The camera moves through the well-lit sunny day, with Sungununu Records’-made drums beating in the background as rapper-cum producer Sukulani Mwachumu, stage name Janta, drops intense bars.

With its well themed-setting and a well-made beat, Janta’s ‘Divorce’ opens up a space to occupy, look around, and groove in. Just as the song invites its listener to sink in, go in between, and be there when the beat drops, Janta’s video also strikes at the foundations of time as its set in a typical village-like setting.

The setting itself was done by R’n’B artist Rashid of Lloud Effects, who directed the amazing music video.

Both the video and audio were worked on and produced by professionals. The audio was produced by Janta himself at his Area 25-based Sungununu Records. The video was shot by Slim Jay of Fresh Ideas and Ben Sam of BenSam Entertainment/ Photography, and it was edited by VJ Ice of Flashlight Media.

Divorce is about a woman and a man who want to divorce their husband and wife respectively, due to constant fights, jealous, cheating and disagreements.

Watch the video here:

You can also download the Mp3 here

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