Boy Magic is back with another one called AFRICA.

This is a re-make of a song called Africa by Bantu Kamrads which is a classic hit from way back and in a way to show appreciation and to pay homage to our Legends, the rapper thought of bringing it back into people`s ears with a modern touch this time.

Africa is the first single of his project called S.O.D.T which simply stands for STUNT OR DIE TRYING.


S.O.D.T is the EP Boy Magic is working on which is dedicated to his late friend Bash.

The EP is expected to drop on Monday 20 March.

The rapper hasn’t released names of other artists which he featured on his Stunt or Die Trying EP, saying he wants to surprise his fans with some of the big names in the industry on this project.

Boy Magic made a mark in the industry couple of years ago as he was one of the artists in Gypsy and he was also seen on several hit songs including his own “Go Dumb”

He has also appeared in the famous Matalala cypher that had big names in participation.

Download the new song here >>




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