One of Ace Dirty's best video thus far

Ace Dirty recruits the help of Malawian video vixen Neema for new video

Ace Dirty’s new video is currently the talk of many folks around the country. A video which Ace Dirty single handily selected to feature a beautiful model from Blantyre by the name of Neema. Ace Dirty’s has caused a lot of talk around the industry and also on social media with this selection. Many people asking who the girl is and who is the producer of the video. And from the information we have collected the new video was shot by Lion aka Blackflame and set in Blantyre. Ace dirty has been making music for a while now and has has his number of hot videos with this one topping the list/ Enjoy watching the video on Youtube by Ace Dirty.

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Is KYC what the music industry has been missing?

KYC drops new single “Ndimvetse”

Its been a few months since KYC dropped a new song on the music scene, the young handsome rapper from L-city who usually takes his time in between songs and makes sure he delivers classic bars that’s sure to make other rapper’s keep his name in their mouths for months.  Once rated the hottest upcoming rapper in 2013, KYC has continued his reign over radio and online charts, even featuring big  names like Baby Sleam and GD.  Check out his latest song Ndimvetse by KYC here

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Rain Drops Riddim artwork

Third Eye “Its Over” album review

Its Over is Third Eye’s 7th album produced by D1. The album was released on 6th July 2014 while Malawians across the world were celebrating the 50th year anniversary of Malawi’s Independence. The album features the likes of; D1, Young Kay, Kananji and Naseelah. A music compilation which Third eye describes as an addition in the “Free Music for free people” catalogue. To give you a quick background of where Third Eye was emotionally and musically at the release of this album so that you can understand the type of pressure that could have resulted to the album being named “Its Over”, On 4th May 2014, 16 days right before the Malawi 2014 tripartite election Third Eye released a song for the running party at that time People’s party, full of appraisal and political “propaganda” for its leader Joyce Banda. Unfortunately only to find out a few weeks later that another political party DPP won the election. As a result critics started coming out in blogs and on the social media that it was over for Third Eye. Hence the album being titled “its over” while the cover of the actual cd is seen a response to that period for Third EYE which clearly states that its not over until the fat lady sings.

The album starts of with a high dosage of energetic instrumentation titled start the engine at position 1, a track which does not give away too much about the rest of the album but definitely signifies the importance of this album and its uniqueness in the sense of; what sets it apart from previous Third Eye albums with bars like “I am home in the underground”, starting from this track you will definitely know Third and D1 is up to something on this album. Followed by track 2; Stamina – the beat samples Nasir Jones (Nas) vocals in the back, on this D1 production. Third Eye opens up in this track by calling out his fans and showcasing a lyrical form of appreciation with lyrics like “Tonight being Third Eye is the dopest feeling ever.”

Track 3. Declare Your Height – Third takes confrontational approach, jumping out of the track lines ready to die for hip-hop. Notably the chorus emphases this requesting declaring your height as far as how tall is tall while Third sings “you talk giant but walk midget – now its time to stand in line and declared you height.” Its not doubt that if you are first time listener of Third Eye music by the time you are on track number 3 you are quite aware of the lyrical skills instilled in this artist and his capability to write atomic bombs without a sense of hesitation. Third Eye makes social commentary as if he knew before that Germany was going to win the 2014 Fifa world cup by saying his class is in the Mercedes class, and its for the listener to choose which one A class, C-class ML or…

Track 4 and 5 were released as singles and we will not cover these songs in this review but rather let the download numbers be proof of what type of heat you can expect in these tracks namely, Home-town and Your Song. All on a D1 production which is responsible for the entire album.

Track 6 . All Said And Done ft Kananji and Dominant One – Third welcomes his L-City companions by delivering first verse of the song, a track that reminds you of music made by revolutionary hip-hop band Dead Prez. Attracting the likes of Kananji to jump on the second verse and claim trophies that been owed to such a combo of legendary Malawian hip-hop artistry. Kananji defines his presence in this track by spitting world class bars that include lines like “survival of the fittest, me and my ni**az have been here”. As the track was not already crying for mercy, the creator of the beat D1 joins in the third verse feeling ahead of his time like Arnold Schwarzenegger coming back in terminator 6 to do justice to his own beat for collateral damage. The songs is remembered by metaphoric lines that go as far as “ego so big need a airport for landing it” . The chorus of the song is special too, a track that will be loved by all hip-hop lovers out there.

