Malawian Singer/rapper NB, based in Arizona, USA, recently released a couple of videos over the past 2 months, one of which is titled “Mama Africa” featuring Keturah. The reggae fused song, produced by gaffar, basically talks about the beauty of the continent of Africa.

NB, Real name Nthambi Banda, is the last born in a family of 2. He comes from Zomba.

The artist who recorded his first song in 2012 is also a beat maker, and currently schooling at Arizona State University, to graduate in May 2018.

He is a fan of Malawian hip hop. Artists like Abambo AB, The Dare Devils, Hyphen aka Young K, Gwamba, Martse, Vube and Maskal are his favorite artists.

Asides Keturah NB has also worked with artists Martse, The DareDevilz & Toast, just to mention a few. He plans to release his next single “Fire Fire” anytime soon.

Having a record label here in Malawi is in his plans. He plans to promote Malawian talent by starting a world class video and audio Production company in the coming few years.

Watch Mama Africa by NB featuring Keturah below:

Download the audio (mp3) here

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