If you weren’t at Chez Ntemba, in the capital city Lillongwe last weekend then you definitely missed out, as it all went down during the castle lite party.

Performances by Blazin Dancehall sensation Blasto Imva rocked the club as people won all sorts of prizes from castle lite t-shirts and 6 Packs were up for grabs.

Ladies lite up the dance as the took to the stage to contest in the Castle Lite “Twerk Battle” which saw the winner walking away with 6 not only 1 but 6 6 packs of castle lite

Manning the decks and sending everyone sky-high were our very own DJ F1 Kenny Klips and DJ Maya.

Castle lite party was proudly sponsored by Castle Lite and Mr.C courtesy of SABMiller.

Be on the look out as Castle Lite with Mr.C, are yet to present you with more events. – faceofmalawi.com

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