Could Nepman be the next best big thing to come out of Malawi?

Now its not every day that we get excited with an artist music works when we get it here at offices But this next artist road to success is what you are about to read here in this article. These days its common for a musician to drop a hot single one day and drop a “not-so-good” song the next day. This is not the case with the artist in question here. Nepman has been making music for a long time, a man with a natural skill for making music, a chart topping persistent hit-maker. His experience can been traced back to the days when Matafale was kicking. Nepman has done songs with the likes of Lucius Banda, Piksy, Anko Layi, Kabol etc. “First time we met up with Nepman, we discovered he is a very calm and collected man, who chooses his words accordingly.” – Besides him being a foot or two taller than most people in Malawi, behind this intricate character there is a man with a destiny. If its true what people say about fate being the work of God, then this man’s day awaits him where by Malawi will bath in his intricate lyrical flow that is a no match for anybody else. Nepman has proven to be a team player by doing many features on his road to fame. Most notably his work with Diktator for first single online Chilibe Season (Feat Piksy and Nepman) – Diktator, a song that spent more time on number 1 on the top 100 charts than any other position. After this hit single saturated the airwaves, people understood that Diktator’ choice of artist to feature on this song was nothing less of genius. So far Nepman has released ONLY 2 of his own tracks, all available with videos, which has left people waiting to own the mp3 versions to these songs. This has created a buzz by itself. Hence what is Nepman cooking? From what we have gathered Nepman is a very smart guy, its possible that he is planning to release an album by end year. What an album release would mean for Nepman at this stage is the talk on many people in the country right now. With the recently released Nepman – Na Lelo ft Kabol we can almost hear the anticipation building in people’s hearts with a presentation done by one of Malawi’s best. Check out the new Nepman – Na Lelo ft Kabol video here


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