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Lilongwe based & Hype Entertainment affiliated Rapper “Episodz” is set to drop a new single “Botolo” this coming Monday produced by AK well known as AKOnThaBoard and GD. Episodz, the fast rising rapper and an entrepreneur from the Capital city has featured Blantyre based legend GD of the Daredevils crew. Botolo is a song talking about drinking straight from the bottle and having a good time no cups no time to fight with the haters either, the need for just kicking back and having fun forgetting about life worries

Its all about the need for just kicking back and having fun forgetting about life worries

Episodz real name William Phoya has been active in the Malawi Music industry, been renowned by many  for his gifted style and lyrics delivery in his own songs and collaborations and has made a lot of progress still growing as an artist and his fan base too.  In an interview with Malawi Music dot com crew, Episodz has revealed he is currently working on an EP fixed for release early next year under Hype Entertainment where he is presently being housed with other artists; Taelo, Angie and Chance

 More fire more heat! We ending the year with a banger!

Speaking on the Old School and new school issue that has been recently trending on social media, Episodz was quote saying “Am in the middle! I can’t Diss the old school because they paved the way and they are the people I grew up listening to. But if any old school disses me personally then it would be a me and him thing. Not new school Vs Old school”

I can’t Diss the old school because they paved the way

However, commenting on his Bi-lingual song which most Music lovers took it to the social media that the song which had lines “Zoti MunaBlowa Zimenezo Ndizanu! Mulibe makopala tikudya azikazi anu” was a bull to a certain artist. Episodz said “Its not direct to anyone! I always spit provocative lines. But if the shoe fits wear it lol Chill”

Botolo song will be available for streaming and downloading on Monday at 9:30 pm and Bi-lingual song both Audio & video can be downloaded here: http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=6122

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After emerging with songs Nyada, Tele and Chikondi, gifted female artist Angie is back with a new record “Sugar sugar”. Angie real name Angella Anna Tivalenji 19 year old, a student nurse & in final year at Kamuzu College of Nursing has lately gained attention from music lovers with her songs including her single “Tele”.  New Angie’s single “Sugar sugar” is a song that talks of a girl singing about how a guy makes her feel and how she sees a future with him.

Honestly I was just thinking of a nice beat in my mind and started thinking of lyrics that would go well with the beat and came up with “Sugar Sugar”


The promising musician has worked with Blantyre based producer Trickybeats and Lilongwe and Hype Entertainment’s own AK well known as AKOnThaBoard. “Umandimvetsa sugar kunyong’omela sugar sugar ndiwe super ndakugomela” sings Angie on chorus. The Hype entertainment affiliated artist also disclosed in an interview of a whole teams mixtape project set to drop soon and that people should expect good music out of it.

I’m unpredictable and I Love to keep it that way. But they should expect the best music

She has encouraged other female artists to work hard in music and focus, she was quote saying “Being a female artist is Not easy but its just a matter of knowing what you want and getting the right people to work with and always remember God in everything. He surely gives us what we deserve”.

Being a female artist is Not easy but I swear to leave a mark

The single is set to drop next week and will be available for downloads on your number one source of music from Malawi site. You can download Angie songs here: http://m.malawi-music.com/artist.php?artist=angie

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Marketing and banking may be his day job but Phyzix’s (real name Noel Limbani Chikoleka) talent for hip-hop and urban music will propel him to the international stage.

Originally from Lilongwe’s Area 25, Phyzix, 28, is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing currently working fulltime with Opportunity Bank (OIBM) as a Marketing Officer, which makes it challenging for the rapper to work on his studio projects. But this didn’t stop the rapper from releasing his Gamba wa Suit album in May last year.

The 7-track album came with a bang with tracks like Mwa Chibwana which features Eddie, ChiNyimbo ft Gwamba, Martse and Emm Q. Phamwamwa ft Janta, Ineyo Ndilemera ft Krazie-G, Chikondi Chokoma ft. Eddie, Lady Pace and Jessie, Patricia ft Janta. All these songs are enjoying good airplay on many of the country’s radio stations and beyond.

Phyzix has recently received criticism from many quarters including The Nation Newspaper for his nomination in the Hip-Hop category at the 2nd Annual Music Malawi Awards which will take place on Friday, 27th February 2015 at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe. The article which was published in the national daily quoted that Phyzix was nominated for the award despite being inactive in the music industry.

When contacted to comment on the allegations, Phyzix said he was shocked when he read article, “I feel the article was not well researched, for example I have released great music last year like the household song Mwa Chibwana, which is a definite hit song, in fact all of the tracks from the Gamba Wa Suit album which I released last year got thousands of downloads on Malawi’s number one music website Malawi-Music.com and they are enjoying good radio play and club spins” said the rapper, expressing disbelief that people cannot acknowledge his hard work in the Malawi music industry.

