Jay Willz comes back with the 6th installment to the Johnny Willz Mixtapes. The journey From Johnny Willz mixtape 1 to 6 has been a timeline in the life of Tika Mulamba well know as Johnny Willz. In the mixtape 6 first thing you will notice is the work energy that was put in the project, with a lineup of some of Malawi top talent from Incyt, Dessert Eagle, AB, Ace Dirty and new comer Trix representing for the capital city.
Talking to Johnny Willz about his latest release, he said that in the project he wanted to instil the tradition of the Johnny Willz Mixtape, by bringing back artists that he originally started making music with. Also keeping the consistence of the mixtapes as they have been released annually for the past 6 years with each of them showcasing a professional stage of the artists and the production.
So far The Johhny Willz mixtape is the best mixtape we have heard from all previous 5 mixtapes albums that have been released by the artist/producer. While in the Johnny Willz Mixtape 5 there were a lot more songs and diversity, at the end of the 5th mixtape the listeners was left instability, looking for more, unlike the new tape. In six Jay Willz has fixed this by letting the music do the work. Even though the album is complete with production by Johhny Willz, its worth to note that this tape does not include usual production partner St Bosserratti aka 3rd Degree.
Mixtape 6 is definitely worth a listen, its album full of maturity, honesty and praise for Jesus. The lyrics are cleverly put together and all the songs are in their perfect position supporting each other making the cd playable start to finish without problems. Johnny Willz mixtape 6 contains 12 tracks including an interlude by Sister Fire.
Click here to download Johnny Willz Mixtape 6 here

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