1. He started as an artist & ventured into production due to lack of satisfaction of the production quality & creative process

2. He produced the entire Third Eye’s Highly underrated album

3. He produced HHP’s Pasopa in South Africa and the song was recorded and produced within 12 hours

4. As an artist, he is versatile. He has Reggae & Dancehall songs he never released that will never be released for the sake of image & direction

5. He got features in HHP’s intozam together with SA’s young starts like Priddy Ugly & Big Star Johnson just to mention a few

6. He has produced Blasto’s new EP titled Persistence

7. He likes listening to all genres of music but mostly the Malawian old local vibes

8. His favourite artist in the Malawian music scenary is late Allan Namoko

9. His favourite Hiphop artists are Gwamba & Third Eye

10. His favourite Producer is Chuma Soko


Get his Full Catalogue here >> http://m.malawi-music.com/artist.php?artist=bfb


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