He continued by saying “I have a full time job, I have a business to run, school plus farming, but I still make music because it is my passion. These days I only record a few songs that will make an impact, a few collaborations with the right people, a few shows that are major such as the Cassper Nyovest Show which is the biggest show as of late (2015).  I am climbing up the corporate ladder as a professional so I don’t have time to be at every show or record a lot of songs. Plus I’m no longer all over the place. That was Gamba. But Gamba wa Suit is classy and reserved.”

“During the time that is being said that I was inactive, I was contracted by a commercial bank to compose and perform a theme song at various events. Apart from that, I am working with a youth empowerment organization on a project for orphans and refugees. I am also negotiating record deals with a number of labels including Ben Sam Entertainment, what record label will sign an inactive artist? I am part of the A Team and been making appearances at all shows involving the A-Team. The A-Team comprises of Gwamba, Phyzix, Third Eye, Krazie-G, Martse, Dali, Blaze, Mwanache, Ben Sam, Sagonjah and AK.”

“I made a successful comeback in the history of Malawi Hip Hop, my comeback has been stronger than I was originally which is a hard thing to do.”

“Very few people come back better. Hip-Hop is very competitive, so I feel that I deserve both the nomination and to win the award. I am very confident that I will win. The world loves me. I connect with people. But otherwise win or lose, my mother told me I am a great musician and the nomination itself speaks volumes and it is well deserved.”

The Mwa Chibwana star further said he will be releasing Bayum Thiii with Dali, Gwamba, Martse, Krazie G, and Blaze under Ben Sam Entertainment which he guarantees that it will be hit of the year. He also stated that he is working on a new song with Barry One, and another one with Gwamba and music videos will follow for himself and the A-Team.

Phyzix has collaborated and worked with UK’s Sway of Konvict Music, UK’s Dekker & Johan(Radioclit), The Very Best,KoNd-1, Zinja, Tapps Bandawe, Tay Grin, Theo Thomson, Young Kay, Lulu, Piksy, Anne Matumbi, Daredevils, Third Eye, Dominant 1, Tigris and Jinx just to mention a few. He has shared a stage with Somalia’s gem; K’naan during the 2010 World Cup viewing.

He has performed at Lake of Stars International Music festival, WAPi (Words and Pictures), Domestic Tourism Music festival, La fete de la Musique (French Music festival) including a lot of shows in localities such as Karonga, Chitipa, Mzuzu, Zomba, Nkhatabay, Lilongwe, Salima, Mangochi and Blantyre.

He has released 3 mixtapes and 3 albums: The Overdue, Black stars don’t shine, From the Dust, his day view album; The Lone Ranger, sophomore album: Secret Service, and Gamba wa Suit which will be officially launched this year with music videos, and a short album will follow later this year.

SMS “hop5” to 58411 (Airtel only) to VOTE for PHYZIX as BEST HIP HOP artist at the MUSIC MALAWI AWARDS (MUMA). Each SMS costs K25.

Stream and download Phyzix’s Gamba wa Suit here http://m.malawi-music.com/album.php?id=455

Also watch Phyzix’s Performance at Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre here http://youtu.be/-phs-eCydho

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Gwamba, Krazie G and Martse team up for the FIRST time on Gwamba’s latest single, “Zikuvuta”. The new song features Gwamba predictably boasting in a manner that you haven’t heard before, while Krazie G takes on the second verse with extreme precision and delivery which sees Martse coming up at the Climax of the song. And the song ends with another verse from Gwamba : “Zili mumagazi ngati mukutsutsa ndichekeni…./ Ndili ndi wotchi five koma nthawi ndilibe…” is some of the lyrics you will hear Gwamba spitting in this competitive, high tempo, street banger. The song also features Tidacase on the hook, which sounds something like “Zimuvuta, wina Zimuvuta” a chorus that supports all the punch lines exhibited in the song from the 3 L-city based artists. The song’s credits also mentions Emm Q who even though doesnt have a rap verse in the song but rather supports the chorus for his L-city hommies.

The AK and Daredevils produced collaboration will be featured on Gwamba upcoming album, titled “Kudutsa Pakhoma,” which is scheduled to drop on 30 march if all goes well. The new single was to be released on March 4th but with such an overwhelming response from the fans Gwamba’s managing team led by Wado of Prime Time media has delayed the release to March 17th, closer to the album’s launch date. Talking to Malawi Music blog Gwamba mentioned that he was happy with his current “record label” Prime Time Media and is really thankful to have such a wonder hard-working team behind his debut album.

“I’m still putting final touches on the album. To me, making that classic is more important than anything, making sure the fans relate to how music has changed my life,” Gwamba told Malawi-Music.com. “I’m trying to get it to you soon.” said the artist who is already enjoying stardom after winning an Award earlier this year from Music Association of Malawi (MAM) and his other two singles “Ndiyima Pachulu” and “Bola Kusache” enjoying radio plays and Top 10 chart presence all across the country.