Born Alexander Chigaru, Heptik is a Blantyre based Afro/Hip Hop artist. He is currently working on an album called “Ulendo“. In September last year he released the first song under the Ulendo Project called “Madolo” in which he featured prominent rap artist Barry One.

Heptik now brings us a new Hip Hop track called Uzadziwa Banji where we see him feature Mwanache and Murphy. The Song is produced by Tricky Beats and Janta.

Uzadziwa Bwanji is a song that talks about being real. It talks about Malawian artists, especially rappers, being fond of copying styles from American rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, Kid Ink, Tyga, etc. Most of these so called “New School” Rappers sound a lot alike which is just not healthy for the Malawian music industry so he says.


This Song is dedicated to all the people who copy styles from other countries, making Malawian music seem to have no identity of its own.

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