Following the unprecedented flood disaster which hit Malawi and affected districts mostly in the Southern region of Malawi, three local artists who have been working with the affected communities have released a music video to highlight the plight facing the flood victims and by extension amplifying the message on the need for all and sundry to help the victims.

“We thought it would be great to do this song with other local artists in an effort to raise more awareness and support for the flood victims in Malawi. We have to tell our own stories from the suffering we and those close to us have experienced

“The artists saw what was going on and believed through music they could reach a wider audience in Malawi to show and tell people that we need help ASAP,” said the team behind the song.

The three artists are Joshua Chimbali who did not only direct but also sang; Rammy Eliyah—musician and movie writer— who recorded the piece at his Rammy Records and lastly Smooth who is showing great talent.

Download the song here >> Floods


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