Hit songs like Tumpale and Suzi would swiftly make you recall of the legendary group called Nyasa Guruz that had won hearts of many Malawian youths between 2009 and 2010.

from left; Blakjak, Pappa, Badde and Jinke

After being silent for 8 years, Some had set their minds to believe that these guys were done and gone but the release of their new song titled Lero ndi Lako, has proven otherwise.

Released this week on 30th January, Lero ndil lako is a love song in which a man is making it up for his wife by sparing the whole day just to be with her.

“Am gonna switch off my phone, No disturbance baby, Kupanga za iwe, Mpaka lilowe dzuwa”, goes part of the lines in verse two.

Lero ndi lako has been produced by Chirimba based Sispense and also Zelphy Oldies.

Lero ndi Lako art

According to Blakjak who spoke on behalf of his fellow members, the return of the crew was motivated by their dedicated fans.

“The calling from our original fans just got too loud to be ignored. This is not all but we are also planning to release an album, a couple videos and we plan to tour the country as well as beyond its borders”, said Blakjak.

Nyasa Guruz (NYG)

Blakjak said they were held back not to be fully active in music industry because of different reasons which were all aimed at personal development.

Nyasa Guruz, shortened as NYG has 4 members namely Blakjak,  Pappa,  Badde and Jinke.

Download Lero ndi Lako here>>>http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=8337


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