Join in the most important causes thus far, The environment.

Music can bring people people together and music can be used as a communication medium to highlight concerns.  This is why Musicians across Malawi are coming together to spread awareness concerning the environment, energy, natural resources and climate change through a series of free shows.  Climate change is a long-time change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns and it is inevitable after an extended period of time. Everyday people living in Malawi witness the effects of climate change like change in average weather conditions across the country, or in the time variation of weather around longer-term average conditions.  It is a known fact that Malawi is one of the top countries that has been facing difficulty due to climate change.  At the same time Malawi has one of Africa’s highest deforestation rates of 2.8% per year.  From this understanding it’s obvious that things will get worse if we don’t do anything about it.

The new initiative by is called the “Environment And Energy Awareness Campaign”, which is a brand new social environment campaign targeted at preparing young Malawians on how to deal with climate change and the future.  The campaign has been creatively designed by environmentalists with passion for music and artists across the beautiful country of Malawi are getting together to record on a special instrumental called the “Environment Riddim”.  A beat/riddim was originally produced by Malawi’s renowned producer St Boseratti (formerly known as 3rd Degree).   Anyone can participate by doing their own version of an environment awareness song using the “environment riddim”.  Successfully submitted songs will receive recognition and sponsorship from various local and international organizations including promotion on and other social media networks.  The leading songs will be performed in environment awareness events across the country and online on the Top 20 Environment chart available on the Green Malawi page.    The benefits for sponsoring a popular environment song range from fulfilling social obligations, to branding at events that will encourage young people to be more responsibility about the environment and energy of the country while learning to deal with climate change.

To get started:  Artist should visit the Green Malawi page on or follow this link:  SMEs and Corporate organizations are also being encouraged to get involved and make an environmental stand by sponsoring a Malawi music environment event, awareness song or donating towards the campaign.  We need to be concerned and we need to act now.  Let’s help together to heal the earth for a better future.

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