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His real name is Elias Missi

He was born 28 years ago

He is a dedicated Muslim

He has never smoked weed or tasted alcohol in his entire life

He challenges he can do any genre even hip hop and RnB

He has a band called Bazooka Vybz

He is a father of two

He used to walk around and perform with a guitar in the streets way back in Mangochi

He has managed to release three albums since 2010

He is also a comedian just like Mr Jokes and others

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Its evident that as of now one would not take a 20 minute walk in the streets of Malawi without hearing Atoht Manje`s hit song Che Patuma which seems to be on most people`s playlist at the moment.

But despite the song being frequently played on radios and in most chilling spots, there are a number of people who do not get the actual concept of the track yet they still vibe with it when it drops.

Atoht Manje

The Malawi Music team caught up with Atoht Manje who in the process of chilling revealed what inspired the song.

According to Atoht, the Che Patuma name used in the song was adapted from his grand Mother.

“Che Patuma is my grandmother`s name yet the song does not talk about anything concerning her. In the song, a man is proposing to a Muslim girl who happens to be Che Patuma,”explained Atoht.

He added that the Che Patuma song and his other song titled Tizipepeseko were recorded in early 2016 but he did not release them by then because he had fears that fellow dancehall artists would diss him saying the songs are not dancehall songs.

i was afraid of being dissed : Manje

“I was afraid some guys would throw some shots on me saying the songs are not pure dancehall songs, so I did not release them but they had to leak to reach to the public without my consent,” said Manje who is also one of the members in a dancehall group, Kokoliko Treaty.

Since most artists are quitting the use of CD`s and adapting to live bands when performing on the stage, Atoht Manje whose real name is Eliasi Missi has also recently established his band that helps him during live performances.

Atoht with his Kokoliliko Treaty team mates

“I have established my own band which is called Bazooka Vybz Band and together we are called Manje and Bazooka Vybz. I use the band for live shows.

“Mostly it depends with the audience am booked to perform for, other audiences do not need a live band so I use CD`s,” said Atohti Manje.

In case you don’t have Atoht Manje`s Che Patuma hit song in your device, Download it here>>>>



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After the release of Lokolo six months ago, the Blantyre based artist Sonyezo is back with yet another hearting track titled ‘Down 4 U’ from Rude Intentions Riddim.

Despite himself being a producer, the production of Down 4 U has been put together by Dj Sley of Chit Chat records in Lilongwe.

Just like some of his previous hits, Down 4 U is a nice and smooth song with a concept of love. In the song, Sonyezo is expressing his feelings to a lady whom he really wants to be in love with.

The lyrics in the song can tell Sonyezo is really down for that particular lady.

“Kodi Unabadwa Bwanji, Kukongola ngati umagona M`madzi/ Kuti Ulore ndipange bwanji, Kapena mwina ndikunyambite mapazi”, goes part of the song.


The song is expected to cause noise especially this festive season.

Unlike Lokolo which was on sale in the Malawi Music Store, Down 4 U has been put for free download on the biggest leading Music Website in the country,

You can download Down 4 U here>>>>



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Acoustic musician, Lawi had on Saturday made history as he launched his album called Sunset in the Sky at Bingu International Convention in the capital Lilongwe.

Talking to media, Lawi said he was impressed with the attendance that came to witness the launch of his second album.

Lawi performing during the launch

“Everything went on well. I am glad people enjoyed the successful launch of the album”, said Lawi.

He continued to say he feel the dream has been fulfilled as he hoped to get those that truly appreciate his works in attendance.

“It was excellent. The idea was to get those that truly appreciate our performances to come out and enjoy before the music is widespread and we achieved exactly that.”

Some of the people in attendance included some top Malawian politicians and also other successful businessmen.

Sunset in the sky has a total number of 25 songs and among them are, Timalira, Dance with me and Yalira N`goma.


