They are both coming from a good year of 2017 in which “Maluzi” was not a word they could correctly spell as they were busy devouring the fruits that both their songs, Delilah and Apse Mtima had brought at their disposal.

But as you may recall, Tchekera Maluzi was a hit a couple years ago hence Saint and Macelba decided to take as back into those good old days.

tchekera artwork

Released on Monday 5th January, Tchekera` s concept was inspired by the long gone Collin`s Bandawe`s song in which he had clarified of how friendly some people act to someone with money and how they distance themselves to the very same person when the money is gone.

But Unlike Bandawe`s version which was produced in a Malawian local music style, the new Tchekera has been fused with trap and afro-pop.


According to saint, both he and Macelba had the same idea to one day remake the song way before they met.

It was after they had already established their friendship when both their ideas on the song were revealed to each other and decided to take it from that point.

The duo is reportedly to have tried to consult Bandawe first before they finally settled with Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA) on plans to remake the song.


Malawi Music team has also gathered that the duo is planning to work on an album together which is scheduled for release later this year.

Tchekera, which has been produced by Tricky Beats and Sispence can be downloaded on by clicking this link >>>


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