Ron C well know video producer in the dub

One of the country’s best music video producers,
Ronald Zeleza, otherwise known as Ron Cz, says
his goal is to see Malawians music videos hitting
the international scene.
The talented Blantyre-based videographer,
speaking in an interview Friday, said he wants to
see Malawian artists flooding international TV
channels such as Channel O and MTV just like
South African and west African countries such as
Nigeria and Ghana.
“My vision is to see Malawian videos flooding the
two main giant music video channels, God
willingly I want to open doors for the industry
here,” said Ron Cz, who among many top
Malawian videos, produced R&B singer, Theo
Thomson’s, latest video “Awake” which made it
on MTV and enjoyed airplay for several months.
Apart from Theo Thomson’s “Awake”, Ron has
also produced top-quality videos dominating the
local airwaves such as AyCee James’ “China
Love”, Gwamba’s “Bola Kusache” and “Ndiyima
Pachulu”, GD’s “Love is in the air”, Tech’s “Pa
Ochepa Omwewo”, Sticky Stax ft Classik’s
“Already Done It” and the latest Revolver ft Krazie
G and Judagaga’s “Mundione Pano”, just to
mention a few.
Commenting on Revolver’s video, which took him
close to two months of perfecting before it was
premiered locally and on YouTube on Friday, Ron
Cz revealed he had sent the song to Channel O for
preview and was waiting for feedback.
“I’ll also try MTV; I’m trying to push hard and am
confident enough that the video can make it,
unless there are minor things they can point out
may be, but I have worked to meet their
standards,” he said with poise.

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