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Lilongwe based & Hype Entertainment affiliated Rapper “Episodz” is set to drop a new single “Botolo” this coming Monday produced by AK well known as AKOnThaBoard and GD. Episodz, the fast rising rapper and an entrepreneur from the Capital city has featured Blantyre based legend GD of the Daredevils crew. Botolo is a song talking about drinking straight from the bottle and having a good time no cups no time to fight with the haters either, the need for just kicking back and having fun forgetting about life worries

Its all about the need for just kicking back and having fun forgetting about life worries

Episodz real name William Phoya has been active in the Malawi Music industry, been renowned by many  for his gifted style and lyrics delivery in his own songs and collaborations and has made a lot of progress still growing as an artist and his fan base too.  In an interview with Malawi Music dot com crew, Episodz has revealed he is currently working on an EP fixed for release early next year under Hype Entertainment where he is presently being housed with other artists; Taelo, Angie and Chance

 More fire more heat! We ending the year with a banger!

Speaking on the Old School and new school issue that has been recently trending on social media, Episodz was quote saying “Am in the middle! I can’t Diss the old school because they paved the way and they are the people I grew up listening to. But if any old school disses me personally then it would be a me and him thing. Not new school Vs Old school”

I can’t Diss the old school because they paved the way

However, commenting on his Bi-lingual song which most Music lovers took it to the social media that the song which had lines “Zoti MunaBlowa Zimenezo Ndizanu! Mulibe makopala tikudya azikazi anu” was a bull to a certain artist. Episodz said “Its not direct to anyone! I always spit provocative lines. But if the shoe fits wear it lol Chill”

Botolo song will be available for streaming and downloading on Monday at 9:30 pm and Bi-lingual song both Audio & video can be downloaded here: http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=6122

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After emerging with songs Nyada, Tele and Chikondi, gifted female artist Angie is back with a new record “Sugar sugar”. Angie real name Angella Anna Tivalenji 19 year old, a student nurse & in final year at Kamuzu College of Nursing has lately gained attention from music lovers with her songs including her single “Tele”.  New Angie’s single “Sugar sugar” is a song that talks of a girl singing about how a guy makes her feel and how she sees a future with him.

Honestly I was just thinking of a nice beat in my mind and started thinking of lyrics that would go well with the beat and came up with “Sugar Sugar”


The promising musician has worked with Blantyre based producer Trickybeats and Lilongwe and Hype Entertainment’s own AK well known as AKOnThaBoard. “Umandimvetsa sugar kunyong’omela sugar sugar ndiwe super ndakugomela” sings Angie on chorus. The Hype entertainment affiliated artist also disclosed in an interview of a whole teams mixtape project set to drop soon and that people should expect good music out of it.

I’m unpredictable and I Love to keep it that way. But they should expect the best music

She has encouraged other female artists to work hard in music and focus, she was quote saying “Being a female artist is Not easy but its just a matter of knowing what you want and getting the right people to work with and always remember God in everything. He surely gives us what we deserve”.

Being a female artist is Not easy but I swear to leave a mark

The single is set to drop next week and will be available for downloads on your number one source of music from Malawi site. You can download Angie songs here: http://m.malawi-music.com/artist.php?artist=angie