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Thousands of people especially in the commercial city of Blantyre had on Sunday flocked to Chileka where the famous local reggae group, The Black Missionaries was scheduled for a show in honour of the late Evison Matafale and other fallen musicians in the family of Fumulani.

the turn out before the rains started

But before people started to witness Ma Blacks rocking on the stage, the weather changed such that a massive downpour was witnessed and destroyed the good mood people were in.

A large crowd had remained hoping that the weather would get calm but their effort to still linger around yielded nothing.
mic checking

Anjilu Fumulani who is the band leader expressed his distress to reporters while suggesting to change the month at which the show is done annually.

“If people can understand, we can change the month of holding the memorial show. The rains and open air event are not compatible. But this will depend on many other factors,” said Anjilu.

some people had remained to dance in the mud waters

Among other Musicians on the line up were, Anthony Makondetsa (Mr Cool), The Mibawa Band, Ivory Coast female musician Tamanyawaka Chavula and etc.

its getting dark and the weather seemed not to calm down

The memorial show takes place every year in Chileka with the aim of celebrating the life of the late musicians in Fumulani family and also the founder of the Black Missionaries Band, Evison Matafale.

This year`s memorial show marked the 15th show since reggae icon Matafale passed.

The Black Missionaries fans

The late Matafale died on 27th November in 2001 while in police custody after being accused to have written a sedition letter against the government of Bakili Muluzi and the then ruling UDF party.

getting the equipment set

Matafale rose to fame in 2000 after the release of his debut album called Kuyimba 1 which had hits like Yang`ana Nkhope, Olenga Dzuwa and etc.

You can access The Black Missionaries songs here>>>







Rapper of the moment Fredokiss aka Ghetto King King has been unveiled as new brand ambassador for New Building Society (NBS) bank.

The ceremony took place at Ryalls Hotel in the commercial capital Blantyre.

Before the actual ceremony, Gheto King Kong real name Penjani Kalua, son to popular politician and Member of Parliament for Rumphi East Kamlepo opened Pafupi account with NBS at a ceremony that took place at Blantyre market car park.

The ceremony was witnessed by ghetto youths who were singing songs of praise for him. Others even went further to pose with fredo in a photo shooting that lasted for half an hour.

From there he proceeded to Blantyre market where he bought various perishable goods such as Tomato, Mangoes, vegetables and others.


Speaking to the press after the ceremony, Ntchana said he is deeply honoured

“Our mission is to create 1 million Jobs and business opportunities for the Malawian youth. Our road towards our dream has not always been smooth but with God we believe we shall achieve. Today NBS Bank has partnered with us and made “Fredokiss” their brand ambassador.

“We pray that this step forward shall in the longrun benefit the Malawian youth and uplift the music industry in the process,” he said

He added: “Let’s join hands and unite as youth’s to make Malawi a better place for everyone. Thanks to the people that support the movement and most of all, Jah Jah patsogolo.”

On his part, NBS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kwanele Ngwenya hailed Fredokiss for accepting the offer and choosing NBS.

“Fredo and NBS bank have similar vision which is to uplift the status of the youths across the country. This in turn will develop the country’s economy which is at the verge of collapse at the moment,” said Ngwenya.

Ngwenya then urged all the youths in the country as well as Malawians in general to open an account with NBS bank.

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1. He started as an artist & ventured into production due to lack of satisfaction of the production quality & creative process

2. He produced the entire Third Eye’s Highly underrated album

3. He produced HHP’s Pasopa in South Africa and the song was recorded and produced within 12 hours

4. As an artist, he is versatile. He has Reggae & Dancehall songs he never released that will never be released for the sake of image & direction

5. He got features in HHP’s intozam together with SA’s young starts like Priddy Ugly & Big Star Johnson just to mention a few

6. He has produced Blasto’s new EP titled Persistence

7. He likes listening to all genres of music but mostly the Malawian old local vibes

8. His favourite artist in the Malawian music scenary is late Allan Namoko

9. His favourite Hiphop artists are Gwamba & Third Eye

10. His favourite Producer is Chuma Soko


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Legnz Boy

If you are a Good Shudren fan who follows Good Shudren music with keen interest you probably have notice the absenteeism of Legnz boy in some of the recent Good Shuldren projects.

