Blantyre-based musician Viceroy, who is set to perform at the Daliso Chaponda ‘Laughgate’ show on April 25th, has promised his fans a show to remember. The rapper said he is ready to give his fans the very best performance at the show.

The Chancellor College student, disclosed that he will perform most of his popular songs that people are familiar with and also hinted that he ‘might’ do ‘more’ (new) songs. When asked what people should expect of him at the show, he answered by saying ‘I’m told what I do on stage does not suit how I look. They should expect the full Nguvu of Ankolo Vice. I’m super hyped and excited so this should be a good experience for the audience and me.

We had a chance to ask the artist a few questions on the upcoming show and his music in general. See below:

What inspires you when you are making your music?
It’s something I can’t quite understand myself. I get inspiration from pretty much anything. I could be cooking at home (yes Ankolo cooks) or taking a random walk or doing any basic thing and an idea will just hit me so I just record a voice note on my phone and work on it later. It’s rare for me to sit down with the intention of writing a song. The ideas just hit me when I’m doing other things.
What is your new song ‘Faya’ all about?
Well Faya was basically lyricism. I was hungry for the studio when I wrote that song and I wanted to just show people I still got it because some people only know the crazy side of Viceroy. Sadly there is still more madness to it here and there in the song. I also released that song because most of the songs in the project I’m working on, are dark and a bit more emotional and serious than people might expect. Of course there are some mad songs as well. I just thought it would make me feel better that way to start the year with that song knowing what’s about to follow.

Do you plan on doing music as a career, and how do you balance music and college?
Ummmm… well yes, I surely hope to do music as a career but not necessarily now. My priority at the moment is school. Once I finish college then I will dedicate everything to further my music career. I never really find it difficult to balance school and music. I do music when school closes and once I’m at school I let music go and go to war with the books.

Should people expect more new music and videos?
Yes, there is a lot I am currently working on. But this year I want to focus on more videos. I think it’s time to put a face to the name. They might not be too many videos. But when people get to watch the videos I’ll work on, I want them to recognise that there was a lot of effort in creating those particular music videos. At the moment I’m focusing on my personal projects and working with the Classmates… so at least not now

Viceroy will also share the stage at the show with Blantyre-based rapper Classick and comedians Dee Satha and Neil Nayer. Viceroy is famous for his hit-single Demeti, which went viral in the music scenery.

Tickets to the “Laughgate” show are priced MK5, 000 for standard and MK10, 000 for VIP and are available at Papaya, Crossroads Hotel Business Centre, Ulendo Travel group, Living Room Café and Flavour’s Cafe.

You can download Viceroy’s songs/videos here:

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