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Hiphop4hiv Nation Organization (HH4HNation) is pleased to announce that Jamaal Mlaka Maliro also known as Ka-Mlaka, a 23 year old student at Blantyre International University (BIU) has won the Hiphop4hivnation 2017 theme song competition.

The competition has been running for the past few months and submissions closed on 30th June. Entries were sent via email [email protected]

Jamaal has walked away with a beautiful Hiphop4hiv Nation award and a cash prize of K50, 000. He will be promoted by Hiphop4hiv Nation and the video for the theme song will be shot by Bensam Entertainment. He will also perform at Miss Blantyre 2017.

“We received over 200 songs, we had a 5 member committee which listened to each and every song. We voted 10 songs in and sent the 10 to Hiphop4hiv artists who judged the winning song. We wanted a song that was well produced and we were looking for creativity. Also, the song had to be according to our theme: Love and protect yourself.

“The theme song will be used to raise awareness in different youth radio programmes. A lot of youths love music and we think with this song we will be able to reach out to many youths. The song will also be used when having functions,” says Hiphop4hiv Nation Director Victoria Masanje.

Hiphop4hiv Nation would like to thank everyone who participated. We also really appreciate and would like to thank our partners: Miss Blantyre events, Bensam entertainment, Joy Nathu , Red Ink and WeCare for the love and support.

Hiphop4hiv Nation is a non-profit Organization that builds on the innate optimism of young people, promoting a holistic lifestyle approach aimed at encouraging youth to maintain an HIV-free lifestyle and achieve their aspirations through youth leadership and self-motivation. To achieve this goal, #HH4HNation offers a comprehensive set of interactions designed to address the individual, structural and social factors that drive the epidemic among African Youth.

Hip Hop is a culture that has attracted today’s youth, due to the positive reception we decided to use this culture to fight one of the world’s biggest battles, and that’s HIV/Aids amongst the people that follow the Hip Hop Culture.


Download Mp3 here


Website: hiphop4hivnation.com

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Hiphop4hiv Nation

Twitter: @hh4hnation

Phone Number: 0999619431

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Project April show organizers will on 20th December embark on charity work as they have scheduled to donate peanut butter at Kamuzu Central Hospital’s (KCH), HIV/AIDS treatment rooms (light house) patients.

Project April Malawi
Man on helm of the Project April, Timothy Kailedzi well known in musical cycles as Timoteo Malawi explained that this donation has been made to coincide with the 2014 theme of the Project April show which is under ‘no victim, no abuse’.
Timoteo added that as artists they saw it worthy to pay a visit to those in sick bed at the central hospital with peanut butter which will help to give energy to the patients at the hospital.

Project April Model
“We chose peanut butter because it’s the best supplement for people who are sick and some of them who face various discrimination and abuses that they cannot afford to a find meal which can help to build their everyday healthy life.

The Peanut to be donated
He further said that, “with the budget of the big donation event pledged at one hundred thousand kwacha, anyone can still stretch his or her hand and contribute to through Airtel money at 0999267625.
The models and artists who are to donate peanut are Kissy Face, Baby Nana, Chichi, Tinnie and Capital gal.
Last year`s Project April winners are requested to show up on the day so as to show support.

Timoteo Malawi is an activist who believes that through music and arts, much can be done to help overcome child abuse and all other forms of abuses. He further urges other urban artists to follow suit by doing arts for a change and stop being profit-oriented in their endeavors.
Stop child abuse, promote arts!