For quite a long time now some rappers have been throwing shots at Lilongwe based rapper, Martse in their lines over issues that most people do not know where they originated from.

Just a week ago, Avokado a rapper from the same city with Martse released a beef song targeting the Mtumbuka Wosamba himself which he called it world war 3.

In the song, Avokado who is blessed with hardcore voice went really hard on Martse up to the extent of mentioning his name making sure the listeners wouldn’t miss whom the beef was served for.

Avokado – says he wont quit releasing beef songs to martse


The song has since received people’s attention since everybody wanted to know what was tackled in it and how the beef story came about.

However, it has since been established that this is not the first song for Avokado to have thrown shots at Martse as he previously dropped another diss song to Martse which was titled Zawugalu.

Looking at Martse who seems to be doing well in the music industry at the moment, one would have a suggestion to say that Avokado wants people’s attention and fame, a thing that Avokado himself has denied after he was questioned by Malawi Music Team.

However he has disclosed that there are two reasons why he has been on Martse`s throat.

According to him, he disses Martse because they were once friends and later happened to split on some personal reasons which later led to beef.

He also said that he has been after Martse for another reason that he addresses upcoming rappers as unsuccessful and useless in his lyrical lines.

“In his view, Martse sees an upcoming rapper as an insect not someone who also has a potential to make it in life.

“In one of his radio interviews he told the host that his one T-shirt is more famous than most of upcoming artists……like really?,” questioned Avokado.

He insisted not to disclose what destroyed their friendship which was there in 2015 saying he will talk about that in his next song which will also be a beef to Martse.

According to him, he promises to stick to releasing more beef songs to Martse even though Martse don’t seem to come on surface with a reply.

He said, “A soldier does not expect a civilian to hit back once he has fired. I am not expecting him to reply rather I only want my message delivered.

(to the left) Avokado (to the right) Martse


He continued to say that Martse cannot serve him with a direct reply of a beef song.

He pointed out on how Martse frequently uses the word “Ka Hater” instead of just revealing the name of the person and how he keeps reminding his fans how big his name is in the music industry.

“Sometimes when your big you don’t need to be reminding people in each and every song you release because people already know otherwise it becomes a clinch,” Said Avokado.

For so long, beef music has been considered as a thing that contributes to the falling down of music industry since relationships between artists gets affected hence the target to take music on an international level gets disturbed as well.

Some people do not believe In this while others do say beef music adds in a flavor to the industry and so is the statement true with Avokado who also has the same belief.

He said, “In beef music, people want to out rap each other. It’s like I am better than you type of stuff and everybody works hard to improve which in the long run gives birth to quality and matured stuff”.

As for the Team of Malawi Music, Our work is to act as a bridge between artists and their fans hence we do not take sides when such stories have emerged.

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