Dj Faith

“I`ll ride with you forever (forever), I’ll flourish in your glory forever (forever), In you I find completion (completion)”; there goes the chorus of the song, Ride with you as Faith Dj vows to stick to God`s lane no matter what.

According to the japan based Malawian gospel artist, the concept of her song is simple and straight forward in a way that it’s a message of appreciation to the most high for blessings that he renders on her.

“He has been a faithful God. That is why I will continue riding with Him. And I want others to do as well because there is real happiness in him,” explained Faith Dj real name Angela Lapukeni.

Dj Faith

Released on 24 January, Ride with you was produced in her motherland Malawi by TNO when she visited the country for Christmas holidays.

Lapukeni, whose music journey can be traced back to thirteen years ago, is a multi talented artist who is not only a singer but a dancer and performer.

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