Piksy fans, get ready to lose your minds!

The lovable afro-pop star not only announced the release of his second album called “Mthunzi” last week Sunday, but they also premiered a new song, “Tifatse” which features rapper Gwamba.

Tifatse is a fusion of pasada and afro-pop with a rhythm and a touch of R’n’B. The song addresses issues of love and purity. It also asks people in relationships to persevere when problems arise in their endeavors hence the title ‘Tifatse.’

After almost a year of work putting together his long-awaited Mthunzi album, Blantyre-based afro-pop star Piksy (real name Evans Zangazanga) is finally setting a release date to be announced soon.

Piksy’s new album, which Malawi-music.com forecasts will be his best in a decade, will include additional production credits and guest appearances from major tastemakers from today’s music scene.

Download Tifatse here http://m.malawi-music.com/2501_tifatse_ft_gwamba/

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