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1. He has a son his name is Ryan

2. He is a student at Malawi Adventist University

3. He has sisters who sing better than him

4. He is the only boy in a family of 4 

5. Ndimfana wamu ghetto! He stays in kawale

6. He is an SDA member. Mpesa weniweni

7. He doesn’t write songs! Amangomva beat ndikuyamba kuyilowa

8. He likes football and plays soccer too.

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Kell Kay to drop EP ahead of untitled debut album in October. Award winning RnB artist from Lilongwe, Kell Kay has announced he will drop an Extended Play ahead of his untitled debut album launch in October.

The EP which has 6 songs will be set free month end, July 31. Titled “All For You” the EP is a warm up to the album launch.

All For You is a dedication to son Ryan and it will be available for free to everyone. And not only a dedication to son Ryan but also a thank you to fans and God” says Kay.

Ryan is 1 year old. He was born on June 23, 2016.

No specific date for the album has been given but confirmation is expected in due time .

Here is a look at the official EP track list:

1. Beautiful
2. Mpaka Pamenepo
3. Mbuli
4. Simple gal ft Young Kay
5. Listen
6. Mr Yesu ft Gwamba

Production credits go to Henwood, Chance, Tricky Beatz and West Cole who did guitar in every song of the EP.

Linking up with fellow award winner and one of the most respected gospel Hip Hop artist in the country, Gwamba, the two talk about how we need Jesus when in need of something on Mr Yesu.

Mr Yesu is basically just thanking HIM for what he does. Life, family, friends, work and everything in between.

The song summarizes the whole EP Project

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Soon after scooping for best RNB artist In the Nyasa Music Awards , Singer Kell Kay  has emerged  with a new song called money. As most would expect a party  song from  the outspoken artist, Money reveals how the artist is in need of money . The song “money” features  a lilongwe based magical singer Temwa whose vocals has given a good taste to the song.

In money, Kell Kay is seen crying out desperately in need of money. “Me l want the money, money, ndufuna ndalama ine ” goes the chorus. In the first verse the singer tackles the problems most of us face as regards to not having the money “ndimaluzi umasalidwa zinkhani zambiri  kunamizilidwa ulibeso mawu sangakuvele, kell kay sings  .”akazi awo tsogolo saona pemene  amamelaso mapiko” , sings kell kay real name Kelvin kambwiri extending the message to married people.

Kell Kay: “it’s not an inspiration I feel like it’s everybody’s problem even for the rich, but most importantly it’s a concern”

The second verse sees the RNB star goes deep with many unanswered questions” kodi iwe money chonde usandikane kodi enawa zimatheka bwanji? Kodi enawa anakupeza bwanji?” Money is Kell Kay second song  to be released this year and it follows tseke that features Martse and NepMan. According to the RNB star he revealed that more projects are coming this year as he has prepared more music  that fans can relate to.

Money was  produced by the fast rising producer Chance popularly  known for the “mwanie” tag and is available for downloads on http://malawi-music.com here>>> http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=6545

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Malawi’s sensational vocalist/RnB star Kell Kay just dropped two music videos at go. The videos being “Milandu” and “Ukhale Wanga”, the latter in which he did with Jumany, a promising upcoming artist.

Speaking in an interview on Thursday, Kell Kay revealed that the new material is of international standard. “I have been working hard to get the two videos done, both were directed by Sukez who is one of the top directors in the country and has very good equipment” said the singer.

According to Kell Kay, real name Kell Kambwiri, said the videos are going to have a double premier on major television stations in the country.

‘Milandu’ talks about how the beauty of a woman can make a man get in to trouble time and again while ‘Ukhale Wanga’ talks about pursuing a lady for love.

However the artist has recently urged his fans to help him achieve his dream of becoming UMP Best Afro Pop artist of the year by following the voting process being put forward by the UMP award organizers. Kell Kay has released a number of songs. He came into the spotlight with his cracker ‘Ndilore Ndipite’ and ‘Mwano’ among other popular songs that are also enjoying airplay on Malawi’s major radio stations and

Milandu by Kell Kay:


Kell Kay x Jumany – Ukhale Wanga:

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Vincent Kamwana aka Lil Vince is an upcoming artist from Lilongwe. He started music a long time ago and he’s now popular with his hit love song “Shosholo” which is still enjoying airplay on different local radio and TV stations.

Just a few months ago Lil Vince released another love song titled “Timve” in which he featured Mafuno. The song took a lot of woman hearts’ attention because of its message . Lil Vince didn’t just stop there.

On the 1st of August he will be releasing a remix of this song “Timve” and in this remix he features heavyweight rappers as far as Malawian urban music is concerned, the likes of Martse, Mwanache and GD of the Daredavils. Also featured in the song are Demzest Music Group, Mafuno and Walzmenia. Produced by Daredavils, Tripo B and Mafuno.

“Shosholo” and “Timve (remix)” are songs from his upcoming mixtape “Zaine”.

He has worked with a lot of great artists and producers ever since stepping into the music scene. He has worked with artists like Kell Kay, Martse, GD, Capital Gal and Spotless just to mention few.

He has also been to different media houses for interviews and he has also performed in different places around the country. Despite all that, he has met a lot of difficulties since he manages himself, but there’s no sign of slowing down from him! He has promised more great songs from his mixtape. This is going to be his first mixtape since he started his music career.

Be on the lookout for the powerpacked Timve Remix

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When a love song drops what usually goes to mind is the usual “you are my  angel, i will marry you” type of concepts. In a quest of achieving uniqueness and identity, Malawi’s sensational rnb artist and vocalist Kell Kay has described his recent song “milandu” as different from many love songs across the globe. Milandu was released three weeks ago and is continuously receiving massive airplay and social media praises.

