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After coming in with the song that caused controversy in the music scenes “Legends never die” , the duo that irked the controversy of who is better between Old cup rappers and New school rappers, Bossaro Music Group comprising of Iceberg and cyclone have finally spoken out on the debates that are trending on the social media.

When speaking with Malawi music in an exclusive interview on of the duo Iceberg said it’s a surprise to him that people are using the song to spark beef between the new cup and old school ” I’ve heard those rumors and I’m yet to understand why people are pushing for that beef and using Legends Never Die as an example. Barry One on verse 2 says “Don’t get it twisted, new school is not the problem, you boys bragging and barking are the problem”. There is no “hate of new school” . At BMG we are against any whack attempts at hip hop whether you are old school or new school and we respect anyone who can spit whether they are old school or new school. But if any individual or group of individuals feel like dissing us and if it’s worth my time we were born ready with bars” he said.

Bossaro Ice: A reminder to the nation of how skilful we are. Pioneers! Legends! No matter who comes and goes no one can ever take that from us.

However the artist also added that bossaro Music Group came to alert all the rappers to raise their A-game ” To be honest Legends Never Never Die doesn’t target anyone in particular. It was something for the entire rap game. We want Malawian hip hop to progress so we decided to raise the bar. We want everyone to step up and give us great rap verses and songs. So if anyone is offended by the song I think that means that person realizes they are not on our level and needs to step up. As the saying goes “if the shoe fits, wear it” he revealed.

Furthermore partner to Iceberg , Cyclone said legends never die is just like any other song and people arent supposed to catch feelings over it “Legends never die wasn’t targeting anyone but still some people seem to have caught feelings. Somehow I think its not much about the song, they are just scared of competition because BMG is coming in strong” he added.

Bossaro Cyclone: We are ready to work with all people, those who classify themselves as old or new school, our aim is to push the industry

Still when contacted for quick response veteran musician also a celebrated television show Host Blakjak has called off beef rumours saying in Malawi artists use beef to gain  public symphathy and attention “There has never been Any diss in Malawi maybe save for Lomwe Vs Tay. The rest of these artists are just trying to use beef as excuse for their failed Careers or to try and push records. Far as am concerned, there’s no beef” he said.

BlakJak: it’s Stupid for people to always assume that! It was just about time we had to make music together and the only befitting title was “Legends Never Die”.

Legends never die song is believed to be the song that caused fury among the new artists and they went ahead to call old school artists irrelevant in the industry. Among so many artists that showed anger with the old school musicians are Excess, Toast, just to name a few.


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The Daredevilz

Welcome to the Darkside, The 15 track mixtape with a skit and a public announcement as an introduction was released between 2006 and 2009 by two brothers Graiton and Marcus Pasanje from the duo Daredevilz.

The Daredevilz

Despite that between the said years, most people were not familiar with accessing music online, the mixtape managed to make the duo popular such that they gained a huge fan base and even inspired some youths into doing music.

Graiton Pasanje a.k.a GD

Since its release up to date, the mixtape has always been considered as one of a few realest projects ever had been put out in Malawi in as far as urban music is concerned.

Marcus Pasanje

Recorded and mastered by the Deredevilz at their studio “Low Budget”, the tape features other Malawian artists which include Renegade, Siddo, Young Kay, Lil One and Word.

Below is the track list of the Mixtape

  1. Public Announcement (Intro)
  2. Pass the Drink ft Young Kay
  3. I Don’t Play that Shit
  4. Sexy Girl
  5. Bitch ft Siddo
  6. Talk Dirty
  7. Name Change (Hustle & Flow Skit)
  8. Me
  9. I Rap Nice ft Lil One
  10. Clap Em
  11. What You Want ft Renegade
  12. Sticks in a Box
  13. Journey of a Thousands Miles ft Word
  14. 24-7-365
  15. Change Your Heart

Stream and Download the whole Mixtape here >>>

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Blessing Christian has appeared with a head banging song “Follow My Pace” produced by well known  Lilongwe based producer Eril.

Born on 22nd Oct 1988 B$C also reputed as Blessing Christian was born and did her studies in India. Her name implies the fact that she has some gospel roots. She initially started doing music at the age of 12 at a local church consequently B$C was thoroughly absorbed into dancehall and pop music. Painting the other wall of the story B$C was motivated by her parents who are also songbirds.

Truth be told that this country needs female artists like her. To be exact her flows are flawless one can not believe that it is her first single. Of course the song is full of innuendo but it is nice. Pundits have also expressed that the artist will take the industry by storm due to the way she spins words. Follow my pace is an up tempo song which will infiltrate in most clubs across the nation. Besides that
she has proven her gravity by working with a talented producer Eril who has also done a great job in mixing the song.

The independent artist said that Follow My Pace is her debut single but she is on the sharp edge of releasing a string of hits as well as an album. Despite being an artist B$C is also a reputable model in Malawi and has also starred in hit videos like She Never Worry by Blasto ft D1 and the legendary Buffalo Souljah (Zimbabwe) – My Lady.

Download Follow My Pace Here

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Kell Kay to drop EP ahead of untitled debut album in October. Award winning RnB artist from Lilongwe, Kell Kay has announced he will drop an Extended Play ahead of his untitled debut album launch in October.

The EP which has 6 songs will be set free month end, July 31. Titled “All For You” the EP is a warm up to the album launch.

All For You is a dedication to son Ryan and it will be available for free to everyone. And not only a dedication to son Ryan but also a thank you to fans and God” says Kay.

Ryan is 1 year old. He was born on June 23, 2016.

No specific date for the album has been given but confirmation is expected in due time .

Here is a look at the official EP track list:

1. Beautiful
2. Mpaka Pamenepo
3. Mbuli
4. Simple gal ft Young Kay
5. Listen
6. Mr Yesu ft Gwamba

Production credits go to Henwood, Chance, Tricky Beatz and West Cole who did guitar in every song of the EP.

Linking up with fellow award winner and one of the most respected gospel Hip Hop artist in the country, Gwamba, the two talk about how we need Jesus when in need of something on Mr Yesu.

Mr Yesu is basically just thanking HIM for what he does. Life, family, friends, work and everything in between.