7. I am Not – Warfare tactics, some thing like Sun Tzu’s art of war, Track 7 comes in to create a climax for the album, it takes a different approach from all other songs which leaves the listner waiting for something epic in the next song namely “The Anthem”, track 8 is as the title says an anthem, an anthem for the “Have-Nots” – A lot of worrying in the song, an encouraging song for the people of Malawi, a country which its majority lives in poverty. Third Eye uses metaphors like “I’ not a test-tube baby, born in a beaker” to give pictorial sense of the difference between the African culture and the Western culture. At the end he assures his listeners that he will not stop talking about it until the “have nots” finally “have”.

Smile Mama ft MC, Young Kay and Naseelah is the most played song in the album online, simply because its very notable from the title to the feature of Young Kay. Young Kay has remained on top of the game since his introduction and gaining respect from professionals like Dj Kenny Klips, he remains the undisputed champ of Malawian hip-hop. Hearing Third Eye in a song with Young Kay it s a blessing in its own and just to spice it up the beautiful Naseelah completes this musical masterpiece inclusive in this free album.

Third Eye celebrated 50 years of Independence for Malawi with this new album. The album title “Its Over” was released on Sunday, 6th July 2014. It features the likes of; D1, Young Kay, Kananji and Naseelah. Enjoy “Free Music for free people”!

1 . Start The Engine –
2 . Stamina –
3 . Declare Your Height –
4 . Your Song ft Thokozanie –
5 . Home Town –
6 . All Said And Done ft Kananji and Dominant One –
7 . I am Not –
8 . The Anthem –
9 . Smile Mama ft MC, Young Kay and Naseelah –
10 . My Light ft Abraham –
11 . Life Is Like Moyes –
12 . Its Over –

Stream Full Album link :


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Anne Matumbi back with 2 major hits

Anne Matumbi (aka Chiyanjano Muhezuwa), born in Thyolo, based in Lilongwe. He started making Dance-hall/ragga music in 1994 at the age of 12 he recorded his first single in 1997 titled “Greetings Malawi” produced by Late Chuma Soko. In Form 1 at Bwaila sec school, he released his first album called Amayi in 2002, Matumbi has 8 albums and works as a TV presenter & part-time Radio Dj. Matumbi is now back working in the studio and his latest releases are nothing short of originality or fun. In the song Chondiwawa Matumbi comes out clean by attacking everyone that has been doubting him lately. Check out the prince of Malawian dance-hall as he re-enters the arena to re-claim his throne. Nyimbo ya Matumbi yolila ija ndi imeneyi. Enjoy!!

1. Anne Matumbi – Chondiwawa –
2. Anne Matumbi – Timadalirana –

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krazieg malawimusic

Krazie G to release new single “SUNGAMAKE” on his 22nd Birthday

Lilongwe based rapper Phineus Moyo aka Krazie G is set to release a new single titled Sungamake from his upcoming album katakwe Wadongosolo tomorrow july 24 2014.

The rapper says he will be releasing the song tomorrow which also happens to be his birthday as a gift to all his fans and as a dedication to all people who live like him.

Speaking in an interview the rapper says the track mainly talks about him and the people he associates with he explained.

Sungamake is co-produced by his L-city producer tha Freshman made up of Martse and AK.

“I owe it to my audience and music lovers for to compose suck a track take time to perfect.”

You can download Sungamake from at 22:00 tonight

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Inkosi Mwanache, Malawi’s very own Twista

MwanaChe, on Wednesday dropped two new singles titled Inkosi and Moto, off his forthcoming album called Inkosi Mwanache..The tracks are MwanaChe’s first release this year, under Kutchira Ent which signed him few months ago.

Mwanache continues to shine in the music game releasing two new singles “Inkosi Mwanache” and “Moto Wayaka”. The new singles feature production from Dj Sley, Jacxy and Foxxy. His album #InkosiMwanache is scheduled for release later in the year.