The rumor which has been circulating around is that Legnz boy was allegedly booted out by his fellow members because he was cheating by being in two music teams, the second one being Musketeer entertainment.

According to reports, the issue came in when Mafo verbally said on air that Legnz boy was no longer part of their family because he was engaged with duties from musketeer entertainment.

From Left: Mafo, Legnz boy, Nyasa b and Fame Zick

The puzzle grew so big that it prompted the Malawimusic Team to have a dialogue with both parties involved so that fans should know the sense of the story.

Speaking with Malawimusic team, Legnz boy said the news came as a surprise to him when he heard Mafo on radio saying that he was no longer part of Good Shudren.

Legnz Boy said that no one in Good Shudren is assigned for duties of neither removing a member nor being on top of other members.

“There is nothing I did wrong. It puzzled me when I heard Mafo saying that I’ve been booted out just because am also under Musketeer entertainment. I think it hurts them because I also do collaborations with other artists as if they do not collaborate with some artists not in Good Shuldren, said Legnz boy.

Legnz Boy

He added that he has since not been personally approached by his team members to tell him about his removal but he hopes to comply with whatever last decision his team members will make.

When he was asked if it was right to serve two masters at once which is being in Good Shudren and also in Musketeer entertainment, the rapper said “Good Shudren is a crew from the ghetto and I cannot deny being offered sponsorship from some people just because am in Good Shudren.

However, Nyasa B who commented on behalf of Good Shuldren said, Mafo`s statement was misinterpreted. He said Mafo did not mean Legnz boy was shown the exit door but rather he had lost his fully concentration on projects to do with Good Shudren because he was attached to two families at the same time.

Nyasa B

He said it’s just unfortunate that he missed other recent Good Shuldren projects because it’s not by rules that they must always be in every Good Shuldren song together as it depends on some concepts and space of the song.

“Sometimes we just select two or three members to be in one song and if he was not present in some of our recent songs that doesn’t mean he was isolated as part of Good Shudren, said Nyasa B.

Some of the songs which Legnz boy was left out are, Mwatenga Mbiri and Samalani Ma Babie Anu

Good Shuldren is a crew comprising of five artists, namely Mafo, Nyasa B, Legnz Boy, Fame Zick and Zafrey.

Recently Good Shudren choir released visuals of their hit song Sufuna. Watch it Below.




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1. He is a Fully trained Actor and Script Writer

2. He Doesn’t Own a Suit!

3. His Other Name is Mike But he Doesn’t Like it!

4. He likes Playing Pool Whenever he is free And whenever
there’s no Electricity at his home

5. He doesn’t write his Lyrics on Paper

6. He was a Musical Producer before

7. He sleep with the lights on. Unless There’s black out

8. He likes Watching Soccer more Especially when It’s
Chelsea/Be Forward Wanderers playing

9. His Name Was King Fammy Before he became Blakjak

10. He likes Buying Alcohol for People

11. He has been Single for Two years. Work and School became
his Priority

12. He likes Mocking people (His friends)

13. He is Very good at Cooking. Very Very Good!

14. He smiles Even When he is Angry

15. He likes Any type of music depending on his Mood


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1. Her real name is Atupele Clara Mahata

2. She was born in Nkhotakota St Mary’s Hospital

3. Her first international collaboration was with Dr Sid of Mavin Records when they did a remix of China love

4. Her first ever live interview was on BBC 1 extra with DJ Edu on Destination Africa. It was a Christmas special in 2012

5. She wrote her Zipepese verse while walking to the market and sent it to Hyphen as a voice note on her way back home

6. Her first Ever Radio play was on Power 101 with a track titled “The Aycee” produced by Beyani Bassik Munthali

7. She prefers Twitter to Facebook

8. Her proudest moment so far was when she called her father & his caller tune was her song

9. She likes to Code. Her favourite language being PHP & MySQL

10. She is addicted to SOBO Orange Squash

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His real name is Blessings Gwengwe

