James better known as Ma Lala ( a Lake Malawi, Mangochi music artist)

Ma Lala’s debut album titled “Tsongolo” is a mixture of acoustic and afro soul meditation music. The 11 track album is composed of stories and rhythms that give out a song and dance rhythmic feel that you would you expect to hear from a Lake Malawi, Mangochi based artist. A teacher and also a graduate of Chancellor college Ma Lala skills in singing, playing guitar and playing keyboard are undeniable and already taking over the Malawian airwaves. The Tsogolo album will be going on sale online for the first time this month.   The album was recorded by Uncle Lai at Audo Clinic Studios in Blantyre with the exception of Chirombo and Tsologo tracks which were produced by Pro Pee.  The album also features Michael Goba Chipeta on Kuli Chete, a song that encourages friendship and positivite thinking.  The hit single from the album “Nyumba Yangongole” is also one of those songs that you can listen to over and over.  The songs talks about how everything in life is borrowed and how some one can spend their whole life building something and someone could negativily come and destroy it.  When we asked Ma lala about this song and what made him write it like that he said the song was motivated by a true story of one of his friends that passed away and in some way this is how he is remembering his mate.

"I can only give them all of me" - Ma Lala
“I can only give them all of me” – Ma Lala

Ma lala is a new comer but definately a force to be recogn with.  His matured skills and honestly is the canvas of all his music in this album.  You can enjoy the 3 pre released singles from the album, available for free for a short period of time.

Support Ma Lala by buying his album through Airtel Money or Credit card when it goes online this month. Enjoy http://m.malawi-music.com/album.php?id=296

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