Gibo Lantosi on one of his nights out

When you hear the new Gibo lantosi track which some people have already acclaimed a hit, you cant help it but be reminded of the late Mafunyeta (RIP). Mafunyeta was well known for having controversial songs which were not aired on some radio stations back then. On the side Gibo Lantosi new music seems to come close to a similar extreme. Malawi is a small country and both artist being from Lilongwe it would contribute to a fair amount of influence and cross cultural exchange. One listener had this to say about the song “Gibo Lantosi is not sleeping, he is making music in the dark.” The song is definately catchy but its not for the young at heart or our church going folks on here. Check out “Ma Units” which is a song about Gibo Lantosi and something about his phone. Enjoy…

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