The song summarizes the whole EP Project

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After being silent for over 2 years Singer Maskal has registered a New song that has already won hearts of many in the country and beyond. Maria, Maskal’s brand new song featuring GD was released on Monday 17th July 2017, currently enjoying air plays on various radio stations in Malawi and is available for sale on Malawi’s leading online Music Store – ” and various international outlets. Maskal who is currently in United States of America described Maria as a come back on a Malawian scene after a hitous break. “This is surely a come back on the scenes again, I know alot has been said about my silence but this and the upcoming songs and projects will answer all the questions my fans had” said Maskal real name masiye kansaru.

 I know alot has been said about my silence but this and the upcoming songs and projects will answer all the questions my fans had

Maskals brand new song Maria talks about a woman who has given up on love being persuaded to love again, “mtima wako umayaka moto ukamva zachikondi, sumafuna kukambapo kapena kumva , you’ve been hurt so much you don’t  want to love again” sings Maskal. Maria becomes the Maskal’s first single in 2017.

Maskal came in the music industry with songs like Zili ndiwe,udalire and Kuwala kwako. He won best male artist in Award 2011 and was nominated best male artist in Malawian Music Award 2011.Maskal’s music ranges from soul to rhythm and blues, all of it delivered with an afro feel, it is known as Afro-R&B.

Maskal’s Collaborations & Performances Since the launch of his career, has worked and shared the stage with both local and international superstars. On the local scene, among others, he has done collaborations with Young Kay, Tigris and legendary musician Lucius Banda on a track Malawi Goodlife, which also features hip-hop artists Biriwiri, Young Kay and Germany’s Milli Maximal and OJ Kingpin. He has headlined at almost all the major music events locally in 2011 and on 25April, he performed alongside US rapper/singer Sean Kingston in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe.

Am back to stay and release good music people missed

Maskal left the country for USA in 2012 and was quoted by Malawi media that he is in the States for school and business.The Brand New song by the heavyweight Singjay signifies that he is now free to do music and recraim his position in the malawis mainstream music industry.

You can Buy Maskal’s Maria feat GD in the Malawi Music Store with Only MK100 paying using TNM Mpamba, Airtel Money and National Bank MOO626 for all registered customers in Malawi and US$1 Only for all registered customers outside Malawi paying using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Paygol SMS payments. To buy it in the Music Shop Click here:

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Hiphop4hiv Nation Organization (HH4HNation) is pleased to announce that Jamaal Mlaka Maliro also known as Ka-Mlaka, a 23 year old student at Blantyre International University (BIU) has won the Hiphop4hivnation 2017 theme song competition.

The competition has been running for the past few months and submissions closed on 30th June. Entries were sent via email [email protected]

Jamaal has walked away with a beautiful Hiphop4hiv Nation award and a cash prize of K50, 000. He will be promoted by Hiphop4hiv Nation and the video for the theme song will be shot by Bensam Entertainment. He will also perform at Miss Blantyre 2017.

“We received over 200 songs, we had a 5 member committee which listened to each and every song. We voted 10 songs in and sent the 10 to Hiphop4hiv artists who judged the winning song. We wanted a song that was well produced and we were looking for creativity. Also, the song had to be according to our theme: Love and protect yourself.

“The theme song will be used to raise awareness in different youth radio programmes. A lot of youths love music and we think with this song we will be able to reach out to many youths. The song will also be used when having functions,” says Hiphop4hiv Nation Director Victoria Masanje.

Hiphop4hiv Nation would like to thank everyone who participated. We also really appreciate and would like to thank our partners: Miss Blantyre events, Bensam entertainment, Joy Nathu , Red Ink and WeCare for the love and support.

Hiphop4hiv Nation is a non-profit Organization that builds on the innate optimism of young people, promoting a holistic lifestyle approach aimed at encouraging youth to maintain an HIV-free lifestyle and achieve their aspirations through youth leadership and self-motivation. To achieve this goal, #HH4HNation offers a comprehensive set of interactions designed to address the individual, structural and social factors that drive the epidemic among African Youth.

Hip Hop is a culture that has attracted today’s youth, due to the positive reception we decided to use this culture to fight one of the world’s biggest battles, and that’s HIV/Aids amongst the people that follow the Hip Hop Culture.


Download Mp3 here



Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Hiphop4hiv Nation

Twitter: @hh4hnation

Phone Number: 0999619431

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Afro Pop Songstress Temwah formerly known as Spotless C has released her first banger “Malawi ( Zakwathu )”, a few months after signing to Lush Africa Entertainment.

Produced by Tricky Beats, “Malawi (Zakwathu)” was released on Monday 26 th June 2017 and is currently playing on local radio stations across Malawi. It is also available for downloads on

The song explores Malawi’s traditional dances, food, languages and dressing among other cultural practices.

In the first verse, she sings, “…Timadya mkhwani wa matimati, kuphika thobwa la khatikhati/Ku Malawi, Manganje, yamba kuvina usathawe/Ku Nsanje, mwa chaje, chi Sena chiyankhulo chake/Tikafuna Utaka, sitichita kusaka, Lake Malawi is blessed with some beautiful fish.”

“Malawi” also tackles themes of hard work and patriotism. “Udya bwanji osalima? Ulemela bwanji osavepa? Nsanje, mtima osadekha kukhala ndi anthu nzosatheka” she sings in the second verse.

Lush Africa’s Lorraine Mopiwa Kljajić says the re-branded Temwah will now pursue Afro pop music as a way to cross borders, putting her in a position to collaborate with international artists.

“Temwah approached us last year in November to manage her. We signed her in January this year. She has been working hard in studio experimenting different sounds because we want her to be different.

“Malawi” is her first song under Lush Africa,” Lorraine discloses.
Real name, Temwa Gondwe, the songstress started singing when she was young in church but recorded her first song in 2009. She is inspired by Lauren Hill.

Download Temwah – Malawi here

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Malawi’s blossoming heavyweight rapper Robin Hau has later last week introduced a Dance called  Phewa Dansi, Robin Hau a Blantyre based Rapper has shown the new Dance moves in his latest music video release also titled Phewa Dansi. The Video which was premiered on Times Television by the outspoken Host Black jak  potrays the Dance to carry the uniqueness just like other popular dances like Kwaito, kwasa kwasa and breakdance just to mention a few.

