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Rapper of the moment Fredokiss aka Ghetto King King has been unveiled as new brand ambassador for New Building Society (NBS) bank.

The ceremony took place at Ryalls Hotel in the commercial capital Blantyre.

Before the actual ceremony, Gheto King Kong real name Penjani Kalua, son to popular politician and Member of Parliament for Rumphi East Kamlepo opened Pafupi account with NBS at a ceremony that took place at Blantyre market car park.

The ceremony was witnessed by ghetto youths who were singing songs of praise for him. Others even went further to pose with fredo in a photo shooting that lasted for half an hour.

From there he proceeded to Blantyre market where he bought various perishable goods such as Tomato, Mangoes, vegetables and others.


Speaking to the press after the ceremony, Ntchana said he is deeply honoured

“Our mission is to create 1 million Jobs and business opportunities for the Malawian youth. Our road towards our dream has not always been smooth but with God we believe we shall achieve. Today NBS Bank has partnered with us and made “Fredokiss” their brand ambassador.

“We pray that this step forward shall in the longrun benefit the Malawian youth and uplift the music industry in the process,” he said

He added: “Let’s join hands and unite as youth’s to make Malawi a better place for everyone. Thanks to the people that support the movement and most of all, Jah Jah patsogolo.”

On his part, NBS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kwanele Ngwenya hailed Fredokiss for accepting the offer and choosing NBS.

“Fredo and NBS bank have similar vision which is to uplift the status of the youths across the country. This in turn will develop the country’s economy which is at the verge of collapse at the moment,” said Ngwenya.

Ngwenya then urged all the youths in the country as well as Malawians in general to open an account with NBS bank.

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Malawi`s renown hip-hop artist, Fredokiss is geared up for yet another free show in Lilongwe barely a month after pulling a massive crowd in Ndirande township in the commercial capital Blantyre.

Fredokiss; geared up to make history in Lilongwe

The show has been slated for 14 October at Masintha ground where also the ghetto King Kong shall unveil a song he has made special for this day which features Lilongwe based producer AK.

the turn out at Ndirande show in Blantyre

If you have been dying to be In Fredo`s music video this is your chance as the video of this song will also be shot on the same day.

It’s evident his Lilongwe fans can’t wait for the special performance of the song and also his other hits like, Ndikatseka maso, Amanditcha Fredo, Dear Jah Jah and many other songs that mesmerized fans at his previous show in Ndirande Ghetto.

Chi Ntchana Fredo

Upcoming artists have not been left out as they also have a chance to showcase their skills at this biggest concert just by registering to this number (0888851700) through Whatsapp.

it was like a political rally in Ndirande

According to Fredo, the whole move is to show appreciation and give back to the community for the love and support they show to him.

one of the students benefiting from Fredokiss Education Scholarship program

While giving back to the society is concerned, the rapper also has what he calls Fredokiss Education Scholarship which sponsors needy students in various government secondary schools.

Just recently, the rapper released another hit song which features Sir Lucius Banda and you can download it here>>>>http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=7405


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It’s not a question  of trying to tear people apart but rather appreciating the fact that in every crew, there is that one soldier who always make sure the crew`s flag stay up all the time.

The music industry knows and respects the Pasanje brothers as among rappers who are considered as legends in the hip-hop game.

These guys launched their music career many years ago before hip hop was dissolved.

They rose to fame in times of Jolly Bro whom most people knows as JB, the beef addict.

JB`s song Khalapansi which was everywhere made every ghetto youth to fall in love with the daredevils and start following the brothers.

Of course they had other songs before JB`s Khalapansi and not forgetting their mixtape “Welcome to the Dark Side” but those weren’t popular in streets as Khalapansi was.

They were later heard with the likes of Fredokiss and JB in songs like, Akazi, Kuthetsa Kunyoza, Akazi aku Blantyre, just to mention a few.

These joints and a few others helped the Deredevils to build their mainstream fan base.

With change of time, Malawi saw Daredevils fully diverted from hard beats they used to ride on, to mainstream beats that works even in weddings.

The change should therefore not be blamed as it is advisable to move with time.

The daredevils – Gd and Marques


The only change which is questionable is Marques`s participation in Daredevils. For the past two or three years Marques hasn’t been fully active and fully representing daredevils.

Perhaps that contributed to the silence of the daredevils over a year or two years ago.