He is somehow related to former presidential running mate Sosten Gwengwe

He was under warge records before Ben Sam entertainment

He rose to fame with a song titled Tidabwepo when he was still under warge

He used to be known as a Lilongwe based artist before he came to settle in Blantyre

He used to rap before he started singing

He challenges he can do any genre as long as music is concerned

He feels more comfortable when he is surrounded by haters

He is a true Christian but also a Rastafarian

He proudly has a girlfriend whom he plans a future with

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and sunglasses

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1. She is the second born out of three girls

2. Her favourite meal is Nsima, nkhwani and road runner

3. She is the calmest when she is at the lake and when she is cooking. She loves cooking

4. She can’t eat any dairy products

5. Zani Challe and her are childhood friends

6. She own probably over 200 shoes. She’s an addict

7. She tried producing music but she discovered that she is not patient enough

8. In another life she was a lawyer. She actually wanted to go into law when she was younger

9. Her favourite cocktail is Pop the cherry

Get her Music on here >>

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Malawi`s renown hip-hop artist, Fredokiss is geared up for yet another free show in Lilongwe barely a month after pulling a massive crowd in Ndirande township in the commercial capital Blantyre.

Fredokiss; geared up to make history in Lilongwe

The show has been slated for 14 October at Masintha ground where also the ghetto King Kong shall unveil a song he has made special for this day which features Lilongwe based producer AK.

the turn out at Ndirande show in Blantyre

If you have been dying to be In Fredo`s music video this is your chance as the video of this song will also be shot on the same day.

It’s evident his Lilongwe fans can’t wait for the special performance of the song and also his other hits like, Ndikatseka maso, Amanditcha Fredo, Dear Jah Jah and many other songs that mesmerized fans at his previous show in Ndirande Ghetto.

Chi Ntchana Fredo

Upcoming artists have not been left out as they also have a chance to showcase their skills at this biggest concert just by registering to this number (0888851700) through Whatsapp.

it was like a political rally in Ndirande

According to Fredo, the whole move is to show appreciation and give back to the community for the love and support they show to him.

one of the students benefiting from Fredokiss Education Scholarship program

While giving back to the society is concerned, the rapper also has what he calls Fredokiss Education Scholarship which sponsors needy students in various government secondary schools.

Just recently, the rapper released another hit song which features Sir Lucius Banda and you can download it here>>>>


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1. He writes most of his songs in the shower

2. He started rapping at the age of 8 & didn`t record till he was 17

3. He loves sports especially Soccer

4. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business administration Majoring in Accounting

5. Kanye West is his favourite artist

6. He likes watching animations

7. He is named King Katakwe for being his own competition & rulling himself

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1. He has a son his name is Ryan

2. He is a student at Malawi Adventist University

3. He has sisters who sing better than him

4. He is the only boy in a family of 4 

5. Ndimfana wamu ghetto! He stays in kawale

6. He is an SDA member. Mpesa weniweni

7. He doesn’t write songs! Amangomva beat ndikuyamba kuyilowa

8. He likes football and plays soccer too.

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1. He likes Wambali mkandawire’s music full time. Thats the easiest way for him to learn tumbuka fluently

2. Before being a rapper he was a beat Maker. He recorded his songs when everyone was out of the studio untill his friends encouraged him to do both

3. Instrumentals of his songs like “Go deeper”, “Mwapindulanji”, “Grace Chi”, “Zikumpweteka ft mafo” & “Malawi” Were made by him

4. He was born in blantyre – QECH

5. He is a Fourth year student at Luanar NRC campus Studying BSc Nutrition in Food tech

6. He don’t have his own song featuring Gwamba or Krazie G

7. He has Dj’d for Mafunyeta before

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1. She has been an orphan since her teenage

2. She is a single mom

3. Her song concepts come from her dreams

4. She is a very quiet & humble lady


5. She is a belly dancer

6. She has 5 siblings who are all female

7. She is fully Malawian. Her mother was from Mangochi and father from Chiradzulo

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1. He’s the last born in the Family of 6.

