Gwamba, Krazie G and Martse team up for the FIRST time on Gwamba’s latest single, “Zikuvuta”. The new song features Gwamba predictably boasting in a manner that you haven’t heard before, while Krazie G takes on the second verse with extreme precision and delivery which sees Martse coming up at the Climax of the song. And the song ends with another verse from Gwamba : “Zili mumagazi ngati mukutsutsa ndichekeni…./ Ndili ndi wotchi five koma nthawi ndilibe…” is some of the lyrics you will hear Gwamba spitting in this competitive, high tempo, street banger. The song also features Tidacase on the hook, which sounds something like “Zimuvuta, wina Zimuvuta” a chorus that supports all the punch lines exhibited in the song from the 3 L-city based artists. The song’s credits also mentions Emm Q who even though doesnt have a rap verse in the song but rather supports the chorus for his L-city hommies.

The AK and Daredevils produced collaboration will be featured on Gwamba upcoming album, titled “Kudutsa Pakhoma,” which is scheduled to drop on 30 march if all goes well. The new single was to be released on March 4th but with such an overwhelming response from the fans Gwamba’s managing team led by Wado of Prime Time media has delayed the release to March 17th, closer to the album’s launch date. Talking to Malawi Music blog Gwamba mentioned that he was happy with his current “record label” Prime Time Media and is really thankful to have such a wonder hard-working team behind his debut album.

“I’m still putting final touches on the album. To me, making that classic is more important than anything, making sure the fans relate to how music has changed my life,” Gwamba told “I’m trying to get it to you soon.” said the artist who is already enjoying stardom after winning an Award earlier this year from Music Association of Malawi (MAM) and his other two singles “Ndiyima Pachulu” and “Bola Kusache” enjoying radio plays and Top 10 chart presence all across the country.


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