalities.

Tay Grin was nominated for Best International African Act and Best Music Video for his new song ‘The Beach.’

In Best International Act category, he was up against continental music giants P-Square, Davido, Timaya, Zahara, Awilo Longomba, Dr Sid, Olamide, Sautisol and R2bees.

For “Best Video”, he was facing the likes Mafikizolo for the video Khona, Jose Chameleon for Wale Wale, Mr Jayvic’s I Love Africa and the remake of Pharrell Williams Happy (We’re from Luton).

Tay Grin taking a selfie with his award
After scooping the award the artist further went to dedicate the award to his fans for their support.

“I would like to take this moment to thank everyone that took their time to vote. Your vote counted and together we’ve made history. This award is dedicated to you all,” Tay Grin posted this on Facebook yesterday morning.

“Malawi we can all achieve, let’s work together, strive for a better future and unite as one strong nation…!” said the artist.

Tay grin whose has a new album coming up is also expected to be in Dublin, Ireland, where he is billed to perform on 31 October alongside Pop Dogg.

- See more at:

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The man of Jazz

Chris Kele schedules in Ulendo Album Shows in Malawi

Malawi’s renowned jazz musician Chris Kele who is based in SA has just announced that he will have a total of 3 shows in Malawi this year. The shows are spread across 3 days and they start in Lilongwe and end in Blantyre. The first show is scheduled on 27th November in Lilongwe at Madsoc Theater and the 2nd show after that is at the world famous Chameleon Cafe on the 28th. Chris then travels the next day to Blantyre to perform at the cool dining spot called Chez Macky in BT. Chris is supported by Agorosso and Waliko Makhala plus band. Chris is a very talented musician, make sure you don’t miss this!

Check out the flyer below:

Chris kele top jazz artist

Chris kele top jazz artist

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zambia 50th annivesarry

Zone Fam’s Jay Rox features Sally Nyundo and other African superstars in new single “Ituntulu” remix

Zone Fam’s Jay Rox Presents the Remix to his Chart Topping Single “Ituntulu” (Currently in the Top 100). This time around he put together a Team of African Superstars from Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Kenya and his home Country Zambia.

The Features in order of appearance Jay Rox, Cleo (Zambia),Edem (Ghana),Collo (Kenya),Salma (Zambia),Trigmatic (Ghana) and Sally Nyundo (Malawi). These individuals are all Vanguards of Music in their respective Countries. This song promises to be one of the Continent’s Biggest Hit and Collaborations of all time as Visuals are underway. (Original Video Playlisted on Channel O)

Official Release Date: 24th October 2014 ( Zambia’s 50th Independence Day)

Connect with the Artists

Jay Rox @JayRox05 | Cleo @Cleo_Icequeen | Edem @Iamedem | Collo @CollinsMajale | Salma @SalmaSings |Trigmatic @trigmaticrocks | Sally Nyundo @Sallyzmusic

Download the song here

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