The silence created space for other rappers who came and took over the game like nobody`s business.

The likes of Gwamba, and many others took over the hip-hop game and changed it.  Of course those weren’t much popular in times of JB, but big up to Fredokiss for making sure his flag was still raised even up to date.

Now everyone can agree with the fact that this game is like a woman who is not settled with one man but still runs to other men who seem to be pushing their way up.

Despite all these changes, GD who seems to be the soldier was still trying not to let the Daredevils flag completely on the ground even when other artists seemed to have had the game in their hands.

The fun base have witnessed a couple of songs in which GD was alone but still representing daredevils as a crew and other songs in which Marques only did one verse and the rest thrown to GD.

Just not long ago after the daredevils adapted the mainstream, the crew made a love tune “Only Love” which delivered a love message.

Everyone recalls Gd spat a line that went like, “forget the beef daredevils got love too”

That was actually accepting the fact that the game had changed from style it had before to a new changed style of hip hop.

Later, the daredevils made a track titled “Close to You” which was also a song with a love message and the fan base disassociated the daredevils from beef songs completely.

After “Close to you,” Marques was rarely seen participating in daredevils singles.

Could this be because the crew had adapted the change in the industry which most artists were using soft beats just to make a hit track and Marques was not comfortable with this? Nobody knows.

still keeping the crew`s morale alive – GD


Gd later embarked on one soldier journey and released “Love is in The Air”. The song was soft and it made noise and still represented the daredevils.

Of course Marques did not take a role in the song but still it helped the crew to maintain their name.

Mukuti Cha? Came out when most of the rappers had considered themselves as they were in full control of the game.

That could be why daredevils had to show up with “Mukuti Cha

The song was a hit too despite Marques further revealing his participation weakness as he only did one verse yet the song had carried 3 solid verses.

Should people suggest he had no enough lyrics to have covered the last few bars he was supposed to spit? Nobody knows too.

It is true that it’s not the question of how many verses each one of them should have contributed in the song to regard it as a song belonging to two of them as a crew.

But at least he was supposed to have dropped equal bars with Gd since he had reportedly been shunning away from those previous songs which Gd did alone. Just a thought.

He also dodged “Chikondi Chikangoyamba” which Gd featured his cousin Zeze and it made noise too after its release.

Anyway, maybe Marques was busy with his duties at Joy Fm when Gd had spared his time to record the hit song with Zeze? Nobody knows again.

Time passed without daredevils releasing another song and people lost faith in their beloved crew thinking that was their end.

Its 2017 where every artist is busy starting off the year with a brand-new track and just as it was announced that the Daredevils were resurfacing with another song; people waited.

Surprisingly, just 2 weeks ago the track came out and Gd was alone in this track again when everyone expected to hear both of them as daredevils on this new joint, No Devils.

The big question the daredevil fan base has is that, has Marques gave up on the daredevil swag or he has just forgotten his fan base for a minute?

Malawi music team hopes to link up with Marques to hear his side of the story.





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The story making headlines in town now is how an upcoming rapper known by his stage name, Kay Major was mercilessly pounded by Fredokiss`s fans for his Facebook posts that always targets the mtchana ya mu ghetto himself “Fredokiss”


The incident happened last Thursday afternoon when the victim, Kay Major was coming from school. It is said that two unknown boys were following him from behind until they reached at a quiet place where they dragged him somewhere hidden and gave him fists like those from karate movies.

Kay Major is said to have been on Fredo`s neck for a long time now over issues that Fredo considers himself as someone who comes from the ghetto and who has seen struggles like other ghetto mongers while he is not.

They are of course a good number of ghetto youths who go against Fredo`s rhymes that claims he is so ghetto to the extent that they feel like smashing their dear radios every time Fredo`s line claiming he is ghetto comes out from their radio speakers.

Ghetto king Kong, ankadziwa ndani Fredo adzashala ding dong”

“chimtchana cha mu ghetto chikushowa”.

ghetto brother getting six zeros on the figure”


Those are some of Fredokiss`s lines with the word ghetto repeatedly sang.

And since this is a free country where everyone has choice to choose what they want, there are also many ghetto youths whose hearts were shifted by Fredo`s beats, that they do not stand the challenge of not nodding their heads when they hear Fredo`s music.

That is why humans were created with different hearts, different faces and different everything, hence we have different preferences.

