ABC Christian Academy ballet club, will hold a ballet concert on May 29. This year’s production is titled “100 Days,” and is a culmination of the efforts of the club’s choreographers, performers and producers.

The theme was chosen by Emilie Getts, who is one of the producers of this year’s show because of the storyline and the vast range of interpretation that it offers.


Through poignant dance and music, the ABCCA ballet team will be unfolding a graceful and heartwarming story of Alice and Emmanuel. The chaotic battle field, the killing of a precious daughter, the repentance of a young soldier, and the forgiveness of the mother under the supervision of Emilie Getts and Carrie Bordeau.

Jessica Martinson, portrays Emmanuel’s desperate struggle in the prison vividly through breathtaking facial expressions and spectacular motions. Deeply moved by God’s forgiveness and redemption, Emmanuel repents and lives a new life.


Emmanuel’s heart has also changed as he experiences Christ’s mercy and redemption through Alice’s forgiveness. Alice and Emmanuel’s story portrayed by the ABCCA ballet team lucidly tells us of God’s great mercy and redemption, and how His interference in our lives can completely change the course of our lives.


Each piece represents the choreographers’ interpretation of the story, whether it be coming from their actual experiences or a literal interpretation of the feelings and sympathy, and each dance tells an intricate story of the “100 Days.” The show begins at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 29, at the Bingu International Conference Center Auditorium.  Tickets are being sold at ABC Christian Academy, Bauer’s, Papaya, and Lark Café, and they are going: VIP: MK 10,000, Adult: MK 5,000, Child: MK 3,000, ABC College Students: MK 1,000.


Last year, it was a sold out event at the Bingu International Conference Center. We are looking forward to another great performance this year! Be there and witness an exquisite Malawian ballet performance.

*Additional reporting by Gi-Weon Yang (ABCCA student) *

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