Drew Moyo was born in 1982. His music influence is slated from various genres and artists like Oliver Mutukudzi, Kenneth Edmonds, WambaliMkandawire, Arthur Mafokate, Tony Toni Tone, Seal, Dr Dre and Timbaland and David Guetta just to name a few.
In 2002, Drew ventured deeper into his music career on a quest to establish himself as an artist through playing as a DJ in clubs and performing as a solo acoustic artist. His talent was recognized by Malawi’s leading private fm station, POWER101FM, in 2004. There he established himself as one of the top radio DJs in Malawi’s broadcasting industry with his unique way of mixing songs and character when presenting his radio shows. One of Drew’s major achievements on radio was when he represented Malawi as a judge for the International Southern Africa Sprite DJ Competition in 2006. Whilst still working with Power 101 in March 2007, he won the opportunity to accompany Q Malewezi of ABSTRAKT MAGAZINE in Malawi and AfurakanMohare of HEAD GEAR MEDIA to South Africa as a DJ on their appearances on Channel O’s Oboma and SABC. Immediately after playing on Channel O Drew realized the potential of changing Malawi music by making his own music and he started producing his own unique sound. His debut album,“The Journey vol.1”, came out in April 2008 and was the first Afro/Soul house album ever released in the history of Malawi’s music industry.
In 2008 Drew also worked with one of Ghana’s leading FM stations, YFM Ghana for seven months. He quickly learnt and adopted the cultural morals of Ghana and established himself as a popular DJ on radio. DJ Drew performed two nights at the 2009 Lake of Stars festival in Mangochi, to promote his new CD “The Journey vol 2”. His second CD further explores a new type of House music created by Drew, which he calls “Alien House” – a unique fusion of Euro dance music with traditional African sounds as well as house remixes. He also worked as a popular radio presenter at one of Malawi’s leading radio stations, CAPITAL FM 102.5.
Drew continued his music journey as he was one of the artist that got people grooving non stop with his accoustic vibes and Dj skills at the Lake of Stars Festival 2009, 2010 and 2011. Drew Moyo is Currently working on a new album in Oslo Norway

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