As the story was all over the social media, many were coming up with unverified information that forced the Malawi Music team to give Kay Major a platform to explain his side of the story.

“I was coming from school when two boys dragged me to a hidden place where they kicked me and warned me to stop dissing Fredokiss”

According to Kay Major, this has happened because he had earlier announced that he wanted release a beef song to Fredokiss, so he thinks the boys plotted this as a way of stopping him from doing a diss track to Fredokiss.

However, he is not 100 percent sure if the boys were sent by Fredokiss himself or if they are just Fredo`s dedicated fans who felt like dealing with him on behalf of Fredokiss.

After the incident, rumours circulated that the victim was in a critical condition that he was admitted at Queens Elizabeth Hospital. But Kay Major has denied to have been admitted at any hospital saying he only sustained minor injuries on his tongue, jaws and libs that he could not have needed medical treatment.

Fredo has been loudly heard in his songs that whoever disses him shall be dealt with his ghetto fans and sometime back in Levels remix he highlighted that if one tries to diss him, he will have to pay to the government of Malawi for that.

“odisa Fredokiss boma lidzilipilitsa”

That ironically meant that who so ever disses him shall face the consequences.

Just yesterday, February 19th, Fredokiss reacted to the story through a post on his Facebook page.

In his post, Fredo described himself as someone who do not know if there is another human being who exists on earth by the name, Kay Major.



When contacted to comment on the story, Fredo distanced himself to have been the one who sent the attackers by saying he do not promote violence.

” I don’t promote any form of violence. But if you touch fire expect to get burnt. I have spent years making way for these kids to be screaming ghetto in their songs, now they wanna take shots?” He asked.

Fredo continued to say, “There are rules to every game. However, i cannot diss any ghetto kid or upcoming artist because i cant destroy what i help build, Its like cutting off my own leg.”

After the issue circulated on social media, the victim`s Facebook friends floated on his timeline to console him.


Meanwhile, the victim himself, Kay Major has promised to revenge to who so ever had a role in the attack. He said he is not going to revenge physically but rather musically.

i will revenge with beef - Kay Major
i will revenge with beef – Kay Major


“I will revenge with a track, not with violence. I will announce the date on Monday,” he said.

All eyes are on his Facebook timeline to verify if he is really going to announce about the release date of his diss track to the ghetto King Kong.

He continued to say he is not afraid if after the diss song the attackers would be back to attack him furthermore because this time he is well prepared to whatever comes on his way.

“I am 100 percent ready for whatever comes,” he said.

The rap game seems to be on its climax now as we are witnessing more cases of this kind.

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Veteran rapper known by his stage name young kay has reportedly been shunning away from shooting music videos of which he was featured in their audio versions.

The legendary rapper who dropped a killer verse in just released Dj Sley`s we run the city seems not to be comfortable in as far as the news of standing in front of the camera is concerned.

The last time mfumu ya madolo appeared in his own video was in Anankabango music video a couple years ago, and since then he hardly showed no interest of coming up with his other music video.

continues to ignore videos - young kay
continues to ignore videos – young kay

Just last year in December, a Blantyre based rapper “Heptik” released a song titled Zisakuwawe which features reggae artist Saint and of course the rapper in concern Young Kay.

After the audio, Heptik thought it was wise to push it further by shooting a video for it.

The video dropped yesterday but surprisingly Young Kay`s verse has been replaced by Macelba

Well, it is in its nature that people expect to see the faces of the very same people they first heard in the audio.

In this case then, it means something must have gone wrong, or should it be concluded that it is how the owner Heptik planned it to be like??? One would think.

A chat with Heptik proved that it was not in his plans to leave Young Kay out of the video. He said he did everything he could have done to shoot the video with Kay but all his effort went in vain.

According to Heptik, Kay was told about the plans of shooting a video but he ignored through unanswered calls and “busy” excuses the rapper was always giving.

i called young kay for several times but he could not answer - Heptik
i called young kay for several times but he could not answer – Heptik

“I called Young Kay for several times to remind him about the plans of shooting the video but he wasn’t picking up my calls,” he said.

Don’t think that Heptik`s number was  strange to Kay and maybe that is why he wasn’t picking up his calls. No.

Heptik revealed himself that he is friends with Yong Kay, he didn’t know what kept him busy to the extent that he could not answer his desperate calls.

