Agwede have finally returned to the music scenery after taking a break from music production.

Agwede is an all-boy dancehall band that was founded in 2006 at Chancellor College. The group was initially made up of eight members namely, Nikkodemus! Blackfundo, Zeze Linton, Shango, Fuego Centinno, Teddy D, Jonez & Manzy. Presently, however, only three (Nikkodemus, Zeze Linton & Fuego Centinno) are active. The band has released several hits in the past including ‘Machine a Mphepo’ a song that took clubs by storm.

The group has today released both the audio and video for their ‘Ndikuveke Mphete’ track.

The audio was produced by Chit Chat Records by Dj Sley, while the video was shot and produced by VJ Ice of Flashlight Media.

The song generally talks about a man who wants to propose and put a ring on the girl he has loved for a long time, the love of his life.

Watch the video here:

Download the audio here:

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