2. He’s a fan of Silver Strikers, Manchester United & PSG

3. He writes with both hands “left & right”

4. He is a Christian

5. He has a Bachelors Degree (Hons) in Computer Science & Software Engineering

6. He released his first studio track when he was 14 years old..

7. He has released over 130 singles and has one album (with 24 Tracks)

8. He is the 1st Dancehall/ Reggae artist in Malawi to receive 5 nominations and win 2 Awards Same year.

9. He is a big fan of the Late “Gift Fumulani”

10. To start doing music, he was much influenced by his elder Brothers; Yung Degree and Kinton (of the Massavage Crew).

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1. She grew up partly in Zimbabwe & she can understand Shona and still speak some of it

2. She used to be an athlete at school. The 100 metre Sprint, 100 metre hurdles and high jump were her favourite sports

3. She started singing when she was 10

4. She love books, reading them and writing in them. She pays attention to the font used, the texture of the paper and the design of it overall. She’s a Certified bookworm

5. Her actual full name is Kimberley. She was named after a diamond mine is South Africa hence Kim of Diamonds

6. What inspired her to learn how to play the basic chords of a guitar is how hard it used to be for her to find a beat or instrumental to write a song to. Problem was solved when she learnt that guitar from her dad

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Lilongwe based & Hype Entertainment affiliated Rapper “Episodz” is set to drop a new single “Botolo” this coming Monday produced by AK well known as AKOnThaBoard and GD. Episodz, the fast rising rapper and an entrepreneur from the Capital city has featured Blantyre based legend GD of the Daredevils crew. Botolo is a song talking about drinking straight from the bottle and having a good time no cups no time to fight with the haters either, the need for just kicking back and having fun forgetting about life worries

Its all about the need for just kicking back and having fun forgetting about life worries

Episodz real name William Phoya has been active in the Malawi Music industry, been renowned by many  for his gifted style and lyrics delivery in his own songs and collaborations and has made a lot of progress still growing as an artist and his fan base too.  In an interview with Malawi Music dot com crew, Episodz has revealed he is currently working on an EP fixed for release early next year under Hype Entertainment where he is presently being housed with other artists; Taelo, Angie and Chance

 More fire more heat! We ending the year with a banger!

Speaking on the Old School and new school issue that has been recently trending on social media, Episodz was quote saying “Am in the middle! I can’t Diss the old school because they paved the way and they are the people I grew up listening to. But if any old school disses me personally then it would be a me and him thing. Not new school Vs Old school”

I can’t Diss the old school because they paved the way

However, commenting on his Bi-lingual song which most Music lovers took it to the social media that the song which had lines “Zoti MunaBlowa Zimenezo Ndizanu! Mulibe makopala tikudya azikazi anu” was a bull to a certain artist. Episodz said “Its not direct to anyone! I always spit provocative lines. But if the shoe fits wear it lol Chill”

Botolo song will be available for streaming and downloading on Monday at 9:30 pm and Bi-lingual song both Audio & video can be downloaded here:

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After dropping a remake of the all time hit song Daily Daily a remake that features more lilongwe up coming and legend rappers, Biriwiri has backed allegations that the song intentionally side lined Blantyre artists. Daily daily Remake features artists Episodz, Malinga Mafia, Malceba, Charisma, Tuno, Martse and Toast . The song came out last week and saw many social media posts describing the song to have more Lilongwe artists than Blantyre.