In an interview the artist said the song represents his true art of creativity, “This song is  different from other love songs, starting from the title to the final production” he said. “Nowadays artists don’t spend much time on creativity, they all rush to record and release songs that can not stand with time” he added. Milandu praises a woman’s beauty and links it with putting him in trouble and danger, and also cause havoc in the streets. “The song came to my heart at a time I never expected it. I was looking at how people react when they come accross the most beautiful girl in their area” he said.

However he also added that the visuals to the song will be out after two weeks and was shot by Sukez. Milandu was produced by Bfb and Henwood.

Click here to stream and download Milandu

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Music videos are becoming a popular way for artists to push beyond the boundaries of standard music promo, creating something far more engaging for fans apart from just listening to the songs.

Rapper Martse has unveiled the music video for his single ‘Mwapindulanji’. Directed and shot by Bensam (who has worked with the likes of Dan Lu, Dali (Tech) and Blaze), Martse’s new video is typically artistic and full of visual metaphors.

From the chess playing with Rastafarians to live performances at Golf Club and at University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, it’s Martse, who never disappoints and undoubtedly ‘Mwapindulanji’ is one of the strongest songs on his 2014 collection.

Mwapindulanji by Billy Kaunda from way back was the Jackpot when he recently released another song based on the same strategy also titled Mwapindulanji through Freshmans Records recorded by Martse, Madela and AK.

The rapper has released about seven singles in 3 years, which took people by surprise and they are all top jams. Out of the seven top released tracks, “Mwano” is the latest release which features R’n’B marvel Kell Kay. “Zikumpweteka featuring Mafo,” “Grace Chi,” “Pini Ya Blackberry,” “Wandilira featuring Chance” and “Go Deeper” are all top hits from Martse’s back catalog. The latest track, “Mwano,” is a romantic-spoken-word bit about the “various stages that a man goes through in relation to his allure to the opposite sex” that he also has a video out which was Directed by Dir. V of HGI.

Mwapindulanji is number 9 in the list of Malawi’s Gold tracks (20k+ downloads) since 2010 compiled by Malawi’s top music download site Malawi-music.com

Watch and download Mwapindulanji here (direct link: http://tinyurl.com/mwapindulanji-video)

*Additional reporting by Sylvester Kumwenda (Malawi News Agency)*

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#NdifeAmodzi, #SaveMalawi

Musicians are to unite in a concert to raise money for the people displaced and affected by floods in many parts of Malawi.

On Saturday, January 24, an all-star line-up will perform a benefit concert at the Flood Hall, Lilongwe City Mall – to enhance fundraising efforts for disaster relief in Malawi. The concert is the latest fundraiser in the #Umodzi and #SaveMalawi campaign.

#NdifeAmodzi, #SaveMalawi
#NdifeAmodzi, #SaveMalawi

The concert line-up for January 24, includes Tay Grin, Gwamba, Autocrat, Timoteo Malawi, RoyView, Rebirth, PeterMo, LovC, Spark, Cosby Ngumuya, Don Tars, Big Tar, Synik, Mwanache, producer BFB, Martse, Malinga, Ishan Capital, Kell Kay, Aycee and many more with Anne Matumbi hosting the show and DJ Flame on the ones and twos.

At the concert, there will be a booth setup specially for those that would like to make donations, be it cash, foodstuffs and clothing. All earnings from the concert will be given to the Department of Disaster Management.

Since the beginning of 2015, the rains has caused floods that affected 15 districts across Malawi with Nsanje being the worst hit. There are over 85,000 people displaced and 150 known deaths in Nsanje alone.

Nationwide there are up to 175,000 people displaced and 175 known deaths. This is not a problem the nation can fix overnight, this will take months and we call on the people of Malawi and the whole world to do what they can to help the needy.

We cannot replace the lives that were taken nor can we replace antiques but together we can help rebuild lives. There are camps where flood victims took refuge but do not have basic essentials like water, sufficient food, toothbrushes, pots and more.

So today we strive to provide these things to as many victims as we can. Let’s give them a better tomorrow by helping today.

If you are looking for a quick way to help the flood victims, just SMS “Ndife Amodzi” to 140 on Airtel Malawi network.

The code 140 is part and parcel of the campaign dubbed ‪#‎NdifeAmodzi. This is strictly an SMS code and all well-meaning citizens are called on to send a blank SMS or simply text ‘Ndife Amodzi’ to 140.

Each SMS costs MK100 and all proceeds shall be donated to the Department of Disaster Management and Red Cross. Please send as many SMSs as you can to help our brothers and sisters in need. ‪#‎NdifeAmodzi

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R’n’B star, Penetrator has given us an early Christmas present by releasing a romance-filled track called ‘Wabwino’.

The song comes barely 4 months after his second hit song ‘Ndipanga Zaiwe’ which features Lilongwe rapper Martse.

‘Wabwino’ was produced at Chit Chat Records by Dj Sley. It features another R’n’B star, Kell Kay, real name Kelvin Kambwiri. 

The song is about a guy who has been looking for love in all the wrong places and finally, he decides to go to the village and scout out there for his luck.

Currently, Penetrator and Kell Kay are working on the video of the track which will be released on the 4th of January, 2015.

Stream and download Wabwino by Penetrator ft Kell Kay here.

Direct Link: http://tinyurl.com/kmm2lkr  


Don’t forget to drop your review of the song in the comment box below.