The Uzadziwa Bwanji Crooner, Heptik, Is At It Again With Soon To Be Released Song “Wina Alira”

A lot of people have been asking questions about the guy that caused tension among rappers on social media. The song talked about English rappers adopting styles from foreign countries. The “Uzadziwa bwanji” song done by Heptik featuring Murphy & Mwanache took many Malawian rappers by storm.

After months of silence the self-proclaimed Malawian hip-hop prince Heptik is set to release another single called “Wina Alira” which features EJR & Murphy, Murphy is the singer that murdered the “Uzadziwa bwanji” hook.

The song is a heavy weight song which shows how vital in local rap they are. They don’t get stressed with what people say but if you hate them you’re in wrong lane. In “Wina Alira” Heptik mentions how proud he is to be local rapper.

“Let’s make peace, Malawi is not best place to beef or to divide cities. We are all one and need to push Malawian music to a further stage. Such requires unity among artists” said Heptik in an interview. “Am willing to work with anybody, in my future projects, language is actually not a barrier”.

heptik 2
The Uzadziwa Bwanji crooner’s new single “Wina Alira” will be released on Monday 31st August. Produced by the two big producers in the country, Marcus of the Dare Devilz & Percy Manyozo of Pro Pee records, The track promises to be a bang. Be on the Look out

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Well known Malawian rapper Gwamba, street-known as Gwambizo of ‘Ndiima pa Chulu’ and ‘Bola Kutsache’ fame recently released a hit single titled “Munthu” through on 22 July 2015 which has been receiving overwhelming response from music lovers across the country.

Gwamba’s latest song features the International award winning Hip-Hop star Tay Grin, real name Limbani Kalilani and Malaulo. The song was produced by Lilongwe based producer Dj Sley.

In an interview with Gwamba, he has promised his fans that currently he is working on a video for the song and that shooting is progressing very well and the video will hit the internet soon. The video is directed by Essim and Ben Sam, who are also both Lilongwe based video directors and have joined forces specifically for this project.

“We have shot the first part of the script and we will finalize the shooting this coming Friday, my management is working on the release date but we might as well release it at Lake of Stars,” he said while promising fireworks.

“Munthu” is one of the most popular songs found in Gwamba’s sophomore album titled “Chako Si Changa” which is yet to be released under his new label which he co-founded after ditching Prime Time Media.

Gwamba-2-696x696 official have confirmed that the song has been already downloaded by over 23 thousand people across the country within a space of one month.

The song is also enjoying massive airplay on local radios in Malawi and also in neighbouring countries.

Meanwhile Gwamba has hailed his fans for the continuous support that they render to his music.

Can Hardly Wait
Can Hardly Wait
The Grin Looking Ever So Fashionable
The Grin Looking Ever So Fashionable
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Joyful Souls to feature in Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s show

Malawi’s own acappella group Joyful Souls will open for Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s first ever show in Malawi.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo, one of the best acappella groups from South Africa, is finally making its way to Malawi for the first time for an exclusive show on August 29th, at the Bingu International Conference Center (BICC) Auditorium.

The Joyful Souls is a Blantyre-based all-male Gospel Acappella Assemble formed in 1995 on the premise of spreading the gospel through music.

From its founding, Joyful Souls have consistently released timeless classics starting with the debut album Tidzauluka, their sophomore album Adzaweruza released in 2008 which featured what has seemingly been many people’s favorite songs titled– The God of Second Chance. Their 3rd album Abweranso was released in 2012 and in 2013, the group earned a nomination for the Best Contemporary Acappella Recorded Album in the CARA Awards for their work on the 3rd album.

Joyful Souls has had the rarest opportunities of sharing the stage with various international singing groups including one of the Africa’s Accapella Powerhouses – The Shower Power (from Zimbabwe) and Durant, which is one of the singing groups signed under the US-based Acappella Company.

The historic Ladysmith Black Mambazo show will start at 8PM and is courtesy of Malawi’s event production company Qoncept Creative.

The renowned South African a cappella group, which is currently on tour in China, weeks after touring the United Kingdom, confirmed their Malawi trip via Twitter this week.“Yes Africa, we are headed to Malawi on August 29,” tweeted the multi- award winning a cappella group to their followers.

The tickets to the show are available for sale at MK 15,000 for Standard and MK 25,000 for VIP and are available at the following outlets: Ulendo Safaris, Foodworths, Crossroads Hotel Business Centre, Papaya, Flavour’s cafe, and in Blantyre at Steers and Debonairs. Bulk Tickets are available via the hotline: +265 11 155 0150

Download music by the Joyful Souls here.

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Search for a star winner Mc Luther to release debut song “Akumasule”

Sunbird search for a star winner Mc Luther shares his debut record under Ndefeyo Gospel Wednesday August 5.
Akumasule is the title of the record. A song for all those burdened. A calling to those in need of hope in their life. An inspiring piece of music.
The song starts by reminding people the fight is not that of the body but spirit. He then appeals to all those in trouble and reminds everyone that despite the situation theres someone who will break the bondage.
His manager Wisdom says they are working on an EP, currently untitled. He revealed Patience Namadingo and Faith Mussa will collaborate with Mc Luther on the next song.
“On Akumasule he worked with Vitu as a producer and Patience Namadingo as co producer”
“We are planning to record 4 more songs on his project”
“He is yet to feature Patience Namadingo in his next song and Faith Mussa”
So who is Mc Luther? Born on 10 july 1995, he was trained by his parents and realised he could sing age 5. He sung in group called Little David and at the age of 12 till 15 when he started to the church choir.
He went to join an accapela group called One Voice in which he still sings to date. One Voice is a skillful male group essential in the growth of Mc Luther musically.
Through the groups hes been learning instruments, he can play guitar and piano. Much of the influence in Akumasule. He Is also in boy band with some of his friends called Fusion.
Born in a family of musicians he is blood with the likes of cousinz Marcus and G.D known as the Daredevils collectively as well as Zeze a fellow gospel artist now based in U.S.A. He is also related to Bob Zumano of the Last Warning singers and he is a Seventh Day Adventist member.
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Biggie Lu Drops New Reggae Song Featuring Sir Patricks called “Ndilonjeza”