According to Robin Hau, Phewa Dansi is drown from way back in the 90s but now modernised “I think most of us have heard about the shoulder dance , one shoulder high trends from way back in the 90s if you watch my Phewa Dansi video you will easily appreciate and like the version of the dance now called Phewa Dansi” said Robin Hau.

“when I released my first single most people thought I won’t come back But No! I have lined up more good music that will be released this year and I will also be releasing my double EP soon and people should get ready  to hear more of Robin Hau’s Music”

Robin Hau’s musical journey dates from his early age of 9. What began as the love of drums for the 9 year old and used to practice playing drums after church on Sundays turned into a passion for music that grew along with him. Robin Hau unique talent has already caught the attention of thousands of fans across Malawi and beyond after released his debut single, Wa Ine on February 6th 2017. Phewa Dansi is Robin Hau’s second Single this year. Speaking in an interview, Hau revealed that he is planning  to release more good music and videos  this year.

Phewa Dansi music video was shot by the Magic hands of the legendary but awesome Videographer Ron Cz of the red ink Media and the Audio was Produced by Yesaya and Robin Hau. The Video is available for streaming here:

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Social media went in complete pandemonium yesterday after Tay-Grin posted some pictures which he posed with some of US hip-hop artists at the Secret Solstice Festival event which the Nyau-King was also among other African artists invited to perform at the event in Iceland.


Among the American artists, Tay posed with Rick Ross, Big Sean and young MA.

Tay Grin posing with Big Sean

Grin revealed online that he had brought with him a gift to Rick Ross which was a special wooden stick made in African which Kings like Rick Ross deserve to be carrying as a sign of royalty, power and respect.

Tay Grin with Rick Ross

He wrote,” The NYAU KING & THE BIGGEST BOSS RICK ROSS @richforever. I told Rozay that where am from kings carry staff like the one his holding. I got that particular one hand made special for him before I left Malawi. It’s made out rare African strong wood reserved for royalty. Being the biggest boss I felt it was only right to give him such a gift. A great symbol of power and respect. #2017 #fireEVERYWHERE.”

Tay with Young MA

However, minutes after posting the photos, online people had already started reacting that led to an argument between Nathan Tunes who also was at the event and a Facebook user with a name Ten May.

Ten May posted the below status that led to a whole disagreement and it received many likes and comments by some Malawian artists like Third Eye and Hazel Mak who Is also in a relationship with Nathan Tunes.

“A Tay Grin anakakhala amatha kuimba bwezi mwina tikuona tsogolo loimba ndachina Big Sean. Koma ayi Ndithu…Abwerako ndima pic okha,” wrote Ten May on his status….SEE BELOW

The status then attracted mixed reactions and minutes later, Nathan Tunes who also had a chance to pose with some guys at the event commented by firing back at Ten May….SEE BELOW

The war of words further went on and Mandela Mwanza a.k.a Third Eye jumped with his laughing comment as well as Hezel Mak backing up her man, Nathan Tunes with a comment “Go Baby”….Lol

Also commenting, was a reggae artist Roy View Banda who admired the support the couple has for each other…..SEE BELOW

The comments went further like this,

To make it even more painful for Ten May, Nathan Tunes went on posting other photos he took at the event…SEE BELOW

Commenting on Ten May`s status was also Mwanache and the beef addict, Avo kado…SEE BELOW

See other people`s comments below




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The Award winning Artist who is also a Multi-talented TV and Radio Presenter, Producer and Host for public Events Blakjak, has returned to the music fold with a new Song, “Dr. Che”

The song which has been produced by Desert Eagle and Sispence of the Matrix Records will be available for free downloads on at 9:30pm on Monday


“I have decided to give this out for free because I want it to reach to everyone and give me time to fine tune the rest of the projects”

Dr. Che is a Metaphoric representation of how some women will still stick to a man despite the man being nothing close to what the woman deserves. The story is told by Doctor who despite being under qualified, one woman still wants to be treated by him.
“Ati sakufeela bho
Akumva fever Komanso Malinga
Nde Akufuna Dr. Che Am’baye
Dr. Che Am’baye…” goes the chorus of the Song.

Blakjak, who is sometimes known as Che-Kalonda said people should expect a lot more music this year as he has over 25 recorded but unreleased songs.


“I decided to record 25 songs because am planning to go back to school soon so I want to leave people with enough material to listen to until I come back and record music again”

Dr. Che is a follow up Single after Ndakusowa (Ine Apa) and promises to be a Sing along anthem considering its style and it’s intriguing Storyline.

On whether he has finally decided to Shoot A Video for the new single Che-Kalonda laughed and said “It has always just been a matter of time and I think this is the right timing”


“I have a plan for my lovely fans. They just need to be patient and should not sleep on me.”

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You must have heard about the Bossaro word which is currently trending in town and wondered what exactly is behind this word, today we will get you close to the Bossaros.

The Bossaros posing together

Comprising of four guys, Bossaro Music Group is a new music label who`s aim is to sign and bring up artists especially upcoming potential rappers to help them reach their dreams in as far as music news is concerned.


The label which is still new and has not signed any artist yet, is managed by Amosi Mugoli a.k.a Bossaro Simo, while Kumbukani Jimusole a.k.a Bossaro Bizzo is the group`s promotional channels guy and also has two rappers namely Dalitso Mtambo a.k.a Bossaro Ice and the ex-basement member Patali Mkorongo a.k.a Bossaro Cyclone.

from left: Bossaro Ice, Bossaro Bizzo,Bossaro Simo and Bossaro Cyclone.


The label which will soon be hosting live shows is currently on the level of promoting its Brand and showing the industry how much it has to offer hence it has managed to put out 3 singles already.

The current trending singles are Ma Bossaro, Carry On featuring Rina and the third one which features Malinga Mafia and also has its video out called Bow Down.


It has been known through speaking to Bossaro Cyclone that the Bossaro Music Group is aiming at entertaining, raising awareness and also empowering the youths through music and shows that the group shall soon be hosting.

“As a group, we strive for greatness and well-being of the company as well as the employees whether social or economic.

