While you were sleeping, ‘China Love’ star Aycee James took a page from her mentor Jude ‘MI’ Abaga and unexpectedly dropped a new rap song as part of her upcoming project.

The song produced by Keith Mwale, comes barely 3 months after the rapper-cum-singer released a track titled ‘Crazy’ featuring Bucci last December, 2014.

‘The track will be part of an album that I’m currently working on, in a different way. There is so much rap that I am dropping this year, I was basically a rapper before I was a singer. As of late, I have been releasing pop-like music and not hip-hop or rap. So even when I sing, I still have the rap instinct in me’ said the rapper when asked to comment on her latest release.

Aycee adds, “I wrote the song because people think they can take shots at people in the public eye and that the celeb will take the high road. Well this song is letting everyone know that even though I’m a singer, I’m a real rapper that likes to have a solid understanding of respect in any relationship that I have with music.”

She continued by saying her fans should expect a lot this year, as she has mad collabos in the upcoming project and music videos coming out.

‘I’m at a stage where If I fall I’ll land in the crowd/ Living in the sky so if I fall I’ll land in the cloud’

‘Put my hands on em like a prophet and watch em going down/ Thinking they gone blow but I came up and I’m wearing a crown’ she raps in the new track.

The new track, called “#ACB”, addresses her absence in the rap scene and the 24-year-old goes into rapid-fire mode calling out haters to stop beef and pay attention to their own progress.

Check out “#ACB” below, and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Download Aycee James – #ACB here http://tinyurl.com/lx67d43



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