Mr Rebel Drops New Massive Reggae Tune, “Killing It Straight Up”

Mr Rebel
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Mr Rebel is back again with a brand new tune titled, “Killing It Straight Up“. The song finds Rebel confessing his undying love for Reggae music as he sings about how it makes him forget all his pain.

Hailing from Chigumula aka Chigz, Mr Rebel is a young and talented reggae and dance hall artist who promises to raise the bar of the dancehall music scene in Malawi.

Rebel’s style is a mix of Jamaican Reggae/dancehall fused with Malawian elements laced with crisp Chichewa and English vocals.

“Reggae music is always number one, it win election without campaign. Reggae music coincide with the ghetto life section!” – Mr Rebel

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