“We believe every individual has a skill that just needs to be unleashed and polished so we aim to assist in every aspect,” pointed out Bossaro Cyclone through an interview.


According to Bossaro Cyclone, a formal launch of the brand will follow soon and dates will be revealed in due time.

He further described the group`s future as bright with reference to the noise the Bossaros have already made out there despite being a new label.


“Bossaro music group is new but the noise we have made is like we have been here for years and with some months down the line you will be listening to a different tune,” he said.

Bossaro was inspired by the word Boss, which ironically means someone more than a Boss. It came from their friend Justice Malikita who used to refer them as Bossaros.


Watch the new Bow down music video ft Malinga Mafia below




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Emerging RnB/Pop artist Jazmin has recently being doing great for her music career as her songs are making rounds on radio stations and doing well on music charts. Her song “My Heart Lied” peaked at number 2 on the Malawi-Music Top 100 Chart & was in the chart for a good number of weeks.

Also among her young catalog of singles is song’s like “You Are The One”, “Malawi” and the latest release “It’s Gonna Be”, who’s video she is currently working on.

This brings us to the main topic which is on her song titled “Malawi”. Jazmin shows appreciation & love for the country which we rarely see among music done by local artists. She talks about Malawi’s beauty & why it is known as the warm heart of Africa.

The video of the song was shot in a setting which displays Malawi’s main landmark which is the Lake. Also in it is people gathered dancing to the very catchy song. She also included traditional dancers, locally called ‘Nyau’, which is also another major display of Malawian culture. This video is one that keeps you entertained every time you watch it.

Audio produced by Dare Devilz at Lo Budget studios. Video directed by Plutnum. Watch it below. Enjoy!

Download Malawi here

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Most of hip-hop fanatics may recall that Krazie-G a.k.a King Katakwe threw shots at Chavura in Dali`s Wallet song whilst Chavura was still under trap squad.

Dali`s Wallet had the likes of Gwamba, Martse and King Katakwe himself who targeted his two lines to Chavura saying, “Mkazi bwezi ukundiyankhula?/Ndikanakhala wa chibwibwi ngati Chavura?”

Krazie-G threw shots at Chavura in Wallet

Well, this never went too far as peace between Krazie-G and Chavura whom people consider as a stubborn rapper was still there.

A few months down the line, trap squad started disbanding as Stich-Fray and Sar Patricks took it to Facebook to announce they were no longer Trap Squad members which had meant that the team was left with two rappers, Chavura and the late Revolver.

Unfortunately, the team went completely down following the passing away of revolver who seemed to have been the Trap Squad`s joint as he was in good personal relationship with both members of the team.

Now that everyone took to their way and have the power to lead themselves where they want to be, Chavura has gone back to revenge the wounds he sustained in Dali`s wallet which were caused by Krazie-G

Through his Facebook post, Chavura who now calls himself Nyambaro disclosed that he only avoided to respond to what Krazie-G said in Dali`s wallet because he was still under trap squad and his fellow members advised him not to do so because it could have affected the whole team.

Below is what Chavura posted

Now Chavura seems to be ready for a battle with Krazie -G since he is 100% solo and no any other person can advise him on what to do.

Chavura is one rapper who is known by shamelessly talking what`s in his mind and he has for so long been criticizing his fellow rappers through his Facebook posts.

He has been attacking the likes of Gwamba, Martse and etc, but none of them ever had the courage to fight back.

Chavura – ready for war

The big question is, will Chavura survive if at all Krazie-G decides to finish what he started??

Perhaps he is well prepared this time since people have rated his verse in the newly released Olowelera remix as his best verse ever since.

On the time of posting this article, Chavura Came from nowhere with a new track which also has shots to Krazie-G.

Download  stop tripping by Chavura ft Toast and OG Profate + King K (krazie G diss) here >>

This seems to be the season of beef as many artists have gone to war against each other.

Recently, AvoKado dropped his diss song to Martse titled World War 3, and as everybody knows, Saint and JAY JAY CEE are also at war.

JAY JAY CEE has recently dropped his beef to Saint called AK-47 following Saint`s Warning to JAY JAY CEE.

A week ago, Saint came to studio to talk about his song Delilah and of course his beef with JAY JAY CEE.

Jay Jay Cee and Saint are also at the battlefield

You can click on the highlighted words to download and listen to what saint said >> saint talks on new single Delilah, Jay Jay C Beef, Malawian Awards and Upcoming Album >> 

Just yesterday, JAY JAY CEE also had time to come through to our studio to talk on his part of the beef.

Be on the lookout for JAY JAY CEE`s podcast coming out today on

Just a reminder, Malawi music team is therefore not promoting any form of beef between artists but however respecting the role of communication it holds between an artist and his fan.

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For quite a long time now some rappers have been throwing shots at Lilongwe based rapper, Martse in their lines over issues that most people do not know where they originated from.

Just a week ago, Avokado a rapper from the same city with Martse released a beef song targeting the Mtumbuka Wosamba himself which he called it world war 3.

In the song, Avokado who is blessed with hardcore voice went really hard on Martse up to the extent of mentioning his name making sure the listeners wouldn’t miss whom the beef was served for.

Avokado – says he wont quit releasing beef songs to martse


The song has since received people’s attention since everybody wanted to know what was tackled in it and how the beef story came about.

However, it has since been established that this is not the first song for Avokado to have thrown shots at Martse as he previously dropped another diss song to Martse which was titled Zawugalu.

Looking at Martse who seems to be doing well in the music industry at the moment, one would have a suggestion to say that Avokado wants people’s attention and fame, a thing that Avokado himself has denied after he was questioned by Malawi Music Team.

However he has disclosed that there are two reasons why he has been on Martse`s throat.

According to him, he disses Martse because they were once friends and later happened to split on some personal reasons which later led to beef.

He also said that he has been after Martse for another reason that he addresses upcoming rappers as unsuccessful and useless in his lyrical lines.

“In his view, Martse sees an upcoming rapper as an insect not someone who also has a potential to make it in life.

“In one of his radio interviews he told the host that his one T-shirt is more famous than most of upcoming artists……like really?,” questioned Avokado.

