A tendency being exhibited by some fake promoters of using other artists’ brands on their “show posters” without an agreement has reached at a worrisome stage.

Just recently, there was a poster making rounds on social media providing information that there was a show to take place on 29th July at Kanjedza Ground in Limbe where among others, Phyzix, Dali and Fredokiss were put on list of performances.


But at the eleventh hour, some artists lined up on the poster disclaimed of the development saying they were not aware of the event and that they won’t be performing there.

Phyzix disclaimed the news on facebook

Distancing himself from the poster was rapper Phyzix who wrote on his Facebook page saying, “Bodza ili, sindikupanga nawo izi. Sunday ndizakhala ku church in Lilongwe ine with my family and frieands. Please don’t use my influence without permission. I am not part of this event. Don’t lie to people.”

Also disclaiming the fake poster was the Angelina hit-maker, Dali.


“DISCLAIMER. I am not aware or a part of this event. The Only performance I have this weekend is at BYC tomorrow the 28th at 1pm,” wrote Dali on Facebook.

Upon seeing that his name was being used by unknown person, the ghetto King Kong, Fredokiss did not waste time but to let his fans know the plane truth of the news.

Fredo also distanced himself from the show

“Lies! Bodza! Mwina enawo but am not part of this show. Am in SA,” he said.

During the time the news surfaced, Fredo was in South Africa for Gwamba’s engagement ceremony.

However, it has been established that this is not the first time for a thing like this to happen. We have had Blaze, Wikise and others complaining over the same thing previously.

In countries like USA, it’s a serious offence once found using other people’s brands without any form of agreement.

In 2010, Nick Minaj was about to sue a fake promoter who had lined her up for a concert she did not know about.

She tweeted about it, “What is this I’m hearing about a MSU concert? Where and when is this concert supposed to be? I feel so bad 4 ppl (for people) who were scammed. For the record. I’m not doing any shows between now and the 22nd of October. When shows are confirmed I’ll let u guys know. I’m sorry.”

As the perpetrator behind the recent fake poster remains unknown, the malpractice is strongly condemned and must not be tolerated at all cost hence also a need to seek ways to deal with such people if we are to move the industry forward.



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