Teaming up with Sir Patricks of Trap Squad in his latest single, Ndilonjeza, Biggie Lu has returned from his brief hiatus from music. With over 300 downloads since its release last night, the single serves as yet another reason why the ‘usamakwiye’ star is truly a force to reckon with.

‘Ndilonjeza’, which literally means ‘I Promise’, is a song about love that addresses issues that resonate with young/Old couples.


The single is from his Mixtape which is still under development…

Download Ndilonjeza Here

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Urban Rap Group Street Fame Soon to Release Visuals of Their Song “Gold Chain”

Street fame will soon be releasing the much anticipated Gold Chain video, shot and directed by one of the county’s top video directors, Ron Cz.
Street Fame is a hip hop duo from Blantyre that consists of rapper Toast and Rapper/Producer T-One. Street Fame first showed up on the scene in 2009 but got their recognition in 2012 after finishing high school. Their first Mixtape “Verbal Magic” introduced them to the main stream of hip hop.

Toast T-One STreet Fame  Toast T-One Street Fame 2

In the Year 2015 Street Fame released what has been referred to as an internationally acclaimed production in their Ep “Beyond Dreams”. Under Hyprofile Music, the duo will soon be working on their album which will be produced by Kortyz.

IMG_9884  IMG-20150722-WA000
The soon to be released Gold Chan video promises to be a game changer from amazing views of Malawi and Classy shots and dress code to the performance of the video vixens.

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Patience Namadingo Releases New Single “Msati Mseke”

Patience Namadingo has released his latest single “Msati Mseke” which promises to take the gospel music scene by storm. Patience whose second album, “ Tiri ndi Yesu”  featured the hit “Mtendere”, was released in 2010 and went on to become the number one selling gospel album between 2010-2012.


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[Music Premiere] Gwamba, Faith Mussa, Nesnes, Piksy, Young Kay, Third Eye – Siuli Wekha (The Official UNFPA Malawi Theme Song)

“Siuli Wekha” is a song that features influential youthful Malawian artists including rappers Gwamba (who is UNFPA Malawi SYP ambassador), Third Eye, Piksy, Young Kay as well as singers Nesnes and Faith Mussa, produced by the Daredevilz at Low Budget Records in Blantyre.

The track has been produced for UNFPA Malawi under the Safeguard Young People (SYP) Programme. “Siuli Wekha” unites the six Malawian artists who collaborate to denounce the physical or emotional victimization of the girl child.

The artists mainly focus on four areas that include unwarranted cultural practices, girl child education, early marriages and HIV/AIDS. “Siuli Wekha” talks about a girl who undergoes risky cultural practices, is forced to drop out of school and underage marriage and ends up getting infected with HIV.

Download “Siuli Wekha” here


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Malawi Jazz sensation Mte Wambali to launch new album ‘Calabrash Breath’

Giving fans another dose of his musical prowess, Malawi’s jazz legend Wambali Mkandawire, now Mte Wambali is set to release his 9th album “Calabrash Breath”. The event will be marked by a warm night of jazz on July 25th at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) from 20:00hrs.

With a truly unique sound, Wambali continues to win accolades for his uniquely expressive musical style. A true music maestro, Wambali has over the years released timeless music that has earned him numerous awards and nominations including the Bingu Presidential Award in 2011, Kora Award Nomination for Best Southern African Artist in 2003, MOBO Award Nomination for Best African Artist in 2007.

“People should expect to experience the beginning of a new era of Jazz in Malawi,” says Wambali. “Calabrash Breath” is Mte Wambali’s 9th studio album and is unique as it is pure jazz unlike his previous releases.

Wambali’s journey in music dates back to when he was only 8 years old while in Congo where he was born. With influences from his grandmother & mother’s Tumbuka hymns & fables, his grandfather’s gramophone with played music contemporary Congolese music to his uncle who introduced him to South African Jazz and music in general, his musical background is rich in diversity, from his first album “Tidzamutamanda” released in 1989 to the last released album “Liberty” back in 2011.

Backed up by a diverse rich band featuring a Congolese Bassist, Zambian lead guitarist, 2 Malawians on the keys and drums with himself an acoustic guitarist, the evening is set to be a night of beautiful music by talented musicians.


Tickets are at MK 10,000 for Standard and MK 20,000 for VIP – and are available at Wilderness Safaris, Ulendo, Four Seasons Garden Shop, Crossroads Hotel Business Centre, Papaya, Cappuccino’s, Flavour’s, Golf Club, La Dolce Vita, and AC Opticals. Every ticket holder will receive a FREE CD of the Calabrash Breath album. Corporate Bulk Tickets are available via the hotline: +265 11 155 0150.


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