He insisted not to disclose what destroyed their friendship which was there in 2015 saying he will talk about that in his next song which will also be a beef to Martse.

According to him, he promises to stick to releasing more beef songs to Martse even though Martse don’t seem to come on surface with a reply.

He said, “A soldier does not expect a civilian to hit back once he has fired. I am not expecting him to reply rather I only want my message delivered.

(to the left) Avokado (to the right) Martse


He continued to say that Martse cannot serve him with a direct reply of a beef song.

He pointed out on how Martse frequently uses the word “Ka Hater” instead of just revealing the name of the person and how he keeps reminding his fans how big his name is in the music industry.

“Sometimes when your big you don’t need to be reminding people in each and every song you release because people already know otherwise it becomes a clinch,” Said Avokado.

For so long, beef music has been considered as a thing that contributes to the falling down of music industry since relationships between artists gets affected hence the target to take music on an international level gets disturbed as well.

Some people do not believe In this while others do say beef music adds in a flavor to the industry and so is the statement true with Avokado who also has the same belief.

He said, “In beef music, people want to out rap each other. It’s like I am better than you type of stuff and everybody works hard to improve which in the long run gives birth to quality and matured stuff”.

As for the Team of Malawi Music, Our work is to act as a bridge between artists and their fans hence we do not take sides when such stories have emerged.

Thank You


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Malawian female artists continue to make moves in the local music industry, Different with the past years when female artists were very few and it was very rear to see female artists stand out in the industry. Talk about standing out Pinky Ice a Blantyre Based female artist continues to surprise Music lovers with her style of music which fast germinating  amassing a huge following to her as she continues to release songs that are becoming a favorite to many.

Pinky Ice emerged in the mainstream music with a song called Bardo, she late last year released a song called Mercy in which she featured Kelvin Sings. And lately  on Monday 17 April,Pinky Ice announced her New Single called Pang’ono which she is featuring the dance-hall singjay Provoice. In an interview, the Bardo and Mercy hit-maker and  superstar said she will release more songs this year and her fans should prepare to have a versatile taste of her materials adding on she urged Malawians not to judge female artists “as female artists sometimes  we have a bad reputation according to the type of music  we are releasing, but in reality music is all about creativity and not who we are in person”. She added.

Pang’ono talks about a person asking to have a taste of food or work in a little amount “pang’ono” . The song was premiered on Radio 2 FM inside Joy Nathu’s made on monday. Download the song here:

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The L-City clique which goes by the name Madness Entertainment has announced the release of their mix-tape which is titled Go Mad or Die (GMOD).

The mix-tape which will drop just this coming Friday will have 14 tracks, of which 11 of them are features.

Artists featured on the mixtape include, Keim, Tsa-Leo, Kelvin Sings, Bucci, Charley, Cyfa, Toast, Krazie G, Episodz, Vube and the controversial rapper Chavura.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-28 at 12.38.38
Madness Entertainment

According to Charisma whom Malawi music had a chat with, this project started in November last year and it has been five months in the making.

Charisma also disclosed that the mix-tape has not been produced by one producer instead a few producers had to put in their work for the perfection of the mix-tape.

The likes of Young LT, Snipper, Henwood, Chance, Seven and Vintage Studio put in effort in producing this 14 track Mix-tape.

This is the crew`s first mix-tape as they also do work on solo projects.

When asked what motivated the title of the mix-tape to be called Go Mad or Die, Charisma who spoke on behalf of the fellow crew members said their clique is known by madness hence that inspired the tittle.

“We are Madness Entertainment and what we do is always act crazy and people know us as crazy people. For that reason, we would choose death over madness if at all madness was to be taken out from us,” said Charisma.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-28 at 15.29.51

Madness Entertainment consists of seven well-constructed artists namely, Charisma, Bwaxy, Donzo, Versho, MordCash, Jaa Kev and Pro-Azizi.

Below, is the list of songs in the mix-tape

1. Go mad or Die ft Cyfa
2. Guap ft Toast
3. NGF
4. Illest ft Cyfa
5. Talk about it ft Cyfa
6. Moto
7. Milomo ft Episodz
8. Siya
9. Tonight ft Kelvin sings & Tsar Leo
10. Sizinali Chonchi ft. Bucci & Charley
11. Teddy Bruckshots ft Keim
12. Gondolosi ft Chavura
13. Ayi ft Krazie G & Vube
14. What I got (outro) ft Tsar Leo


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The Lilongwe based rapper Macelba mostly known by his catchy Chichewa flows is at it again in 2017 with another single titled “Apse Mtima”.

In an interview with Malawi music team,the rapper whose real name is Smart Banda said the song is just a reaction to whatever bad things and people who happens to come on someone`s way especially when that particular person is doing good.


“This is just a song with a simple concept which is like a reaction to whatever negativity that has to do with one`s life. Maluzi and even those people who do not feel good when they see you doing good Apse Mtima basi,” said the area 25 based rapper.

He continued to say that after this release, the song “Apse Mtima” will be made available in all different radio stations in the country hence people would be given a chance to request it at their own time.

The song has been recorded and mastered by the Lilongwe based singer and producer Janta at S.U records.

Just a few months ago, Macelba dropped “Mawa” which featured Nepman and the production was done by Dj-Sley of Chit Chat records.

Mawa proved its success as it still makes noise even up to now.

Mawa is one of the songs that people would relate to as it tackles real life issues.

Macelba a.k.a Akamuna

Macelba started seriously rapping in 2009 and he managed to put out his first hit single “Chosadziwa” in 2013.

His other songs include, Wina ndi Wina, Alamu anu and Mwala which was also produced by Janta.

Chosadziwa, Wina, Mawa and Alamu Anu were produced by Dj-Sley at Chit Chat records.

Among other artists, Celba has worked with Malaulo, Malinga Mafia and Bingolingo.

In Apse Mtima, Macelba has appeared 100% solo just like his other three songs, Chosadziwa, Mwala and Wina.

Macelba is one of the promising local hip-hop artist that people should look out for especially taking into account that every time he put out a song it turns into a bomb.

Just like his other previous songs especially Alamu Anu and Mawa, this new tune “Apse Mtima” is also expected to make noise that the above listed songs made.


