It's a song full of unanswered questions
BarryOne: It’s a song full of unanswered questions

Hip-hop artists BarryOne is on February 18 scheduled to release a song tackling the political and other situations currently affecting the country.

The song, titled ‘Chifukwa Chani’, among others questions why Malawi continues to go through difficult time facing issues like poverty, corruption and political intolerance.

The track is taken from his latest album ‘Footprints’ released in September 2013 and features R&B singer Bucci on the hook.

Speaking to Nyasa Showbiz, BarryOne explained the meaning behind it: “The song is full of unanswered questions of the current state we are in, politically, socially, spiritually as well as musically.”

“It’s a very powerful song as most can relate to it, it leaves no one but rather speaks to all as a nation,” added the rapper.

A very catchy beat, but very lyrical and with Bucci’s voice, ‘Chifukwa Chani’ makes it appealing to all classes of people.

The artist believes music is a very powerful tool to communicate with people, hence said he tackles real life issues to appeal to the masses.

He is notable from the releases he has had with songs like ‘Chikondi Chathu’, ‘Ulendo’, ‘Kapilire’ and ‘Malangwani’, just to mention a few.

‘Footprints’ is BarryOne’s third album from ‘Tionana’ and ‘Legendary’ released in 2006 and 2012 respectively.

The rapper also told Nyasa Showbiz that this year he will be focusing much on rebranding his name plus releasing music videos. He plans of releasing another album later in the year.

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