Malawi celebrated hip-hop star Krazy-G has sweeped off diss he had with Chavura despite Chavura’s continous jabbs to him. Krazy G who is also known as King Katakwe revealed in an interview that his diss with chavura ended a while ago and it’s now pointless, when speaking in an interview with Malawi Music, Krazy G also revealed that he knows nothing about what sparked beef between him and Chavura “He definitely knows I don’t know, I mean why would King K beef someone who didn’t have a name before he beefed King K. It doesn’t make sense! As far as I am concerned the beef ended. The rest of these other people talking about the beef just have a lot of time on their hands, I don’t” he said.

However King Katakwe backed his almost 2 years silence and said he was busy with work but further promised his fans more of good music this year.

I’ve been learning how to make a job & music work together.

Krazy G who came on the spotlight with a late Revolver’s Sindidanda feature that had him and other figures like Gwamba also revealed that his relationship  with Trap Squad was work related nothing personal  and nothing went wrong between him and the team ” I worked with Trap Squad, is the relationship had with them. A work relationship. nothing went wrong” he said. His remarks also comes despite the artist allergedly throwing jabbs to trapsquad in Bayuum thii “kodi mkazi ungamandikonde nditakhala wachimutu ngati revolver/ kodi  mkazi ungandikonde nditakhala wachibwibwi ngati Chavura” part of krazy G Raps in bayuum thii a song by Ben Sam entertainment.

“Choka” is Not a Diss song! Never been

Speaking on his New Video “Choka”, krazy G said he is excited to release the visuals now ” Well  the hard work we put in it. I feel good can’t lie, even more motivated. S/O to VJ Ice for working out that magical piece of art” he revealed. “Let me also add to say Choka is not a diss song to anyone  I inspired myself to do such a song as  I influenced myself to many things” he added.

Expect a guaranteed abundant supply of good music & More videos coming A lot more

You can Watch “Choka” video on Krazie-G’s Youtube channel and is also available for downloads on Video Wall here:[prod._chux]/


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