Gwamba and Nesnes all set to meet their destiny on 21 September at LL Gold Club.

Prime Time Media is pleased to announce the release date for their artists, Gwamba and Nesnes’, albums. The two albums will be unveiled on 21 September, 2014, at a Double Launch scheduled for Lilongwe Golf Club.
Gwamba, a hip-hop artist, and Nesnes, a dancehall/Afro R&B singer, have been working on their albums since 2013 and have so far released singles which have been making waves on the local music scene and neighbouring countries.
Gwamba’s album is titled “Kudutsa Pakhoma” and Nesnes’ album is titled “Nthawi Yakwana”. Off his album, the award-winning hip-hop artist has singles such “Bola Kusache”, “Ndiyima Pachulu” and “Zimuvuta”, while his label-mate has “Chidodo”, “It’s Not Fair” and “Iwe ndi Ine”, which have taken the airwaves by storm.
The two albums have been produced by Blantyre and Lilongwe producers such as Uncle Layi, Janta, BFB, DJ Sley and Pro-Pee. The Prime Time Media artists have featured both up-and-coming and big artists.
The Double Launch will see other local artists supporting Gwamba and Nesnes, and on the line up there is Skeffa Chimoto, King Chambiecco (another Prime Time Media artist), Blasto, Tech, Malinga Mafia, Mwanache, Marste, Krazy G and Battafly.
The launch is also to kick start a charity project which Gwamba and Nesnes are developing, inspired by their collaboration, a song titled “Bola Kusache”, which inspired them to get involved not only in music but also serving the nation.
Commenting on their long-awaited albums release, the two artists express their gratitude that finally they will have albums on the market.
“I am very excited that finally the album will be coming out. I have been waiting for this moment,” says Gwamba, whose 12-track album tackles aspects of Life, Love, Abortion and Poverty. He says “It’s an album that tackles facts that are there but people don’t talk about. Such issues need to be addressed but people choose to ignore them”.
Nesnes says: “Am so happy that finally the time has come for me to bring out an album, I have been in the game since 2007 and I was just releasing singles this is going to be my first album so it’s just a sign that Nesnes is growing.”
Nesnes’ 15-track album tackles issues ranging from Love, Life and the Gospel, inspired by personal experiences, family and friends.


Dont Miss It!!
Dont Miss It!!

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