He is back! Penetrator dropped a hot new song, titled ‘Ndipanga Zaiwe,’ on Oct. 22, just a month after he released his last single, ‘Sendeza.’ The song feature Lilongwe-based hip-hop sensation, Martse.

It’s quite convenient that both Martse and Penetrator are still doing school and releasing new music at the same time. But that seemed to be their plan all along.

Penetrator is now working on his solo album titled “Ndikafika” which contains 10 songs, he has recently released his 1st single “Sendeza” and “Ndipanga Zaiwe”. Most of the songs on his album are love songs and features Martse, Emm Q, Big Tar, and Kell Kay. Both the “Sendeza” and “Ndipanga Zaiwe” songs are love songs which talks about how a girl should be close to man telling her she has stopped all the bad things in their relationships and the other song talks on how the man will hold close to his woman no matter what people say. The album project has productions from Janta, DJ Sley, Dj Snow K and M Stix and will be released mid next year 2015.

Furthermore, Penetrator has reportedly been collaborating with fellow artist, Gwamba, Blaze, Krazie-G for his upcoming solo album.

We’re loving Penetrator’s new music and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Stream and download the new song here.

What do you think of Penetrator’s new song, music-lovers? Give it a listen and let us know!

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