After featuring on South African legendary rapper HHP’s song, the Lilongwe based rapper/producer Bfb, real name Jeromy matewere, has dropped yet another local tune titled WhatsApp which is tackling the relationship cheating behaviors that are being blazed by the WhatsApp social media platform. WhatsApp carries a rendition of “loko ili swagg” that was also done by the rapper.

In an interview Bfb revealed that the song wants to represent the a true Malawian relationship “there are things that are really affecting the Majority families this song I want to comfort the majority while entertaining them as well” he said. “People know me as a rapper who is very flexible and one that doesn’t limit his own creativity” he added.

However the rapper cleared rumours that he might quit hip-hop for the local genre “I’m a hip-hop artist, I will always stay true and real to hiphop but people should expect more similar surprises from me” he said.

Bfb came on the spotlight with his song “loko ili swagg” he has recorded many songs including “Pasopa” that is enjoying airplay on international platforms like Trace tv and MTV

Download Whatsapp here

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