When speaking in an interview with Malawi Music team, the duo which comprises of Kabuzi and Zizwa said the song didn’t favour any city despite dominance of lilongwe artists “there is a lot of talent in Blantyre. It’s just a mere coincidence that Lilongwe had more acts on the song. It was never about cities but acts we felt would do the song justice

Biriwiri (Zizwa & Kabuzi): It was never about cities but acts we felt would do the song justice

Furthermore explained the criteria of picking the artists on the song and described it as coincidence that lilongwe dominated ” We were getting a lot of feedback from our fans about the Remake. Some artists also asked us to remix the song but we felt the song is a classic so we decided to handle the production process ourselves. We picked the artists who we felt would fit the song make the Remake as good as the original” added. In addition, Sley is one of top producers in Africa and as Biriwiri we knew he would kill it. And he did” they said.

Daily Daily main by Biriwiri enjoyed airplays on major radio stations around 2005. And the remake has taken music lovers back in those days. Speaking on the group’s future plans, they revealed they have an album to come up and other  remakes might also follow “To reiterate , this was never a BT/LL thing. And when we decide to make another Remake that will not be a factor.

Biriwiri: We are still finalizing our album so our fans should expect fireworks

You can stream and Download to Daily daily Remake here:

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Malawi celebrated hip-hop star Krazy-G has sweeped off diss he had with Chavura despite Chavura’s continous jabbs to him. Krazy G who is also known as King Katakwe revealed in an interview that his diss with chavura ended a while ago and it’s now pointless, when speaking in an interview with Malawi Music, Krazy G also revealed that he knows nothing about what sparked beef between him and Chavura “He definitely knows I don’t know, I mean why would King K beef someone who didn’t have a name before he beefed King K. It doesn’t make sense! As far as I am concerned the beef ended. The rest of these other people talking about the beef just have a lot of time on their hands, I don’t” he said.

However King Katakwe backed his almost 2 years silence and said he was busy with work but further promised his fans more of good music this year.

I’ve been learning how to make a job & music work together.

Krazy G who came on the spotlight with a late Revolver’s Sindidanda feature that had him and other figures like Gwamba also revealed that his relationship  with Trap Squad was work related nothing personal  and nothing went wrong between him and the team ” I worked with Trap Squad, is the relationship had with them. A work relationship. nothing went wrong” he said. His remarks also comes despite the artist allergedly throwing jabbs to trapsquad in Bayuum thii “kodi mkazi ungamandikonde nditakhala wachimutu ngati revolver/ kodi  mkazi ungandikonde nditakhala wachibwibwi ngati Chavura” part of krazy G Raps in bayuum thii a song by Ben Sam entertainment.

“Choka” is Not a Diss song! Never been

Speaking on his New Video “Choka”, krazy G said he is excited to release the visuals now ” Well  the hard work we put in it. I feel good can’t lie, even more motivated. S/O to VJ Ice for working out that magical piece of art” he revealed. “Let me also add to say Choka is not a diss song to anyone  I inspired myself to do such a song as  I influenced myself to many things” he added.

Expect a guaranteed abundant supply of good music & More videos coming A lot more

You can Watch “Choka” video on Krazie-G’s Youtube channel and is also available for downloads on Video Wall here:[prod._chux]/


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If music videos are meant to entertain while at the same time giving the viewers a better understanding of the song’s concept, then zathu band has it all.

Their first ever music video, zimatere zimatere was released earlier this year and proved the talent that the band has in producing heart taking videos with a remarkable narration in them.

Watch Zimatere Zimatere below

Just last month, zathu band put out another must watch music video for their song sitigonja.

Sitigonja video narrates best the concept of the track in which them as youths had a mission to accomplish but they underwent some difficulties before accomplishing their mission.

The video starts in the house where they were about to leave for the photoshoot which was to take place at a far place from their house.

While on the way, they met some obstacles including to meet with a father to one of them who discouraged the son not to go with his friends for the photoshoot but he was later convinced at a later stage allowing the son to proceed.

at the photoshoot

Zathu band has a unique style of music which sees Malawian chichewa words being laid on modern type of instrumentals that gives the band a special ID from other people`s music in the country.

The band is made up of six youthful members known as Annetti, T-Reel, Mphatso, JP, Xander  and Chikondi.

Apart from delivering nice music, the team has a radio show which gets aired on Saturday on MBC Radio 2 at 5pm and on Sunday on Zodiak at 1:30 pm.