Hit the link to check out the new songs:

1. Moto Wayaka

2. Inkosi Mwanache

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Gibo Lantosi on one of his nights out

Close comparisons between Gibo lantosi and Mafunyeta (RIP)

When you hear the new Gibo lantosi track which some people have already acclaimed a hit, you cant help it but be reminded of the late Mafunyeta (RIP). Mafunyeta was well known for having controversial songs which were not aired on some radio stations back then. On the side Gibo Lantosi new music seems to come close to a similar extreme. Malawi is a small country and both artist being from Lilongwe it would contribute to a fair amount of influence and cross cultural exchange. One listener had this to say about the song “Gibo Lantosi is not sleeping, he is making music in the dark.” The song is definately catchy but its not for the young at heart or our church going folks on here. Check out “Ma Units” which is a song about Gibo Lantosi and something about his phone. Enjoy…

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Critics attack Sungununu on failure to deliver in new single

“Angosakhana Okha” is song from Sungununu’s debut album “Miyambi” to be released late 2014. It is a modified version of a childhood song sang by young girls when playing a local game called “Chitelela”.

Sungununu features a kids’ voice on the hook “Angosakhana okha, ife sakutisankha” So as to preserve the original feel of the song and bring back fresh memories to the audience.

The song was apparently made to promote equal opportunities to all, job opportunities, education, Heath etc. Critics have hit hard on the song by saying the chrous of the song is nice but the lyrics could have used more work. Check it out for yourself…

Music & Lyrics available :

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“We used tins and galons to make music equipment like drums, guitars” – Elly K

Ellen Kadango, born 5th August 1989, second born in a family of 5 being only girl, musician and choreographer,song writer,footballer, yao by tribe, currently living in Lilongwe, a marketing officer and a business lady, studied computer science at Donbosco, journalism at Sky Way and currently now an on-line student in Community Development (ABMA). Born in a political family background. Started music so young at the age of 10 she would imitate a band with the company of her brothers.

“..We used tins and galons to make music equipment like drums, guitars etc..Later created a dancing club” – Elly K

Elly K in a class of her own

Elly K in a class of her own

She comes from Balaka in the south of Malawi. Her family supports her music career and 3 of her brothers help her in dancing and composing some of here songs. Ellen’s latest single is title Nthano and can be downloaded here Nthano – Elly K

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Diktator drops new single featuring Bucci

Diktator is not a man that usually gets it wrong. This smart, young business-minded, radio presenter has managed to keep his fans on the edge throughout his music career, taking his time in between songs and delivering powerful music that sticks to the airwaves and is resident on top of the charts. Just a few hours ago Diktator released his latest single from the long awaited Diktatorship 2 album, the song is called “Zokhumba” and the song features r&b sensation of the moment Bucci, who has been busy this year jumping on all the heavy hits. If you didn’t already download it in the morning…. Enjoy this single for free now, if you got it how do you feel about it? Diktator ft Bucci – Zokhumba

This is what happens with Diktator links up with Bucci

This is what happens with Diktator links up with Bucci

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Reggae Revolution

Soul Raiders Release Two Singles from Reggae Revolution

Soul Raiders went into studio for the second album in late 2013 they engaged the services of renowned record producer Percy “Pro-pee” Manyozo, who recorded all the 13 songs produced by his brother Prince Montfort Manyozo at Pro-Pee Records in Blantyre.
Reggae Revolution” is set for release in early August and two promotion singles were released on all radio stations in the country on Saturday 12 July, 2014 and these include “Chikhalidwe” and “Nsanja” featuring Chichi aka Chisomo Nteteka, who is the 2013 Sunbird Search for a Star runner-up.
“As the name suggests ‘Reggae Revolution’ reflects and confirms the revolution and maturity of Soul Raiders Band. The album is a musical message of social consciousness, justice, love and hope. Produced for one and half years, it’s a well blended cocktail of contemporary and classic reggae vibrations and fusions with R&B, club reggae, dance etc. It’s an album for everyone,” says band member Suzi.

