The Award winning Artist who is also a Multi-talented TV and Radio Presenter, Producer and Host for public Events Blakjak, has returned to the music fold with a new Song, “Dr. Che”

The song which has been produced by Desert Eagle and Sispence of the Matrix Records will be available for free downloads on at 9:30pm on Monday


“I have decided to give this out for free because I want it to reach to everyone and give me time to fine tune the rest of the projects”

Dr. Che is a Metaphoric representation of how some women will still stick to a man despite the man being nothing close to what the woman deserves. The story is told by Doctor who despite being under qualified, one woman still wants to be treated by him.
“Ati sakufeela bho
Akumva fever Komanso Malinga
Nde Akufuna Dr. Che Am’baye
Dr. Che Am’baye…” goes the chorus of the Song.

Blakjak, who is sometimes known as Che-Kalonda said people should expect a lot more music this year as he has over 25 recorded but unreleased songs.


“I decided to record 25 songs because am planning to go back to school soon so I want to leave people with enough material to listen to until I come back and record music again”

Dr. Che is a follow up Single after Ndakusowa (Ine Apa) and promises to be a Sing along anthem considering its style and it’s intriguing Storyline.

On whether he has finally decided to Shoot A Video for the new single Che-Kalonda laughed and said “It has always just been a matter of time and I think this is the right timing”


“I have a plan for my lovely fans. They just need to be patient and should not sleep on me.”

By Yongiezo

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