Ellen Kadango, born 5th August 1989, second born in a family of 5 being only girl, musician and choreographer,song writer,footballer, yao by tribe, currently living in Lilongwe, a marketing officer and a business lady, studied computer science at Donbosco, journalism at Sky Way and currently now an on-line student in Community Development (ABMA). Born in a political family background. Started music so young at the age of 10 she would imitate a band with the company of her brothers.

“..We used tins and galons to make music equipment like drums, guitars etc..Later created a dancing club” – Elly K

Elly K in a class of her own
Elly K in a class of her own

She comes from Balaka in the south of Malawi. Her family supports her music career and 3 of her brothers help herĀ in dancing and composing some of here songs. Ellen’s latest single is title Nthano and can be downloaded here Nthano – Elly K

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