Below is their trending music video “Sitigonja” watch it…







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After coming in with the song that caused controversy in the music scenes “Legends never die” , the duo that irked the controversy of who is better between Old cup rappers and New school rappers, Bossaro Music Group comprising of Iceberg and cyclone have finally spoken out on the debates that are trending on the social media.

When speaking with Malawi music in an exclusive interview on of the duo Iceberg said it’s a surprise to him that people are using the song to spark beef between the new cup and old school ” I’ve heard those rumors and I’m yet to understand why people are pushing for that beef and using Legends Never Die as an example. Barry One on verse 2 says “Don’t get it twisted, new school is not the problem, you boys bragging and barking are the problem”. There is no “hate of new school” . At BMG we are against any whack attempts at hip hop whether you are old school or new school and we respect anyone who can spit whether they are old school or new school. But if any individual or group of individuals feel like dissing us and if it’s worth my time we were born ready with bars” he said.

Bossaro Ice: A reminder to the nation of how skilful we are. Pioneers! Legends! No matter who comes and goes no one can ever take that from us.

However the artist also added that bossaro Music Group came to alert all the rappers to raise their A-game ” To be honest Legends Never Never Die doesn’t target anyone in particular. It was something for the entire rap game. We want Malawian hip hop to progress so we decided to raise the bar. We want everyone to step up and give us great rap verses and songs. So if anyone is offended by the song I think that means that person realizes they are not on our level and needs to step up. As the saying goes “if the shoe fits, wear it” he revealed.

Furthermore partner to Iceberg , Cyclone said legends never die is just like any other song and people arent supposed to catch feelings over it “Legends never die wasn’t targeting anyone but still some people seem to have caught feelings. Somehow I think its not much about the song, they are just scared of competition because BMG is coming in strong” he added.

Bossaro Cyclone: We are ready to work with all people, those who classify themselves as old or new school, our aim is to push the industry

Still when contacted for quick response veteran musician also a celebrated television show Host Blakjak has called off beef rumours saying in Malawi artists use beef to gain  public symphathy and attention “There has never been Any diss in Malawi maybe save for Lomwe Vs Tay. The rest of these artists are just trying to use beef as excuse for their failed Careers or to try and push records. Far as am concerned, there’s no beef” he said.

BlakJak: it’s Stupid for people to always assume that! It was just about time we had to make music together and the only befitting title was “Legends Never Die”.

Legends never die song is believed to be the song that caused fury among the new artists and they went ahead to call old school artists irrelevant in the industry. Among so many artists that showed anger with the old school musicians are Excess, Toast, just to name a few.


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The Daredevilz

Welcome to the Darkside, The 15 track mixtape with a skit and a public announcement as an introduction was released between 2006 and 2009 by two brothers Graiton and Marcus Pasanje from the duo Daredevilz.

The Daredevilz

Despite that between the said years, most people were not familiar with accessing music online, the mixtape managed to make the duo popular such that they gained a huge fan base and even inspired some youths into doing music.

Graiton Pasanje a.k.a GD

Since its release up to date, the mixtape has always been considered as one of a few realest projects ever had been put out in Malawi in as far as urban music is concerned.

Marcus Pasanje

Recorded and mastered by the Deredevilz at their studio “Low Budget”, the tape features other Malawian artists which include Renegade, Siddo, Young Kay, Lil One and Word.

Below is the track list of the Mixtape

  1. Public Announcement (Intro)
  2. Pass the Drink ft Young Kay
  3. I Don’t Play that Shit
  4. Sexy Girl
  5. Bitch ft Siddo
  6. Talk Dirty
  7. Name Change (Hustle & Flow Skit)
  8. Me
  9. I Rap Nice ft Lil One
  10. Clap Em
  11. What You Want ft Renegade
  12. Sticks in a Box
  13. Journey of a Thousands Miles ft Word
  14. 24-7-365
  15. Change Your Heart

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