Maskal aka SingJay has released a new single titled “The Way You Are“. The new song was recorded live and produced in Birmingham, United Kingdom (UK), by Zimbabwean born Sonny N Moyo at Africa Translated Records. The music video for “The Way You Are” video is expected to be released before 2013 ending.
The Malawian Afro-R&B singer recently left the country for a UK Tour which has seen him perform in several venues in Nottingham and Manchester. Together with Ireland based Malawian rapper, Pop Dogg, the UK tour has been extended and will go as far as Glasgow, Scotland.
Other artists on the tour include, King Lexy, Metamore and Hazel Mak.
According to H&K Events CEO, Henry Dokowe Ngwira, the artists have delivered amazing performances that left the crowds wanting more and more from the Malawian artists.
“I try to give a well-balanced, sonic experience for my fans. “The Way You Are” is a continuation of my journey, moving forward and giving my fans the best I can give them.” – Maskal
Maskal’s debut album, “Nthawi” was released in 2010 and he followed it up with “Umunthu” in 2012. According to his manager, Kimpho Loka, the release date for the upcoming album will be made public only in the New Year.

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