Download his new song here  >> Apse Mtima – Macelba

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The newly released Tay Grin`s “Tola” track that everybody is talking of has really come on the right time considering the response the song has received so far in Malawi music store; a platform that allow artists to sell their music online.

The song, “Tola” which dropped on Wednesday 22 March, is a dance song which was produced by Malawian producer Sonye and it features a Tanzanian female star popularly known as Vanessa Mdee.

Screenshot 2017-03-16 12.50.566

Her voice really contributes to the sweetness of the song hence the reason why the song is selling like hot cakes on Malawi music store.

The beat starts off as a contemporary dance anthem with Mdee`s effortlessly executed vocals.

It then drops as the Nyau King himself goes in with his new Chichewa flow and traditional African drums kick in, expressing the character of the Nyau King.


The smash hit is filled up with three languages ( Chichewa, English and Kiswahili ) making it a song that can be listened to not only by people from one country.

Those that were born many years ago would relate to this song and taken back a bit as the song gives familiar phrases from old favorite rhythms , Bekeshu Bekeshu and Kantoletole.

The video of this song is another bomb. It was shot in South Africa by a  Nigerian music video director, Sesan Ogunro.

Screenshot 2017-03-16 12.43.29

The overall camera work is superb and the shots are clean.

The Nyau King has been in the spotlight after releasing Chipapa last year, Kanda and Sugar Mamie which all these listed songs had at least an international feature.

The three songs were on free download on Malawi music site while Tola is for sale in Malawi music store.

The Nyau King is definitely  flying the Malawi`s flag international.

Buy the song here >> Tola – Tay Grin ft Vanessa Mdee


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Boy Magic is back with another one called AFRICA.

This is a re-make of a song called Africa by Bantu Kamrads which is a classic hit from way back and in a way to show appreciation and to pay homage to our Legends, the rapper thought of bringing it back into people`s ears with a modern touch this time.

Africa is the first single of his project called S.O.D.T which simply stands for STUNT OR DIE TRYING.


S.O.D.T is the EP Boy Magic is working on which is dedicated to his late friend Bash.

The EP is expected to drop on Monday 20 March.

The rapper hasn’t released names of other artists which he featured on his Stunt or Die Trying EP, saying he wants to surprise his fans with some of the big names in the industry on this project.

Boy Magic made a mark in the industry couple of years ago as he was one of the artists in Gypsy and he was also seen on several hit songs including his own “Go Dumb”

He has also appeared in the famous Matalala cypher that had big names in participation.

Download the new song here >>




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Tay Grin, the Malawian superstar who was recently in SA shooting the fizzy video to his latest single ‘Tola’, has announced that the smash hit that features Tanzanian diva Vanessa Mdee will drop Monday, 20 March.

It will be a double release as the multi-award winning Nyau King is set to drop both the audio track and visuals of the highly-anticipated sassy song on the same date. The video release is exclusive to TRACE Africa and the audio will premiere on radios across Malawi and the rest of Africa.

‘Tola’ is a dance song produced by Malawian hit producer Sonyezo and the top-notch video, which is expected to take the continent by storm, was directed by the prolific Nigerian Sesan Ogunro, one of Africa’s greatest video directors.

“It’s an A list team on this project. It was fire all over in the studio as we made the audio, fire as we made the video and now it’s that time we unleash that fire. 2017 is fire everywhere. We are taking Malawi to the world in HD,” Tay Grin speaks of his upcoming release.

Tay Grin and Vee Money teamed up on the first day of this year to record ‘Tola’ when the Tanzanian vocalist was in Malawi for the New Year’s Party in Lilongwe on December 31, organized by Grin’s Black Rhyno Entertainment.

The Malawian star has been in the spotlight after putting out his 2016 smash hits ‘Chipapapa’ feat 2Baba, ‘Kanda’ ft Sonyezo and Nigerian Orezi as well as ‘Sugar Mami’ ft Sonyezo and Zambia’s Roberto.

The new song is coming out as the Malawian mega musician is billed to perform at Iceland’s largest music festival Secret Solstice in June alongside global music superstars among them Rick Ross, Big Sean, Pharoahe Monch, Chaka Khan and Young M.A.

Tay Grin is the first Malawian to be enlisted to perform at the festival and is the only artist from Africa billed to entertain the fans with pure African music.

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Jazmin is a female RnB artist based in Blantyre.

Her name might be not in people’s knowledge and she may be new in the music industry but according to a few songs she has released so far, one would tell with no doubts that Jazmin is the next big name in the Malawian Music industry.

Her love for music developed many years ago when she was still young as she used to do it as a hobby but later it turned into a career.

She used to listen to some of the respected RnB artists on the planet like, Tony Braxton, Céline Dion, the late Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and etc.

One would find the above listed artists all in Jazmin despite her name being new in the industry.

Since Jazmin started seriously recording, she has managed to release 3 songs which are not just ordinary songs but instead they would be called “well cemented” songs according to the talent displayed on the songs and the messages the songs carry.

The three songs include, Malawi, You Are the One and the newly released My Heart Lied.

According to Jazmin, these songs will be put in her yet to be released album.

She is currently working on her album at Low Budget records with GD.

She hasn’t revealed the name of the album yet.


My Heart Lied is among the songs to be featured in her album.

In the song she talks about how her heart told her good & only good things about a certain man which later turned to be wrong, hence she blames her heart for lying to her.

Its a smooth RnB sound with a message most can relate with.

The video was shot and directed by Picture Perfect.

Watch the video below:

Download both the audio and the video here

Watch her other two videos below:

You Are The One



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2016 has been a year of blessings especially to these two crews both comprising of twins, W-Twice and Twin-M as they made noise through a few singles they dropped within the just ended year.

Despite that the two crews are into different genres, they still seem to have the same type of fan base since their songs are mostly played in most similar functions like in weddings and in Zinkhoswe, just to mention a few.

Ma Twin


They made it to fame which wasn’t easy and nobody would argue on the fact that they also underwent hardships and other sort of drawbacks considering how other artists are struggling to make a name in the music industry.

These two crews seem to be on a competition in as far as making hit songs is concerned.

