The L-City clique which goes by the name Madness Entertainment has announced the release of their mix-tape which is titled Go Mad or Die (GMOD).

The mix-tape which will drop just this coming Friday will have 14 tracks, of which 11 of them are features.

Artists featured on the mixtape include, Keim, Tsa-Leo, Kelvin Sings, Bucci, Charley, Cyfa, Toast, Krazie G, Episodz, Vube and the controversial rapper Chavura.

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Madness Entertainment

According to Charisma whom Malawi music had a chat with, this project started in November last year and it has been five months in the making.

Charisma also disclosed that the mix-tape has not been produced by one producer instead a few producers had to put in their work for the perfection of the mix-tape.

The likes of Young LT, Snipper, Henwood, Chance, Seven and Vintage Studio put in effort in producing this 14 track Mix-tape.

This is the crew`s first mix-tape as they also do work on solo projects.

When asked what motivated the title of the mix-tape to be called Go Mad or Die, Charisma who spoke on behalf of the fellow crew members said their clique is known by madness hence that inspired the tittle.

“We are Madness Entertainment and what we do is always act crazy and people know us as crazy people. For that reason, we would choose death over madness if at all madness was to be taken out from us,” said Charisma.

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Madness Entertainment consists of seven well-constructed artists namely, Charisma, Bwaxy, Donzo, Versho, MordCash, Jaa Kev and Pro-Azizi.

Below, is the list of songs in the mix-tape

1. Go mad or Die ft Cyfa
2. Guap ft Toast
3. NGF
4. Illest ft Cyfa
5. Talk about it ft Cyfa
6. Moto
7. Milomo ft Episodz
8. Siya
9. Tonight ft Kelvin sings & Tsar Leo
10. Sizinali Chonchi ft. Bucci & Charley
11. Teddy Bruckshots ft Keim
12. Gondolosi ft Chavura
13. Ayi ft Krazie G & Vube
14. What I got (outro) ft Tsar Leo


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