With the success of his hit single ‘Sendeza‘, Penetrator, real name Dalitso Masaiti is enjoying more exposure than ever. It would be fitting, then, to call his new single “Ndipanga Zaiwe” and make a song about his long road to triumph. Except that’s not how Penetrator operates; it seems the more mainstream acceptance he gains through Sendeza, the more artful his music becomes and it is as clear an elucidation of Penetrator’s state of mind as there is in his catalog.

“Ndipanga Zaiwe” features rapper Martse real name Martin Nkhata, and the song is more about contemplation than celebration. The single will be available for streaming on Malawi’s number one music site Malawi-Music.com. The song was produced by Jacxy of SU Records and is expected to be released on Wednesday, October 22.

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