Renowned youthful dancehall musician Mafunyeta Maluli real name Patrick Magalasi passed away last night on 11th August 2013 between 21:30 and 22:00 due to a asthmatic attack. .  Tributes continue pouring in for dancehall artist Mafunyeta; President Joyce Banda has also sent her condolences saying “I am very shocked to hear the death of one of our nation’s best talented young musician Patrick Magalasi (aka, Mafunyeta.) My Condolences go out to the Family….He was Truly A Great Young man sharing his music of love and peace.  RIP.”

Mafunyeta died on Sunday night after an asthma attack.  His brother Ronald confirmed Mafunyeta’s death saying he was pronounced dead at Area 18 Health Clinic in Lilongwe where he was rushed to after he collapsed on the way to the clinic. Mafunyeta had gone to Mwanza to bury his sister Mphatso Magalasi and coming back from the burial it was when he got the asthma attack and succumbed to it.  This is really a sad story to the Magalasi family. Yesterday they buried Mphatso now they should be resting Mafunyeta.

Condolences to the rest of the family.  Let us not forget them in our prayers.

The remains of Patrick Magalasi (Mafunyeta) have been taken to mortuary. People have now started gathering at his home in area 18.  We will miss you Maluli aka King Shaka.


Download a tribute mix made to celebrate Mafunyeta’s life on earth.



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