A lot of people have been asking questions about the guy that caused tension among rappers on social media. The song talked about English rappers adopting styles from foreign countries. The “Uzadziwa bwanji” song done by Heptik featuring Murphy & Mwanache took many Malawian rappers by storm.

After months of silence the self-proclaimed Malawian hip-hop prince Heptik is set to release another single called “Wina Alira” which features EJR & Murphy, Murphy is the singer that murdered the “Uzadziwa bwanji” hook.

The song is a heavy weight song which shows how vital in local rap they are. They don’t get stressed with what people say but if you hate them you’re in wrong lane. In “Wina Alira” Heptik mentions how proud he is to be local rapper.

“Let’s make peace, Malawi is not best place to beef or to divide cities. We are all one and need to push Malawian music to a further stage. Such requires unity among artists” said Heptik in an interview. “Am willing to work with anybody, in my future projects, language is actually not a barrier”.

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The Uzadziwa Bwanji crooner’s new single “Wina Alira” will be released on Monday 31st August. Produced by the two big producers in the country, Marcus of the Dare Devilz & Percy Manyozo of Pro Pee records, The track promises to be a bang. Be on the Look out

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