Legendary hip-hop clique, Bossaro Music Group (BMG) has announced that it will hold a charity initiative event on Malawi’s Independence Day, 6th July as they also plan to release their new single and video titled Naughty.

This follows a memorable charity event that the group organised in 2017 when they visited Zingwangwa Health Care maternity wing in commercial city of Blantyre.

During that charity event, BMG in connection with Nico General Insurance and KingFisher donated lots of items to the needy which most of them were groceries including Bread, Soap, Sobo Squash, Nappies and etc.

from left: Bossaro Ice, Bossaro Bizzo,Bossaro Simo and Bossaro Cyclone

Prior to their last year’s charity event, the hip-hop legendary outfit is this time giving a chance to their fans to suggest any good cause they want the group to do for them.

“On Independence Day, 6th July 2018, Bossaro Music Group plans on doing something for those less fortunate. Last year we visited the maternity wing of Zingwangwa Health Centre. This year we are asking you, the real Bossaros, to suggest good causes we can do something for,” BMG wrote on their Facebook page yesterday.

The post continued to ask people to comment on it with a video not longer than a minute suggesting their preferred cause and why it needs BMG’s support while also indicating that the deadline for people’s suggestions is by midnight Friday 22 June 2018.

Bossaro Iceberg posing together with Bossaro Cyclone

When Malawi Music Team caught up with Bossaro Iceberg to explain the motive behind the whole thing it was revealed that the move is a way of giving back to society.

“We are ready as long as the suggested causes are feasible, realistic and we can do something about it on 6th July. We wanna support the causes our fans support because our fans support us. We would not have any award or any drive without them,” said Bosarro Iceberg real name Dalitso Tembo.

Iceberg continued to say that aside doing music, BMG is also interested in undertaking charity works and uplifting the society.

“At this point in time, we are interested in charity works and uplifting the society especially the Malawian youths. It’s great to see artists doing free shows but that’s not in our plans right now, maybe one day in the future.”

Meanwhile, the group has disclosed that it will soon release a new song titled “Naughty” which will feature Hip-hop Icon Young Kay (Hyphen) and Lilongwe’s sensational artist Tsar Leo with a production by Chance and Johnny Willz.

During the interview, Ice did not want to disclose more of the forthcoming single but only said, “The song is fun and sexy I guess”.

BMG is managed by Amosi Mugoli a.k.a Bossaro Simo, while Kumbukani Jimusole a.k.a Bossaro Bizzo is the group`s promotional channels guy and also has two rappers namely Dalitso Mtambo a.k.a Bossaro Ice and the ex-basement member Patali Mkorongo a.k.a Bossaro Cyclone.

BMG has since released singles like Ma Bossaro, Bow Down, Carry On and also Legends Never Die which sparkled a controversy between new artists and old ones.

You can checkout all their songs here>>>http://m.malawi-music.com/artist.php?artist=bossaro_music_group

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