On Thursday last week, BFB (real name Jeremy Matewere) released music video for new single ‘Mungovutika’ featuring rapper E-Drizzy. Here is the recap: BFB has released audio for “Abwana ndi Shasha feat Fredokiss” and “Grind Hard (Ukunama, Ukunama)”, the latest single from his 2015 album, “Vicious man” and he has also revealed that he will be releasing more tracks and video soon.

Directed and Edited by video mogul VJ Ice, the video was shot by Bensam and features Lilongwe-based rapper E-Drizzy. “I love working with VJ Ice, he is a professional and humble, and more importantly, he is talented and dedicated to his work, and that is exactly what the industry needs” says the rapper-cum-producer. “I was so excited when he wanted to work with me on this. I don’t need to explain the video – just watch it. It’s fabulous.”

BFB will release ‘Vicious Man’ album in September, 2015 as his fifth studio collection, and his first since moving to Lilongwe back in November, 2012.

The track-list for Vicious Man is as follows:

1. ‘Men’

2. ‘Monument’

3. ‘Girls’

4. ‘Area 51’

5. ‘Vicious Man’

6. ‘Godd Life’

7. ‘Coming Home’

8. ‘Grown Ups’

9. ‘Conspiracy ft. Cyclone’

10. ‘Myself My Partner’


11. ‘Grind Hard’

12. ‘Perfect Sinner’

Watch Mungovitika video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yMQRKFtiow

Also, listen and download songs by BFB here http://www.malawi-music.com/component/muscol/B/173-bfb/

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