He said, “Me and him are friends, but this time he treated me as a total stranger because that is not how friends treat each other.

“When I first approached him about the audio he was okay with the news and it was a nice recording session.

“He was punctual, he didn’t even demand any penny for his feature in my song,” He said.

Moves like these are likely to affect the hype of the song since the fun base expect to see people whom they heard first in the audio version and considering the fact that Macelba and Young Kay are two different artists with different fun base.

But to Heptik, this will not matter as he considers Macelba as a good artist with potential to build the song`s hype even more.

“The video is just good with or without Young Kay. Macelba is a good artist too so the replacement will not matter,” he said.

Previously, Young Kay avoided to take part in Blaze`s Nzakufunsira Chibale video shoot. The audio had Blaze, Gwamba and Young Kay himself but after he showed no interest of being in the video, Blaze`s manager decided to replace him with Mwanache.

it took fred`s effort to convince hyphen for zausilu vid
it took fred`s effort to convince hyphen for zausilu vid


Unconfirmed reports also indicate that it took Fredokiss`s effort to force Young Kay to show up in Zausilu remix video as he was playing hard to get. Through God`s mercy, Young Kay later was convinced and showed up on the day of shooting. The video also had Martse in it.

The reason is not yet known as to why Mfumu Ya Madolo treats fellow players in the game in that harsh way.

But without spitting many words, Young Kay is one of the legends in the game and will always be a dolo as he regards himself as.

Meanwhile, Heptic has urged fellow upcoming rappers not to force themselves into trying to work with big artists but to believe in themselves and their work.

“Its high time a lot of artists need to be independent. They should have self confidence in their work because working with big names is good for artists who already have names too and not an artist who is still on the growth stage,” he said.



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The UMP Festival is pleased to announce that South Africa based artist Gemini Major is another international headliner at this year’s event slated for BAT Ground in Blantyre on November 6.

Born Benn Gilbert Kamoto, Gemini Major is a Malawian born Afro–pop singer and record producer. The 26-year-old moved to Durban, South Africa, in 2009 to pursue his dream as an artist and record producer.

Gemini Major has produced for a number of artists in a variety of genres ranging from R&B, Hip-Hop, House, Dancehall, Pop and Gospel. His portfolio includes production used in TV Shows such as Gold Diggers Season 3, Forever Young and Mo Love.

Gemini Major, who is inspired by artists such as Wizkid, Burna Boy, Bob Marley and I-Octane, describes his music as “a celebration of music, love and life in recognition for both its pain and pleasures on a personal level as well as socially”.

After a chance meeting with Cassper Nyovest and his team at a video shoot for a song that Gemini Major had produced, he joined the Family Tree team, and he is currently working on his debut project.

After the release of Nasty C’s hit single “Juice Back”, Gemini has become the go to producer for some of South Africa’s leading Hip-Hop artists. Apart from producing for some of South Africa’s top artists, Gemini has appeared on songs alongside Khuli Chana and African legend 2 Face.


Gemini Major, who is currently producing for numerous artists and working on his debut project has released four songs namely “Badmanting” feat. Aewon Wolf, “Bumpy Ride”, “Ragga Ragga” and the latest “One Night Stand”. In 2016, Gemini Major was selected to participate in Season 2 of Coke Studio as a producer.

“We are thrilled to announce Gemini Major as the headliner of this rising festival. He is a Malawian who is a rising star on the African music scene. We are sure Malawians will be thrilled to see his performance. Furthermore, he will raise the profile of the UMP Festival,” says Ken Zizwa Limwame, the festival’s co-executive producer.

Gemini joins the first international headliner Pop Dogg who was announced by UMP Festival organisers Nde’feyo Entertainment in the initial lineup of performers released in August. Pop Dogg is a multi-award winning Malawian Hip-Hop artist based in Dublin, Ireland.

The first wave of artists unveiled included the 2015 UMP Awards Artist of the Year and Song of the Year nominee Nepman, Song of the Year nominee Sonye, Song of the Year winner Martse, Best New Artist winner Sangie as well as Theo Thomson, Blaze, DNA and Bucci.

The UMP Festival has also added Fredokiss, Daredevilz, Home Grown African, Charisma, Malinga Mafia, Phyzix and Dezert Eagle. More acts are expected to be announced.

