Malawi’s blossoming heavyweight rapper Robin Hau has later last week introduced a Dance called  Phewa Dansi, Robin Hau a Blantyre based Rapper has shown the new Dance moves in his latest music video release also titled Phewa Dansi. The Video which was premiered on Times Television by the outspoken Host Black jak  potrays the Dance to carry the uniqueness just like other popular dances like Kwaito, kwasa kwasa and breakdance just to mention a few.

According to Robin Hau, Phewa Dansi is drown from way back in the 90s but now modernised “I think most of us have heard about the shoulder dance , one shoulder high trends from way back in the 90s if you watch my Phewa Dansi video you will easily appreciate and like the version of the dance now called Phewa Dansi” said Robin Hau.

“when I released my first single most people thought I won’t come back But No! I have lined up more good music that will be released this year and I will also be releasing my double EP soon and people should get ready  to hear more of Robin Hau’s Music”

Robin Hau’s musical journey dates from his early age of 9. What began as the love of drums for the 9 year old and used to practice playing drums after church on Sundays turned into a passion for music that grew along with him. Robin Hau unique talent has already caught the attention of thousands of fans across Malawi and beyond after released his debut single, Wa Ine on February 6th 2017. Phewa Dansi is Robin Hau’s second Single this year. Speaking in an interview, Hau revealed that he is planning  to release more good music and videos  this year.

Phewa Dansi music video was shot by the Magic hands of the legendary but awesome Videographer Ron Cz of the red ink Media and the Audio was Produced by Yesaya and Robin Hau. The Video is available for streaming here:

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