The crew, W-Twice has a hit single “Wadutsa Pompa” that features Nepman. It came out last year and made uncontrollable noise up to the extent of attracting a remix which is also currently making noise.

The same applies to Twin-M who also made a hit song titled “Pasa Ine“.

It also had a huge morale that was later boosted by another hit song from them called “Single” which features Black Nina.

Looking into all this, one would not deny that there is some sort of a competition between them.

Well, this article will give you the chance to know more about these two crews, W-Twice and Twin-M, and struggles they have passed through just to be on the level they are today.

W- Twice
W- Twice

Born from Mr. and Mr.’s Chimombo, W-Twice, real names Willard and Wilson started doing music in 2009.

Since then, they have been releasing songs which weren’t popular until in 2013 when they made their first popular song “Chekecheke Thwa” which featured Mr. P.

The Blantyre based crew which comes from Ndirande Township says they grew up listening to music and their journey in music was inspired by different artists including the Village Champion singer Dan Lu.

“That time we used to watch the then popular music show on TV, Music Splash,” they said.

Apart from doing music, they are students and they have wrote the just ended Malawi School Certificate of Education Exams and expects to enroll college very soon.

As part of hustle, Willard and Wilson Chimombo run a grocery in their neighborhood.

After being asked to compare or differentiate themselves from Twin-M, they said: “Twin-M are singers and we are rappers so we cannot be compared from each other.”

Lastly, they had to talk about the future ahead of them which they disclosed that its looking bright since more achievements are to come.

“We can see a big achievement in the music industry since we are able to differentiate ourselves from where we were and where we are now. The future is crystal clear; we can see ourselves somewhere in the next 2 years”.

twin m


Born as Aaron and Andrew Masauli, Twin-M used to sing in the church choir in 2004 before they started doing their own songs.

They made their first album called “Chimwemwe” but unfortunately it never took them anywhere so they decided to quit and went back to sing in their church choir in their home village Nkhotakota.

Whilst there, many people used to motivate them saying they can still do better on their own; that is when they went to Blantyre and luckily they got a deal with “Too Fresh” who started to promote their music.

The future started looking bright when they made their first hit song “Pasa Ine” under “Too Fresh”.

Twin-M revealed that they have faced so many challenges and some are still there even now.

“We have ever performed at shows without being paid and ended up walking on foot going back home from a show which we were supposed to be paid”, they said.

Aaron and Andrew are still doing their secondary education.

They stay in Blantyre, Baluti around Stella Maris secondary school.

They said they do not differentiate themselves with W-Twice since they are all musicians.

“We cannot differentiate ourselves from W-Twice because we are all music artists and they say music is message,” they said.

As the competition of making hit songs is underway, Twin-M will soon release another song titled “Ndidzingodyabe” following the release of “Chiphwanya” by W-Twice a few weeks ago which features Zambian`s Chimzy Kelly.

Expect more from these two crews, W-Twice and Twin-M in 2017.

This is just the beginning.

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It’s not a question  of trying to tear people apart but rather appreciating the fact that in every crew, there is that one soldier who always make sure the crew`s flag stay up all the time.

The music industry knows and respects the Pasanje brothers as among rappers who are considered as legends in the hip-hop game.

These guys launched their music career many years ago before hip hop was dissolved.

They rose to fame in times of Jolly Bro whom most people knows as JB, the beef addict.

JB`s song Khalapansi which was everywhere made every ghetto youth to fall in love with the daredevils and start following the brothers.

Of course they had other songs before JB`s Khalapansi and not forgetting their mixtape “Welcome to the Dark Side” but those weren’t popular in streets as Khalapansi was.

They were later heard with the likes of Fredokiss and JB in songs like, Akazi, Kuthetsa Kunyoza, Akazi aku Blantyre, just to mention a few.

These joints and a few others helped the Deredevils to build their mainstream fan base.

With change of time, Malawi saw Daredevils fully diverted from hard beats they used to ride on, to mainstream beats that works even in weddings.

The change should therefore not be blamed as it is advisable to move with time.

The daredevils – Gd and Marques


The only change which is questionable is Marques`s participation in Daredevils. For the past two or three years Marques hasn’t been fully active and fully representing daredevils.

Perhaps that contributed to the silence of the daredevils over a year or two years ago.

The silence created space for other rappers who came and took over the game like nobody`s business.

The likes of Gwamba, and many others took over the hip-hop game and changed it.  Of course those weren’t much popular in times of JB, but big up to Fredokiss for making sure his flag was still raised even up to date.

Now everyone can agree with the fact that this game is like a woman who is not settled with one man but still runs to other men who seem to be pushing their way up.

Despite all these changes, GD who seems to be the soldier was still trying not to let the Daredevils flag completely on the ground even when other artists seemed to have had the game in their hands.

The fun base have witnessed a couple of songs in which GD was alone but still representing daredevils as a crew and other songs in which Marques only did one verse and the rest thrown to GD.

Just not long ago after the daredevils adapted the mainstream, the crew made a love tune “Only Love” which delivered a love message.

Everyone recalls Gd spat a line that went like, “forget the beef daredevils got love too”

That was actually accepting the fact that the game had changed from style it had before to a new changed style of hip hop.

Later, the daredevils made a track titled “Close to You” which was also a song with a love message and the fan base disassociated the daredevils from beef songs completely.

After “Close to you,” Marques was rarely seen participating in daredevils singles.

Could this be because the crew had adapted the change in the industry which most artists were using soft beats just to make a hit track and Marques was not comfortable with this? Nobody knows.

still keeping the crew`s morale alive – GD


Gd later embarked on one soldier journey and released “Love is in The Air”. The song was soft and it made noise and still represented the daredevils.

Of course Marques did not take a role in the song but still it helped the crew to maintain their name.

Mukuti Cha? Came out when most of the rappers had considered themselves as they were in full control of the game.

That could be why daredevils had to show up with “Mukuti Cha

The song was a hit too despite Marques further revealing his participation weakness as he only did one verse yet the song had carried 3 solid verses.

Should people suggest he had no enough lyrics to have covered the last few bars he was supposed to spit? Nobody knows too.

It is true that it’s not the question of how many verses each one of them should have contributed in the song to regard it as a song belonging to two of them as a crew.