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Its gonna be a great evening indeed


Three of the country’s musicians, namely Mlaka
Maliro, Piksy and Limbani Banda are expected to
leave for South Africa next month for a two weeks
tour where they are to have live performances.

The Malawian artist will have six shows in the
countries major cities of Johannesburg, Cape
Town and Pretoria.

The gigs have been organised by Fire Flame
Entertainment, a promotion and events
management company owned by Malawians
based in the rainbow nation.

According to Kondwani Jere, the company’s
manager, the three musician are expected to be
in Johannesburg on July 22. The musicians will
then rehearse with Africa band which is expected
to back them.

piksy mlaka

“They will have the first three shows in
Johannesburg at Safari Hotel, Khoi-San and Tijuca
(Bruma) on 25, 26 and 27 July, before travelling
to Cape Town then Pretoria,” said Jere in an
interview from South Africa.
He, however said though they had scheduled six
shows, at the time of the interview last week,
they had only secured four venues and dates.

“For the two cities we have so far confirmed one
venues, at Madoda Braii in Cape Town where Piksy
and Mlaka will perform on 2 august,” said Jere.

“By next week, we will have the other two venues
and dates confirmed.”
Jere assured the artists to look forward to the best
equipment and band, claiming Africa Band, which
among other members has renowned Malawian
keyboardist JJ Munthali, who was among the best
bands in the music circle there.
We have got a very good band, “it’s the band
that played for Lucius Banda when he was here a
few weeks ago, they will have fun,” he said,
indicating the fans are looking forward to having
the Malawian artist in SA.

“I think this will be the best show ever in SA from
Malawian artists because Mlaka and Limbani will
be performing here for the first time, and people
have lots of love for Piksy plus his new hits,” he

In Johannesburg, Mlaka, Piksy and Limbani are
expected to share the stage with Born Afrikan, a
Malawian reggae artist based in South Africa,
among other acts.



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Ron C well know video producer in the dub


One of the country’s best music video producers,
Ronald Zeleza, otherwise known as Ron Cz, says
his goal is to see Malawians music videos hitting
the international scene.
The talented Blantyre-based videographer,
speaking in an interview Friday, said he wants to
see Malawian artists flooding international TV
channels such as Channel O and MTV just like
South African and west African countries such as
Nigeria and Ghana.
“My vision is to see Malawian videos flooding the
two main giant music video channels, God
willingly I want to open doors for the industry
here,” said Ron Cz, who among many top
Malawian videos, produced R&B singer, Theo
Thomson’s, latest video “Awake” which made it
on MTV and enjoyed airplay for several months.
Apart from Theo Thomson’s “Awake”, Ron has
also produced top-quality videos dominating the
local airwaves such as AyCee James’ “China
Love”, Gwamba’s “Bola Kusache” and “Ndiyima
Pachulu”, GD’s “Love is in the air”, Tech’s “Pa
Ochepa Omwewo”, Sticky Stax ft Classik’s
“Already Done It” and the latest Revolver ft Krazie
G and Judagaga’s “Mundione Pano”, just to
mention a few.
Commenting on Revolver’s video, which took him
close to two months of perfecting before it was
premiered locally and on YouTube on Friday, Ron
Cz revealed he had sent the song to Channel O for
preview and was waiting for feedback.
“I’ll also try MTV; I’m trying to push hard and am
confident enough that the video can make it,
unless there are minor things they can point out
may be, but I have worked to meet their
standards,” he said with poise.

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Sonye set to release new singles

Blantyre-based R&B singer,  Sonye, is back in the
studios recording new music which he is
expected to release in summer.
The vocalist, who is also a record producer, will be
making a comeback a year after he last dropped
his previous new singles “Katsabola (Piri Piri)” and
“Sweet Love” released last July.
“I’m preparing for my official comeback next year
and the singles am working on right now are the
first phase of my comeback,” he said. “I’ll be
dropping two or three songs end July or early
Sonye announced a break from music after he
released his 2012 debut album “Break Point”,
saying he wanted to focus on his studies at
Malawi College of Accountancy in Blantyre.
He also said the public should expect to see him
out for live performances.

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