1. Her real name is Atupele Clara Mahata

2. She was born in Nkhotakota St Mary’s Hospital

3. Her first international collaboration was with Dr Sid of Mavin Records when they did a remix of China love

4. Her first ever live interview was on BBC 1 extra with DJ Edu on Destination Africa. It was a Christmas special in 2012

5. She wrote her Zipepese verse while walking to the market and sent it to Hyphen as a voice note on her way back home

6. Her first Ever Radio play was on Power 101 with a track titled “The Aycee” produced by Beyani Bassik Munthali

7. She prefers Twitter to Facebook

8. Her proudest moment so far was when she called her father & his caller tune was her song

9. She likes to Code. Her favourite language being PHP & MySQL

10. She is addicted to SOBO Orange Squash

Get her music here >> http://m.malawi-music.com/artist.php?artist=aycee_james

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