Malawian urban artists continue reaching out to the global audience with the latest one being gospel musician Frank Josiya whose “Malo” music video is currently on Trace TV.

The video for ‘Malo’ whose audio dropped in 2023 premiered on Trace TV in March, 2024 and since then it has been enjoying a massive airplay on the platform.

Josiya on Trace Gospel

In a brief interview, the 30-year-old artist who is based in Dedza expressed satisfaction for the news while explaining the concept behind the song.

“Basically the song talks about the story of a person who has given up the worldly activities and finally turned to God and therefore testifying that he has finally found a place “Malo” up there in heaven,” said Josiya.

Following this news, the artist is optimistic that his new song “Defender” will also have an easy way to go on Trace TV.

Defender was released early in March on Malawi Music dot com, marking the first release for the artist this year.


Having started serious music in 2011, Frank Josiya has to his catalogue other songs like Chikondi, Monalisa, Letter, Musalowerere just to mention a few. You can download them all by clicking here.

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