In its 5th Edition, the UMP Festival, produced by Nde’feyo Entertainment, celebrates Malawi’s urban music, lifestyle and culture and incorporates the UMP Awards, a ceremony that recognizes Malawi’s exceptional urban music talent.

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Fredokiss released “Zausilu” quite a few months ago. The song pointed out major issues happening in society which simply piss him off because they are not supposed to be so.

Some say it’s somewhat a political song but we see it as a song that urges one to stand up for change in society and not take whatever that comes your way if it doesn’t make you happy.

Now the Ghetto President, announces the remix of this song which will be premiered with a video. He features hip hop heavyweights, Martse and Young Kay in this remix. We should all be curious to listen to the issues Martse and Young Kay will point out in this remix.

The video, shot by Sukez, drops this Friday, the 1st of July. Be on the Lookout!

Download Zausilu here


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Ace Dirty & Fredokiss

Taking time out from their busy schedules, Ghetto Gutter Entertainment artists, Ace Dirty and Fredokiss visited the Agape Orphanage in Blantyre where they talked to and mentored the young students about various life issues. Also in attendance was Mr Slyk who was the Dj at the event making sure things were lively as the children danced before being served lunch.

This is the 2nd year running that Fredokiss has been a part of such a charitable initiative and the artist sees no reason to stop, “This is just the beginning! I believe as artists we can influence our society in a positive way and help grow and protect our nation both from evils within and without.”


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Fredokiss is back with a brand new video for hit single Sindikwatira. The video which emphasizes on the HIV/Aids situation in Malawi is shot around Blantyre where by different youths are asked their opinion about the HIV situation in Malawi and if they are to marry anytime soon. Fredokiss the self apoointed Minister of Ghetto Affairs plays himself in the video and he is making a speech to a wide audience throught a news tv channel. The video was shot by DM1 and the song was produced by BFB.

How Many Stars do you give this video out of 10?

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Fredokiss today released his new music video for the hit song “Changes“. This comes hot on the heels of his fresh 2014 hit, “Sindikwatila” which is still blazing in the Top 10 Malawi Music charts. The Ghetto Gutter Entertainment boss is one of the most highly rated and respected rappers in the SADC region with his songs touching on real life social and political issues affecting the ghetto youths across the African continent.

Check out the music video for “Changes” below.

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Buy the album at www.malawi-music.com
Buy the album at www.malawi-music.com
Buy the album at www.malawi-music.com

Kunditcha Fredo is the studio album by Malawian rapper Fredokiss, released on May 22, 2012, on lo Budget Records in Blantyre, Malawi. The album propelled Fredokiss into immediate stardom rapper status and cemented him as a professional musician. It is Fredokiss’s debut album and his best selling album to date & its rated 5 stars on Malawi-Music.com by the people who like hiphop music and listened, downloaded the album.

This album is the only hip-hop album that’s not “urban-music” to be released in Malawi in the past 2 years. The album debuted at #1 on the Malawi Music Top 20 chart. Upon its release, which was at Shire Highlands Hotel, the album received generally mixed to positive reviews from most music critics, while hip hop purists felt his aims to be a crossover success had compromised the quality and complexity of his music.

profSpeaking in April 2013 to a noted Malawi Music Blog urban writer, Fredokiss described the background to the album’s lyrical themes: “Primarily I see myself as so much more than a rapper. I really believe I’m the voice for a lot of people who don’t have that microphone or who can’t rap. So I wanted to represent and tell the story of everybody who’s been through what I’ve been through, or knows somebody that has. I also wanted to speak about our lifestyle to people who – though they may live, say, in the ghetto and not be part of that world – still want to know about it and understand it.”

Several tracks on this album feature a rougher sound than the glossier Dare Devils production most notably produced by GD  beatmaker of the Dare Devils. With the exception of vit2 on “Nambewe” featuring Ace Dirty of which many people like the song because of the sample used from a famous Nigerian band.  This would also be Fredokiss’s first album to feature his long time friend hiphop legend Jolly bro.

This album contains some of the popular hits that are currently being played in Malawi, including the controversial “Ndikatseka Maso” (Watch video) and the club hit “Kunditcha Fredo” (Watch video). Fredokiss has recorded two videos for this album which are also available on Youtube.

Kunditcha Fredo album is currently on sale on Malawi Music for £10.00. You can also buy each of the songs for £0.99.