But at least he was supposed to have dropped equal bars with Gd since he had reportedly been shunning away from those previous songs which Gd did alone. Just a thought.

He also dodged “Chikondi Chikangoyamba” which Gd featured his cousin Zeze and it made noise too after its release.

Anyway, maybe Marques was busy with his duties at Joy Fm when Gd had spared his time to record the hit song with Zeze? Nobody knows again.

Time passed without daredevils releasing another song and people lost faith in their beloved crew thinking that was their end.

Its 2017 where every artist is busy starting off the year with a brand-new track and just as it was announced that the Daredevils were resurfacing with another song; people waited.

Surprisingly, just 2 weeks ago the track came out and Gd was alone in this track again when everyone expected to hear both of them as daredevils on this new joint, No Devils.

The big question the daredevil fan base has is that, has Marques gave up on the daredevil swag or he has just forgotten his fan base for a minute?

Malawi music team hopes to link up with Marques to hear his side of the story.





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Kelvin Sings came into the limelight after winning that car prize in E-wallet talent show competition in 2016.

The singer really had the potential with his soft voice despite the competition being turf as fellow competitors also had what it could take to have won that Nissan Tiida.

But since there is always one winner in every competition, Kelvin emerged the lucky person.

Everybody knows that when the fire starts, there`s a need to accelerate it further by putting in more firewood because otherwise it gets off.

That is exactly what Kelvin did as he released another song titled “Zomwe Mkazi Amasowa” just after winning the E-wallet talent show competition.


The single boosted his name furthermore to the extent that other artists spotted his talent and he was mostly called to do hooks for several known artists.

He worked with Young Kay, Barry One and was also called on Tsa Leo`s Nane Remix, just to mention a few features the singer was seen on.

Now that 2017 has just started with only a month down, every artist seems to be busy starting off the year with at least a new single.


Kelvin Sings is also among those as he has just dropped “Tingotengana” today.

Tingotengana is a love song which features a Lilongwe based artist, Janta.

The message in the song is just easy to capture in the way that it relates to real life situations that do happen every day.

Kelvin himself narrates it.

“It talks about a guy and a lady who have known each other for a long time and happened to like one another, but none of the two ever had confidence to reveal their feelings.

“So this time, the guy himself has had enough of the hiding games to the point that he has attempted to tell the girl what has been in his mind ever since.” Kelvin said.

According to him, the concept was generated by his friend who also underwent the same situation.

“I was in Lilongwe for a show with Black Missionaries. One friend of mine was their too and luckily the girl whom he had been hesitating to propose love to was their also.

“So on this day, my friend gathered his courage and went straight to talk to the girl about his feelings on her. That connected with the concept I had from way back and next morning I called Janta for a session and it worked.” Said Kelvin.

the song will take me to further steps – Kelvin Sings

The singer expects this song to take him to further steps since he has outlined that he will give it a full promotion it needs so that it paves way for other projects to come.

The video plans the singer has, will really help to boost the hype now that music videos are in fashion and the country has been blessed with so many local television stations.

Kelvin Sings is under a label known as Echelon Music and he testified that it’s through the label where he now sees his huge potential in the music industry.

Sit back and relax as your ears get mesmerized with the new song Tingotengana.

Download the song by clicking here: Tingotengana by Kelvin Sings ft Janta


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The message in ‘No fear’ is quite clear. Iceberg is back to prove a point that he still has it, he still can rap. If you are a keen follower of Malawi urban music then you may remember Iceberg from the group WuN which gave us ‘Mbina’.

Produced by Dare Devils, ‘No fear’ is a blend of rap and reggae dancehall. The rapper addresses fellow rappers from bar to bar in a typical Hip Hop fashion. He also officially introduces Bossaro Music Group which he has formed with Cyclone of The Basement.

Iceberg may not sound the way he sounded in 2007. He has grown and we expect his content to be matured as well. Yes, we know rap is about attitude and swag, but it also works when one portrays the maturity in the lyrics. Mind you, Iceberg is a certified legal practitioner, imagine if he could use his status and connects to push his music.

According to the artist himself, one of the messages that Bossaro Music Group is advocating is doing everything to the maximum and be the best at what one does. Being more than a boss means you are a Bossaro! Am sure these are the kind of motivational concepts that budding rappers are looking for.

The Desert Eagle feature adds flavour to the track; it somehow reminds me of Nas and Damien Marley’s Distant Relative album. A well blended rap/reggae dancehall is always good to musical ears. And being a hookless track, the transition of the beat keeps you attentive.

Iceberg and Cyclone is a killer collabo. This might be a Bossaro Music Group year, let’s wait and see.

Download No Fear here

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Proud, the music duo which comprises of two artists, Spyral and Solo Maze is set to release music video for the hot song Mrabolova that happened to be released in the hot month too, august last year.

The song`s title is controversial itself to the point that many do not know what it means and in what language is the song`s tittle.

Well, Mrabolova is a made up word from the phrase “Rub All Over”


The concept of the song is just simple despite the title being tendentious.

It talks of rubbing off the dirty people throws at you; that it’s just nothing to stop you from enjoying your life and handling your business since people will always be there to spot your wrongs.

“The song talks about rubbing the dirt people throw at your clothes, which is a gesture showing that no matter how they try to bring you down, you will stay happy and well,” commented Proud.

This is one of those songs that would make you stress free and wipe off your frustration.

Mrobolova is the second video from Proud following Benzo which its video was released in 2016 march and received airplay from most local television channels in Malawi.

The video was directed and shot by Ben Bei around Blanytre town and also in Ndirande, Sunnyside and Mandala.


According to Proud, the new video will help to build more fun base for Proud and help to create a way for other projects that the duo has in plan.

“We have plans to release new songs and other videos this year, so this video will help to pave way for those projects and place us at the center of mainstream in the industry,” added the Proud.


Proud started off their musical journey is 2015 with single, Thyola and later pushed further by releasing audio for “Benzo” as well as its video.

Spyral, real name Kennedy Mwenya handles his role as a rapper in the group while Solo Maze, real name Solomon Mazengera handles the hooks and choruses with his soft voice.

Proud promises an Ep to drop soon that all their fans out there should be looking forward to hearing it.

watch the video below